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Condex las vegas 2021 presidential betting

If you pass the first hurdle, travel wisely by taking steps to protect yourself and others from COVID The CDC strongly urges everyone to wear a cloth mask that covers your mouth and nose when using all forms of public transportation, from taxis to trains to planes. Air is filtered on airplanes, preventing the easy spread of viruses. Only ticketed travelers and employees are allowed in the terminals.

Signs and announcements provide reminders to stay 6 feet apart. The airport has implemented other practices to help travelers and employees remain safe, such as using a hospital-grade disinfectant on surfaces like kiosks, escalators and door handles, locating hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the building; and cleaning inter-terminal shuttles between each trip and limiting capacity on buses.

Valet parking is limited, as are dining and shopping options. To minimize face-to-face contact, airport officials recommend using online check-in and a mobile boarding pass, bringing carry-on luggage only and packing hand sanitizer. The Transportation Security Administration TSA has implemented enhanced cleaning and disinfecting procedures for equipment at screening checkpoints, and officers change gloves after each pat-down. Many of the same rules apply wherever you go in Nevada: face coverings, physical distancing and hand washing.

MGM has implemented a seven-point safety plan to protect guests and employees. It begins with screening, temperature checks and employee training on health and safety protocols. While MGM asks symptomatic guests to stay home, they have medical personnel on staff to assist if someone becomes ill during their stay.

Guests are required to wear masks indoors in public spaces and outdoors, even on the pool deck. Employees will wear masks and gloves to protect guests. Custom-built handwashing stations and hand sanitizer are easily accessible throughout the property. Staff have implemented stricter cleaning protocols focusing on frequently touched surfaces and common areas, using cleaning products that meet EPA guidelines.

The resort has also upgraded its HVAC controls to improve air quality by introducing as much outside air circulation as possible. If a guest or employee tests positive for the virus, protocols will be activated quickly to minimize the spread and to sanitize exposed areas thoroughly. Contactless options are abundant at MGM. Guests can complete the check-in process themselves, eliminating the need to wait in line through digital, mobile check-in.

Digital keys allow guests to substitute their phone for a combination or key, which minimizes contact with high-touch areas and eliminates key loss. During the convention itself, there are protocols to follow. Convene with Confidence features detailed protocols to incorporate health and safety into every aspect of the convention and meeting process, such as virtual site inspections, creative catering options and venue arrangements that meet all physical distancing requirements.

TFM provides a wide variety of data that includes machine location, health, condition, and run time. The TFM system will help reduce downtime, control costs, perform remote diagnostics and schedule maintenance. For more information on the TB or on Takeuchi excavators, skid steers, track loaders, wheel loaders or Takeuchi Fleet Management, visit www.

Cumming, GA Tel: E-mail: sales. With the AED Summit approaching in Vegas, January , equipment dealers across Canada should be making plans to attend, for several reasons. More than half of all AED dealers in Canada attend the Summit, to take a step back for a couple of days and look at how they can improve their business operations, meet the professionals who make it happen.

After all, the Summit is literally the only event in the industry where the focus is on the dealer rather than the customer. I want AED members operating in Canada to be aware of a few unique opportunities available to them during the Summit that will enhance progression within their dealerships: education, the Industry Workforce Development Plan for , and the Canadian Government Affairs Program. Your AED dues support the development of educational programming at events like the Summit.

You should be thinking of this as both a human capital investment and a potential return on profitability and cost savings. It really did pay off. This, of course, extends beyond the breakout sessions and into every facet of the AED Summit. You have a stake in the direction we are headed regarding member services. Still somewhat new to Canadian dealers is an industry presence on Parliament Hill and an emerging solution in the technician workforce shortage arena.

We will be discussing the AED Ottawa Briefing scheduled for February 28, where dealers gather to learn about the latest developments in government that impact the industry, meet. There is a growing awareness of the importance of having a seat at the table to prevent being on the menu — and AED wants to be at the head of that table for the benefit of dealer profitability.

Last, but certainly one of the more important topics regardless of where you operate, is the technician shortage crisis. The AED Foundation is tackling this issue head-on to forge stronger partnerships between industry and academia so that we can ensure the highest quality of entrylevel technicians while simultaneously increasing the talent pool for dealers across the country.

Plan on attending if you want to know how you can benefit from this. These are, no doubt, important areas of focus for your business. When you attend the AED Summit in January, you should expect exceptional quality in programming and service from AED staff so that you can concentrate on putting a plan of. Aside from these Summit features unique to AED Canadian dealers, you will find significant value by walking the CONDEX floor and visiting with the various manufacturers and service providers in the hospitality suites.

As Matt Howard can attest, there is plenty to take in for people at every level of the business. See you in Vegas! Reach him at mdexter aednet. It all began when Nelson, fresh out of college — with a degree in political science, no less — went to work for Robbins Equipment. But with The AED construction, forestry, mining and develop a dealer model for success.

Thank schooling is steadily attracting renewed which are centered in the South and Midyou, Heavy Machines Inc. Nelson says. Networking and land a good job in the automotive or heavy machinery is invaluable, and it dovetails nicely with education. Besides working with The program.

Represented by Shantui America Corp. Now, however, the company hopes to corner 10 percent of the North American bulldozer market in the next three to five years by changing the way it does business, at least in the United States. First on the list of changes is building a bigger, better. I think right now we want to focus on creating a generally acceptable model for all of them. The operator is the first one to speak out about how the machine feels, so we want to make sure that they like them.

Wang said that, if nothing else, the connections they expect to make at the expo will be invaluable. With the U. They offered good machines to U. Their products are very nice, with lower pricing and with very good quality and very steady performance. The perception of the U. They are making themselves more open to other countries. Trump, highlighted the need for major investments in U. In fact, the potential benefits to dealerships and the construction equipment. The AED Foundation Technician Certification Program will help us evaluate our technicians and help us get them the specific training they need to improve their individual capabilities.

Our largest service department has just nine technicians, and in one case, we have just two. With a lean workforce, you have to be very effective. Having AED-certified technicians will help us be more efficient and effective. All passed and were eager to share their experience with the program, which includes a question technical assessment focused on the core construction equipment technical standards of diesel engines, electric and electronics, hydraulics and hydrostatics, power trains, air conditioning and heating, and safety and administration.

All of the ECA technicians who completed the certification program were grateful to have a way to showcase their skills, find out where they stood in relation to their peers and increase their value to the company. Thank you! I feel that all technicians should eventually take this test to see where they stand, and anyone who is managing technicians should also take it just to expose themselves to the information that their technicians have.

One thing on which all three ECA technicians agreed: The. December Construction Equipment Distribution www. I used up every second of the allotted minutes to complete this assessment. My favorite part came as soon as I clicked on that submit button and that little pop-up screen saying that I had passed appeared. It was pretty rewarding. If I can do it, so can you. Good luck! Even the technicians that pass the test and do get the certification can learn from their assessment what areas they can improve upon.

Technicians who pass receive a certificate in a wooden frame, as well as a wallet card, hat, lapel pin, two shirt patches and two tool box decals. To learn more about Equipment Corporation of America, visit www. The unit is designed to process wet or dry materials quickly and efficiently, reducing cycle times and resulting in increased production and substantial savings on operating costs. It easily handles topsoil and dirt, excavated and waste soil, demolition waste, construction waste, milled asphalt, coal, oil shale, limestone, contaminated soil, clay, peat, bark, compost, bio-waste, glass, and other materials.

The ALLU Transformer will transform the way your customers work, increasing their efficiency, processes and profits. It will transform your dealership as a leadingedge supplier of innovative solutions. It will transform your rental fleet utilization, as you rent out both the carrier and the attachment at once. Ultimately, it will transform your profits. This makes the Graptor Bucket perfect for handling large, heavy objects or grabbing bucketfuls of debris.

Powered by a helical actuator fitted into the crossbar, the Graptor features holding strength up to 54, ft. Anaconda USA Inc. The FTR feed loader is the largest offering in the range, boasting a meter-long main conveyor that allows for 9-meter-high loading with almost 14 meters from the tracks to the end of the conveyor while discharging material at this height.

The feeder opening has been extended to allow more material to be processed, a new two-belt system is used on the side conveyor, and the engine compartment has been moved to the rear of the unit. Couple this with the aggressive action of the lift and cut mesh drum, and the TDR can screen the toughest material, first pass! For more details go to www. Baseplan Software Group Booth Baseplan Software Group provides equipment and rental management software, in a fully integrated ERP solution, designed specifically to meet the needs of the industry.

Baseplan Enterprise is a scalable, tightly integrated, modular software. Individually, the Sales, Rentals, Service, Parts, and Financials modules offer unrivalled control and visibility of business processes and supply chain management in all crucial sectors of your business. Together, they deliver a market-leading, seamless business management solution with endless benefits for your dealership. Supported by our company-wide focus on excellence in customer service, Baseplan Software has proven over the last 30 years to be the preferred true ERP software for companies that are serious about profit and evolving with technology.

Visit www. BLS Enterprises Inc. A reputation that was built on TUFPADS track pads has grown with new product lines, including their highly successful easy-on and easy-off rubber track pads for use on varied surfaces. These Artliner-BLS Track Pads provide a quick transition from working in dirt with steel tracks to working on delicate surfaces where protection or traction is needed. Join the fastest growing brand of compact and own.

EMAIL sales asvi. They are made from durable, reinforced, cut-resistant rubber; you can easily revert to steel track when protection is not required, and they work with triple grouser steel shoes. The rubber track pads come in bolt-on or clip-on styles and are easy to install and remove. In fact, quick changes can be done on-site with no special knowledge. Artliner-BLS Track Pads are available today for more than 1, machines and 40 manufacturers, and BLS can also customize any pad for your specific needs.

A hub-and-spoke architecture makes adding new locations to manage as simple as adding a spoke off of the main hub. ToolHub is the solution for complete control of the assets that drive your business. We proudly manage assets in industries like agriculture, automotive repair, construction, forestry, manufacturing, public utilities, transportation, wholesale and retail trade, and many more.

Visit our booth to learn how ToolHub can help you! Contact us at , email sales canamsolutionsusa. With features like real-time reporting, customer profiles and recurring billing, CardPointe has everything business owners need to ensure a seamless payment processing experience. Accept payments anytime, anywhere—whether from a computer, tablet, mobile device or terminal.

CIT Equipment Finance Booth CIT is a leader in developing commercial solutions for small businesses and middlemarket companies for the acquisition of equipment and value-added services. We create tailored financing and leasing structures that are designed to help companies grow with equipment that improves efficiency and streamlines their business.

Whether your objective is to acquire equipment to better meet internal needs or improve your customer offering, we can work with you on developing a custom finance structure. We specialize in the construction industry and are familiar with all types and brands of construction equipment. In addition to financing purchases of new or used equipment, we can also help with rental conversions, debt consolidation and cashout loans. Our sales representatives are on the go and ready to meet you and your customers wherever, whenever they need us.

Put our expertise to work for you and let us help you close more sales and move more equipment. Connect Work Tools is one of several attachment divisions of Exodus Machines Crave more insight into your industry and custo located in Superior, Wisconsin. Connect Work Tools offers premium attachments for the Wantof THE competitive edge over your competi construction, demolition, and mining industries.

Our products consist hydraulically fired breakers, nitrogen assist breakers, hydraulic compactors, andWant hydraulic to berotating ahead of instead of behind the cur sorting grapples. We have full sales, service, and parts support teams ready to Wish your assist business could be more intelligen you with your attachment needs. Our company has a strong history of exceptional service with extensive experience in engineering and manufacturing.

All products, Then, check out Theparts, Creditsafe Business Intelligence P and accessories are available and stocked in our 90,square-foot manufacturing, at AED ! For more information, email info connectworktools. In Privately owned and independently minded, Creditsafe is looking to change the way business information is used by providing high quality data in an easy-to-use format that.

When we developed the DAHB in , we designed a whole new patented blade and knife holder system that offers more resistance to impacts and abrasion. The new V-back blade has greater resistance to breaking and chipping due to its shape, even with our softest type of metal. Despite the many DAHBs in use, we experience little to no blade destruction when the mulcher is used for its intended purpose.

The DAHB can be fitted on any 8-toton excavators with at least 54hp. It weighs 1, pounds, which is a huge improvement for excavator stability and operator safety. With 32 inches of maximum diameter for the target material, this mulcher can handle fullgrown trees as well as brushes and slash. Dieci United States LLC Booth Dieci has been manufacturing best-in-class construction and agricultural equipment since and has been producing telescopic handlers for over 31 years.

Dieci machines are manufactured with extremely heavy duty boom sections and mainframes, and are designed to handle the abuse associated with continuous, duty-cycle bucket use where others fail. Their visibility and safety features are the best in the industry. The broad Dieci telehandler product line includes over 75 models, with lift capacities ranging from 5, lbs.

The new Digga Bigfoot XD Trencher is engineered for use on miniexcavators, skid steers, and backhoes. The Bigfoot XD Trencher has a number of features that will create higher machine productivity and a faster return on attachment investment. It offers up to three feet of cutting depth, with a heavy-duty twoinch chain pitch, hi-vis precision depth control, large barrel and spoil auger design and Headstart Crumber system.

Precision, power and efficiency combined. As a complement to our enterprise system, eBS offers a full line of mobile and web applications. Clients have the opportunity to join the eBS Users Group, which is a collaborative group of eBS clients that meets annually at various locations throughout the United States. We combine our repository of heavy equipment best business practices with the capabilities of a modern ERP platform to decrease operational costs and improve your bottom line. We have partnered with ProSight Specialty Insurance Company to provide insurance coverage for your dealership that is both cost-saving and comprehensive.

We can work directly with your dealership or with your current insurance broker for quotations. We write in all states except Alaska and Hawaii. Please contact Cheryl Graham cgraham fairviewinsurance. Powered by a Perkins diesel engine coupled to an industry standard Leroy Somer alternator, it provides 20kW of power.

A DeepSea controller makes retrieving vital stats like fuel levels, run time and start logs easy. Sealed doors and two-inch-thick insulation throughout allow for a 65dBA rating, and an external fuel hookup allows for quick connection to additional fuel cells. Call or visit www. HBS Systems Booth HBS Systems is celebrating our 32nd year of bringing affordable, leading-edge systems technology to the equipment dealer industry.

From a humble beginning serving a single dealership location in , we have grown into the leading provider of equipment dealership management systems in the industry today. As a leading pump company in the southeast United States, we manufacture as many as systems per year and make over 75 standard models, each available configured as skid, trailer, or sound enclosed and either diesel driven with a wide variety of control options or electrically driven with across-the-line, soft start, and VFD options.

Please visit Booth ! Hydrema Booth Hydrema manufactures extremely durable and efficient construction equipment, and our U. This versatile product offering includes articulated trucks, wheeled excavators and Hydrema RAIL products. The rotating dump body makes working in tight conditions an easier task as well. This self-loading unit is also equipped with a joystick-controlled Sidewinder water cannon mounted on the front bumper.

Infor Booth The unprecedented pace of technological changes and innovation made possible by the digital revolution shows no signs of slowing. As customer behaviors and expectations change, you must have the flexibility to adjust your business practices in order to meet those changes.

The next generation of dealers are quickly embracing innovative technologies such as mobility, omni-channel connectivity, cloud, analytics, equipment telematics, and other technological trends to optimize daily operations and hone their competitive edge. With 30 years of experience in the equipment industry built in, we can help you achieve new levels of profitability and growth. Interstate Billing Service Booth Since Interstate Billing Service has offered a full-service accounts receivable program to a wide range of industries.

Today over clients across the United States trust IBS to simplify cash flow, eliminate their collections and billing headaches, and reduce their risk and expenses. To learn more about Interstate Billing Service, visit www. Rotair offers compressors ranging from 75cfm to cfm with all models offering an industry leading 5-year unlimited hour air-end warranty.

Distributed in over 91 countries around the world, Rotair has a proven record of delivering products for any application. TecnoGen offers generators from 20kw up to kw. Some of the industry leading features include VSi variable speed cooling fan technology and sound levels as low as 53dbA. With annual production over 35, units, they are the right partner in power generation!

It features a folding hopper with a capacity of 15 cubic yards, with a inchwide pan feeder and a inch by 5-foot double deck vibrating grizzly pre-screen. The new TCCC four-bar impactor incorporates a larger opening and includes a remote-control apron release system which helps minimize material blockages. At the crusher discharge point is the Rock Box, a shelf system that minimizes wear as the material builds up and acts as a wear liner.

The TCCC also includes a discharge pan feeder, which minimizes the risk. FTG Equipment Solutions is looking for a very few, select group of distributors to partner with to help offer and support Rotair and TecnoGen in their respective markets. Call us, we look forward to partnering with you.

Toll Free l Fax sales ftgequipment. The 5-foot by foot detachable double deck screen module provides ample screen area to achieve maximum production from the crusher, and the pre-screen allows production of up to four products. MB America, Inc. Booth MB Crusher manufactures a line of jaw crushing and trommel screening attachments for skid loaders, loaders, and excavators, as well as dual head rotary drum cutters and degree rotational grapples.

MB products are distributed worldwide. These attachments have already changed the industry by giving contractors a versatile tool to manage on-site processing and navigate through narrow spaces. They produce reusable material, optimize productivity and eliminate the need to transport material to a third-party processing facility.

They allow contractors the flexibility to work in residential and underground areas and on steep slopes, pipelines, and roads. Contractors will reduce time spent on the job and save transportation and buyback costs. MB products are ISO certified. Its crushing attachments will crush all types of reinforced and non-reinforced concrete, natural stone, and asphalt.

Its screens will separate mixed material and clean superficial powder from natural stones. Visit booth Merchant e-Solutions Booth Merchant e-Solutions provides a state-of-the-art technology platform, which gives you access to a secure and reliable suite of payment services through a single integration. Our solutions make it easy for you to accept payments in-store, online, by phone, and on the go. Merchant e-Solutions is committed to improving the payment acceptance experience for merchants of all sizes, including B2B wholesalers.

For more information regarding payment acceptance solutions for your business, visit us at Booth Mobile Solutions Booth Mobile Solutions is a SaaS company that provides full life-cycle managed mobility services, including procurement, staging and kitting, real-time expense management, business analytics and reporting, managed enterprise mobility management EMM , repair and disposal.

We offer a free day trial in which you get to utilize our solutions as if you were a full client. During this period we provide a comprehensive SMART report that reviews your trial objectives, provides an overview of your mobile environment and presents an analysis of opportunities for cost and time savings. Modern Booth Modern is exceptional, frictionless customer experience. Leveraging SMS text messaging , email, and web apps, Modern is a platform for dealers and service customers to communicate in real time.

Inside a dealership, Modern is a centralized communication hub allowing employees to collaborate on- or off-site, reduce phone calls, and drastically shorten customer response time. Dealers report a measurable increase in revenue, shorter WIP, fewer work order disputes, and higher net loyalty scores. MultiOne America Booth MultiOne is a high-quality multifunctional compact mini-loader manufactured in Italy and distributed in 54 countries around the world.

MultiOne has established itself as the leader in this sector and is establishing a dealer network in the U. We offer nine models that range from 20HP to 78HP. Over specifically engineered attachments can be quickly changed on the machine with the multiconnector. End users include landscapers; arborists; municipalities; vineyards; and workers in snow removal, construction, agriculture, and property maintenance.

Please stop by our booth at the show. This system allows you to use fewer machines to get the same job done with less personnel on-site. It also extends the life of the attachments by ensuring that the operator is using the right attachment for the job. It does all this while being regarded as one of the safest couplers on the market, exceeding all quick coupler safety guidelines set by any independent or government agency.

Parker-Helac Corporation Booth Have a tight work space? Working off a hill? Add a PowerTilt attachment to your machine and eliminate the need for extra machines on the jobsite and increase your productivity over 50 percent. The new standard for all machines should be the ability to position your bucket up to degrees instead of moving the entire machine. Available for equipment up to 75, lbs. Visit our website at www. The Traverse is the only telescopic handler currently on the market with an extendable, traversing boom that moves loads by traveling horizontally.

This capability allows users to precisely and safely place loads forward through windows or other tight openings without having to reposition the machine. With the Traverse, the specified lift height is the landing height. This stands in contrast to a traditional fixed boom pivot, where the true landing height is generally several feet less than advertised, as operators must account for withdrawing the forks out of the load with enough rearward travel for the fork tips to clear the landing zone.

Founded in , Pettibone has been recognized as the industry leader in material handling equipment since the company revolutionized the industry with the first forward-reaching, rough-terrain machines in the s. For more information, call or , or visit www. Items automatically enter the Inspection App based on preset conditions.

Checklists are then assigned in the system to a technician or group. Condition photos and descriptions can also be stored in the system, so when maintenance begins the repair process, they already know exactly what to fix.

The app also tracks inspection data, helping managers track resources spent inspecting and solving problems. Managers can see which serialized items are consistently having trouble, which checklists take the most time to get through, which inspectors are the most thorough, and adjust their processes accordingly. Pop Art Inc. Power your sales channels with easy-to-use mobile solutions, online or offline. We help technology to enable people, not get in their way.

Increase both margins and market share while reducing training time, allowing more face time with customers. Explore digital solutions to streamline your marketing, sales and HR operations with a no-cost consultation for AED members. Learn more at www. The Powertek brand is dedicated to manufacturing the most powerful and versatile excavator on the market today. Featuring HP in a single-engine design, this machine can complete the toughest jobs faster and more accurately than other conventional models.

The revolutionary design combined with the guaranteed. Please visit www. Powertrac Booth Eyes on Tomorrow. Eyes on North America. For nearly three decades, Promove has been manufacturing hydraulic hammers, shears, pulverizers, and other demolition tools in their Italian factories. With over half a century of crawler carrier experience, PRINOTH continues to develop and refine the sprocket-track system invented by Bombardier in Our vehicles, which are used for all off-road applications, offer payloads ranging from 5, kg 12, lbs.

We also offer a multitude of mulching attachments which can be mounted on tractors or skid steer machines. RoadHog Inc. Booth RoadHog attachments are suited for many applications in road maintenance, such as asphalt milling prior to overlay, pothole and base failure repair, road and shoulder reclamation, full depth reclamation, soil stabilization and utility trench cutting. RoadHog offers hydraulic cold planers, road saws and brooms for skid steers as well as self-contained, engine-driven cold planers in inch to inch cutting widths, equipped with 50 HP to HP engines that can be matched with any skid steer, tractor loader, backhoe or wheel loader.

Road contractors, cities, counties and state DOTs can all benefit from the cost and time savings that RoadHog attachments provide. Rotar North America Booth At Rotar we believe that people and machines can operate more efficiently. From this philosophy, we have developed state-of-the-art equipment for hydraulic excavators and wheeled loaders. Our main objective? To make products that guarantee operational continuity, minimal operational costs and optimal availability. We go about this in our own unique way: with enthusiastic professionals, short lines of communication and proven quality.

This is how we make your daily demolition, recycling and material handling jobs easier and more profitable. Rotar is a close-knit team where youthful enthusiasm is complemented by many years of experience. We believe your problem to be our problem and your success to be our success. That is why we all have a strong drive to prove ourselves.

Rototilt North America Booth Rototilt attachments transform excavators into efficient and versatile multi-function tool carriers. They allow buckets or other attachments to be rotated and tilted at the same time, making it simple to operate around or under obstacles, for any type of excavation work. Rototilt is available in six models, covering excavators from 1. The flexibility of the Rototilt allows an excavator to operate in extremely tight work areas and perform functions that would normally require specialized equipment, multiple machines, or additional manpower.

Rototilt provides excavating contractors with tremendous time savings and reduced on-site labor needs. Screen Machine products are better — by design, by manufacture and by performance. Same-day shipping on stock parts orders Learn more at www. Sentry and its subsidiaries sell property and casualty insurance, life insurance, annuities, and retirement programs for businesses and individuals throughout the country.

Headquartered in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Sentry employs more than 4, associates in 41 states. See a complete list of underwriting companies at www. Shantui America Booth High value and lower machine cost. Giving you more value with less cost was our main purpose when we designed J-series dozers.

Through the use of our original intelligent control system, efficient and immensely reliable Cummins diesel engine, hydrostatic transmission system with excellent comprehensive performance, sensitive and precise steering and blade control, safe comfortable cab, and various optional work equipment, Shantui J-series dozers can be used in landscape and municipal engineering, earthmoving, grading, logging or any other application.

Shantui actually makes its own structural parts, including arms, tracks, undercarriages, roller sets, buckets, transmissions, torque converters and much more, for a wide range of construction machinery products. Our service network provides excellent standard services and extended service options, after-sales service through our training agents and professional engineers for your equipment, to provide uninterrupted technical support.

ShearCore Booth ShearCore is a design, manufacturing, and sales company, specializing in the production of the Fortress line of attachments for the metal recycling, steel mill and demolition industries, as well as distributing the Copex line of Lidex heavy stationary shears and Reflex portable and semi-portable baler shears.

These three individuals have more than 75 years of combined experience and literally thousands of attachments in the workplace around the world from previous endeavors. Our hallmarks are innovation, quality, and leadership in design. The expanding Fortress attachment line includes mobile shears, crackers, and grapples. All ShearCore products are supported by a full staff of service, parts, and sales experts around the U.

Simex Booth Simex has 26 years of experience in producing hydraulic earthmoving attachments. After achieving a reputation as the leader in road maintenance attachments with asphalt planers, wheel saws, wheel compactors and pavers, about 15 years ago Simex started designing and producing double drum cutter heads, screening buckets and crushing buckets for excavator mounting. In addition, the new patents we patent nearly all our products are a mark of constant quality and research.

Innovation is our constant goal. For more info, visit us at www. SmartEquip Booth SmartEquip is an efficiency tool that helps fleet owners generate more profit from their equipment by automating and accelerating the service workflow.

Our software streamlines the service process by eliminating order errors, improving technician wrench-time and reducing equipment down time. While SmartEquip does provide a network of serial-number-specific parts catalogs to our customers, we are much more than a library of catalogs.

In fact, we currently integrate with five of the largest software providers in the rental industry. These integrations provide a procurement process free of errors, duplicate entries and delays. We welcome you to learn more at www. Soosan also manufactures surface blast hole drills designed to drill holes ranging from 2. Featuring a powerful and reliable drifter, Soosan drills offer a high penetration rate and reliable performance for both quarry and construction applications.

Please stop by booth and learn how Soosan USA can improve your revenue and bottom line. For more information on Soosan USA and its products, please view our website: www. Spend Right Inc. Booth Spend Right helps dealers do more. With decades of experience working with off-highway machinery dealerships, we understand the dealer business and the unique challenges that dealers face.

Our custom consulting solutions increase profits, improve customer satisfaction, support technology initiatives, and reduce risk. Sullair Booth The Sullair portable air compressor line is expanding to provide new and innovative solutions for equipment distributors throughout North America.

Targeting industries like construction, drilling, media blasting and landscaping, Sullair portable air compressors have the right options for you — and for your customers. The current Sullair lineup focuses on powerful equipment in compact packages.

Smaller units are easier for a distributor to store — and easier for a customer to maneuver. A focus on improved fuel efficiency means December Construction Equipment Distribution www. The Sullair product lineup includes standard cfm tow behind machines — as well as a robust family which includes award-winning high pressure options — up to psig — providing higher air power options which are easy to move around town — and across the country.

Plus — Sullair offers award-winning air compressors for really big jobs — including the newly-redesigned Sullair H Tier 4 Final. At its core, the new model features a hp John Deere Tier 4 Final engine and a large mm twin screw air-end engineered and manufactured by Sullivan-Palatek. Other features include a full containment frame, remote drains, lockout aftercooler capability, large gallon fuel tank, exterior lit fuel fill, fuel-saving and noise-reducing clutch fan, and an exterior that boasts a durable galvanneal enclosure with a powder-coated finish for rust and corrosion resistance.

The compressor is also equipped with the SPEC full-service electronic controller, with digital readouts of everything from compressor temperature to aftercooler filter warnings. With an emphasis on people, it is our mission to transform the entire dealership by revealing actionable insights for every employee in every department to help them make better and faster decisions.

TARGIT delivers instant insight into financial reporting, equipment sales, rentals, and services and parts data. The unique combination of our patented technology, proven methodology, and dedicated employees and partners is what enables us to help organizations around the world perform their best. Learn more about us at www.

It features patented safety technology that provides spark-proof connections and reverse polarity protection, making it safe and easy for anyone to use. Established in , The NOCO Company NOCO designs and creates premium consumer battery chargers, jump starters, solar panels, and portable power devices as well as a wide range related battery products and accessories. Toku America Inc. Booth Striker hydraulic breakers by Toku America Inc. Models from ft.

This exclusive built-in system removes pressure spikes and allows the breaker to have significantly less parts, down-time, and overall operation cost. The ft. Housings also reduce overall vibration and help reduce wear on the machine. To learn more, visit www. Towsleys Booth Since , Towsleys has been providing branded promotional products to help companies build their brands.

From pens, mugs, hats and T-shirts to polos, jackets and safety apparel, Towsleys provides standard and custom-designed solutions for customers or employees. In-house artists create custom designs for maximum appeal and impact. Custom-designed hats are available in quantities as small as , including free hat samples. Due to our size, we receive special pricing and free inbound freight, which lowers pricing and provides high value to our customers.

Although Towsleys is a new member of AED, we have been providing branded promotional products to the industry for several decades. For more information on how Towsleys can service all your promotional product needs, contact John Niedermeyer or john towsleys. Witzco Trailers Inc. Witzco Challenger Trailers is a family-owned business that has proudly provided their customers with high-quality trailers using American-made components for 80 years.

From mill to finished product, all aspects of the trailers are engineered and fabricated at their facility in Sarasota, Florida. The company sells to a large distributor network from around the world and over the past several years has supported the United States military by selling artillery tag trailers and ton tank retrieval trailers.

Witzco Challenger Trailers takes pride in their superior craftsmanship and excellent customer service while providing competitive pricing for any prospective distributor. Our FP is a ton field press that features an open frame for easier setup and an adjustable tool holder for quicker pressing. Being a lighter, more userfriendly system, the FP is especially well suited to bulldozers and excavators with pin diameters ranging from. All of our products are made percent in-house, from engineering to shipping out the door.

There are high breakdown rates, so there are high parts rates and high labor rates on the maintenance. There are high costs in moving equipment around, and some companies have even come to us saying there are high loss rates in terms of theft or damage and things like that. All this stuff costs money. We have a way to do that at a much lower cost. I am comfortable saying none of our competitors can meet or beat our price and still make money.

That adds up pretty quickly and that affects my bottom line. We want to help them sleep at night a little bit better, and let them focus on what really drives sales. For dealers that do business outside the U. We can narrow that down and give you lists of other contractors, GCs general contractors and construction firms that may be potential customers for you. Crave more insight into your industry and customers? Want THE competitive edge over your competition?

Want to be ahead of instead of behind the curve? Wish your business could be more intelligent? Come to The Creditsafe Booth at. It was the first of many challenges the firm would overcome while working above and below the buzzing streets of Midtown Toronto, Canada. The epicenter of the action, however, was a The Canadian powerhouse would conquer challenges including inconsistent soil conditions, low-clearance drilling, unmovable utilities, traffic, and dark confined working spaces, in its quest to provide underground access for two rapidly advancing TBMs.

Phase 2 includes the easternmost tunnel. Come 48 www. Its scope entailed 3. The contractor was a natural fit, having worked on large transportation projects, the most recent of which was a subway extension for the Toronto Transit Commission. Its work started in April and concluded in March The costs. The pair would crawl westbound, digging 3.

Above: The BG 11 came standard with the ability to remove the upper section for low headroom applications. ECA Canada supplied a shorter Kelly bar for the low headroom application. Right: The cutting head of one of two tunnel boring machines is hoisted out of the extraction shaft. ECA has been a leading supplier of foundation equipment in the eastern United States and eastern Canada for a century.

Its fleet runs the gamut from large to small. The contractor then acquired one of the smallest, a BG 11 H, in August ECA also sold deep seven Klemm drilling rigs. In the early s, deep analyzed the drilling rig manufacturing market and made a calculated decision to acquire BAUER drilling rigs starting in Analyzing the market was more about the start of a relationship than a purchase.

This relationship between companies is equally about the people and the equipment. Kemppainen recalls the s when the firm was buying foundation equipment from his former employer, Special Construction Machines, known today as ECA Canada. Kemppainen has surmised after several decades of hands-on service to deep that it handles equipment acquisition like operations: streamlined, uniform, and consistent.

Alternating panels allowed deep to vertically excavate up to 1. External dewatering was required for the final two levels because they were below the water table. Most secant piles were accomplished from street level, but three windows remained in the southern half where that was not an option. Closing them during the remainder of the excavation proved to be the greatest challenge of the complex ES-3 shaft construction. The client dewatered ES-3 to lower the water table by one meter so the working platform could be poured at the correct elevation.

The equipment ran until the secant wall was finished to keep the water at bay. Midtown Toronto is notorious for its troublesome ground conditions. This reality sank in as deep began drilling ES The first 10 meters 33 feet included granular and silty sands. A layer of dense glacial till stretched from 26 The contractor overcame the variety of soil conditions with careful drilling techniques and an assortment of drilling buckets and tooling.

One challenge was unstable soil. Augers were used as a back-up and bailers helped to remove water. Working with deep, Isherwood engineered a creative solution whereby a shaft could be deepened just enough to allow the BAUER BG 11 to go below street level to install a secant wall from within.

After establishing the dimensions of the rig and surveying the lowest utility supports, deep determined that lowering the grade to Each presented a unique set of challenges. The conflicting utilities in the northern half were relocatable, which allowed deep to build a secant pile wall by drilling from the surface with one of its five BAUER BG 40 drilling rigs. Fiberglass pile sections were used on the east. It consisted of timber mats supported by steel beams and bracing, and locked in place with Steel Angle.

Once utilities were surveyed, located, and protected with steel sheeting, deep relocated its BAUER BG 40 to commence drilling in the southern half. It was important to compare pile and utility locations to avoid any conflicts. The challenges with confined space and drilling depths in the northern half remained, but all holes were completed safely and efficiently. Following a rigorous inspection, this deck was opened to traffic and the north deck was removed.

The north would now remain open to allow for removal of spoils and, eventually, the two TBMs. The system, designed by Isherwood Geostructural Engineers, allowed the excavation to be lowered enough for a compact air track drill to drive soil nails. The crew worked within a confined space to install the nails and spray shotcrete in a panel sequence to keep the ground stable.

One of the most interesting spectacles for passersby was the sight of a BAUER BG 11 H dangling from the end of a crane line as it slowly descended below street level. Drilling within the cavernous ES-3 was also one of the more complex engineering challenges deep overcame. The height from the drilling slab to the underside of the utilities was 9. At 35, kilograms 35 tons , it could be safely lowered into the excavation by a crane.

Even though the BG 11 H was compact enough to work beneath the utilities, it was incapable of using casing to drill the remaining The contractor harnessed more than 45 years of experience to develop a solution. A liner was inserted to keep the top of the excavation open, and the fluid was pumped for the remainder of the shaft.

These steps, combined with dewatering, created enough head pressure to keep the flowing silt from caving in. The slurry bubbled in the tanks at street level while being mixed and agitated. Perfection was mandatory. Once the drill bit hit the founding elevation, a drilling bucket scooped out any leftover chunks of earth.


The main beneficiary of his largesse was the two-time prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Offering consistent support for Netanyahu and his conservative policies, Israel Hayom became the most widely circulated paper in the country. In Adelson revealed that he had been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. He died from complications of the disease nearly two years later. Print Cite verified Cite.

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Las Vegas , city, seat of Clark county, southeastern Nevada, U. Macau is located on the southwestern corner of the Pearl Zhu River Chu Chiang estuary at the head of which is the port of Guangzhou [Canton] and stands opposite the Hong Kong…. History at your fingertips. But by then, The Venetian had opened and was packing its hotel suites and adjacent convention center.

Contact Richard N. Velotta at rvelotta reviewjournal. Follow RickVelotta on Twitter. Organizers of the National Hardware Show announced the event is scheduled to take place Oct. The Clark County Board of Commissioners Tuesday unanimously approved the revocable licence and maintenance agreements for planned tunnel from the Las Vegas Convention Center. When fans are finally allowed to pour through the turnstiles for major sporting events in large numbers again, changes caused by the pandemic will make the experience different than they remember.

A CES panel on Wednesday explored space research and technology for the next generation of space exploration. Autonomous race cars will hit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway later this year, and their design was revealed for the first time Monday during a CES Media Event presentation. Expect to see a sweeping consumer data privacy law passed by Congress over the next several years, senior executives at three big tech firms said Tuesday at CES By Richard N.

The show, which has attracted more than 90, delegated runs through Friday. The show grew to attract more than , attendees at its height. Preparations are made for the Comdex convention in Las Vegas. The computer trade show paved the way for Las Vegas' dominance of the convention industry. Don't miss the big stories. Like us on Facebook. February 10, - pm February 10, - pm. February 2, - pm February 3, - am.

Before a shovel turned a single bit of ground for The Venetian, Adelson, who died Monday at age 87, and his partners saw an opportunity in the late s to capitalize on the then-fledgling personal computer industry.

Condex las vegas 2021 presidential betting The Neon Museum collection boasts over donated and rescued signs. I also wonder just how many people really don't care. There are condex las vegas 2021 presidential betting costs in moving equipment around, and some companies have even come to us saying there are high loss rates in terms of theft or damage and things like that. Your body just doesn't tolerate that environment well if you're not acclimated. I want my IT people to have grounding in the entire computer field, but to be very specific to their field in detail.
Condex las vegas 2021 presidential betting I probably set a record for dropping lines at my first leinster senior league betting site. I never won a car or PDA, but I haven't bought condex las vegas 2021 presidential betting pen in 6 years. We visited lots of booths and suites and also attended the manufacturer meetings, where Tom would explain that we were buying the company and had taken control. Have you consulted with your employees and your customers to help reach decisions with your strategic initiatives? Score: 4Funny. Meanwhile, hotel room capacity has continued to expand, keeping hotel room occupancy levels well below the peak levels of Policies, coverages, benefits and discounts are not available in all states.
Respawn betting websites When competing against aftermarket parts providers, Cleveland sells the quality and standards of CAT parts. Working off a hill? We recommend you make all required safety improvements before the sale. Organizers of the National Hardware Show announced the event sell localbitcoins scheduled condex las vegas 2021 presidential betting take place Oct. OCT Equipment, Inc. Improved versatility and design specifications are other key achievements of the Warrior X, with the screening angle range widening of degrees. Through the use of our original intelligent control system, efficient and immensely reliable Cummins diesel engine, hydrostatic transmission system with excellent comprehensive performance, sensitive and precise steering and blade control, safe comfortable cab, and various optional work equipment, Shantui J-series dozers can be used in landscape and municipal engineering, earthmoving, grading, logging or any other application.
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Trump, who has yet to concede the election to President-elect Joe Biden, said at a holiday party at the White House on Dec. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is the second choice, and Trump is Nikki Haley at We will wait until he bows out and starts campaigning.

Contact reporter Todd Dewey at tdewey reviewjournal. Follow tdewey33 on Twitter. World No. Patrick Cantlay is now the favorite at Perhaps more improbable than Tom Brady leaving New England after 20 years and leading Tampa Bay to a Super Bowl title in his first season there was the manner in which the Buccaneers beat the Chiefs. Las Vegas books reported a win their 29th Super Bowl in the 31 years since the Nevada Gaming Control Board started tracking the game in By signing up you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

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Like us on Facebook. Patrick Cantlay is now the favorite at Perhaps more improbable than Tom Brady leaving New England after 20 years and leading Tampa Bay to a Super Bowl title in his first season there was the manner in which the Buccaneers beat the Chiefs. Las Vegas books reported a win their 29th Super Bowl in the 31 years since the Nevada Gaming Control Board started tracking the game in President Donald Trump speaks during a rally protesting the electoral college certification of Joe Biden as president on Wednesday, Jan.

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February 10, - pm February 10, - pm. February 9, - pm February 9, - pm. Worst bad beat in Super Bowl involves Italian soccer. Nevada Super Bowl betting handle lowest since

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Legislature · Election Adelson parlayed Comdex computer conference into integrated resort empire computer disks at the Comdex computer show in Las Vegas on Nov. Updated January 12, - am. Last Updated: Jan 21, See Article History COMDEX convened annually in Las Vegas and soon became one of the world's largest trade The election that year saw Republican Donald Trump win the U.S. presidency, and Adelson. CONDEX Connect · Upcoming Webinars WATCH NOW: In-Person Safety Precautions with Phil Riggs | AED Summit Las Vegas may be a place for gambling, but not with your health. Stephanie Glanzer, senior vice president and chief sales officer for MGM Resorts International, explains about the expansion of.