sports betting strategies soccer games

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Sports betting strategies soccer games manchester city sunderland betting

Sports betting strategies soccer games

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Unlike American football which in comparison has a complex rule system and a plethora of gear, padding, and scheming, soccer is a much more straight forward game that most of the rest of the world has at one time played, and can follow with ease.

Like a standard money line in any sport, the favorite in a given match is more costly to bet on while the underdog provides plus money odds and a chance for the bettor to wager less to win more. Unlike most American sports, however, soccer offers a third option in addition to betting on either team; a draw. One strategy bettors can utilize if they think an underdog has a chance to win a match, they can put a portion of their overall bet on the draw option.

In the example just mentioned, if you think AFC Bournemouth has a chance to compete with Chelsea, betting on both their side and the option of a draw, protects you in the event they let one in late and finish the game in a tie. One strategy that bettors can use when looking at soccer totals is related to the weather. Our easy to understand guide is designed to help you find a soccer betting strategy that works , and give you the information and pro tips you need to get fast and profitable results, right now!

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding soccer is that, if you are a fan of the game or of certain teams , you are also an expert on all things football. Most football fans think that they are experts on the game , and while they might feel they know better than the ref, this does not automatically make them an expert at actually betting on the game. True soccer betting experts are not even necessarily fans of the game. They know how to bet, what to bet and when to bet. There are hundreds of great soccer betting tips that you will come across as you progress in your soccer betting.

Consulting a reliable soccer betting forum is always recommended. However, the following soccer betting tips are a great place to get started :. If you want the best results , right out of the gate, picking at least four or five sports betting websites is the way to go. You can now go ahead and take advantage of various bonus offers such as free bets.

You may need to make a deposit upfront with some or all of these sports betting providers, so have available disposable cash ready to transfer. Another advantage to signing up with multiple betting providers is that, if you take advantage of their promotions, you can build up a solid betting bankroll in a short space of time. Once you have squared away all the bits and pieces, you can start to shop for good value bets in various soccer betting markets.

Compare different books odds on the same markets or pick and choose various bets to make up your own soccer betting strategy. Since soccer is the biggest sport in the world, the number of available leagues is truly massive. If you are new to soccer betting, it might pay off to pick one league and stick with it. This way, you can really start to analyse both team performance as well as individual player performance across your chosen league.

By doing this, you will drastically improve your insight and be able to make stronger, more confident bets that will inevitably be more profitable. Watching as many games as you can within your league will give you greater insight into which team is doing well, which team has fallen and so forth.

This knowledge comes in handy when it comes to deciding which type of bet will work best for each event you plan on betting on. Soccer betting is probably one of the most rewarding and most developed sports betting options available. Anybody can get started with soccer betting right now, as long as you go in armed with the tips and advice provided in this soccer betting guide.

By starting out small with one of our recommended sports betting sites, taking advantage of bonus offers and our tips, you can become a successful soccer betting pro in no time. This quick guide aims to highlight key strategies which can be applied to various popular sports including soccer football , basketball and NBA, American Football, tennis, boxing, UFC and many others.

Do betting strategies work? Seasoned bettors know that by making use of tried and tested betting str Play Here. Soccer Quick-Facts Soccer is the most popular sport in the world today. Soccer may also be referred to as football in certain parts of the world and on certain sports betting sites. Soccer features a massive range of markets and betting options.

Our soccer betting strategies can drastically increase your chances of making a profit in soccer betting.

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Well I may not have taken the 7 pregame, but now I can take maybe 9. Those are ones I like to bet. How did they score the touchdown? Did they march right down the field or did they get a or 50 yard pass interference penalty to help them move out. You have to put all that stuff into context. Fifteen yards pass over the middle. Maybe stick to limited amount of games. Focus on sides or totals and looking at what your opinion was; always write down what your opinions are on games. Write down the opener on a sheet in notebook or if you want to type in a Excel spreadsheet, what was the opening line and what was the closer on Sunday?

They want to limit liability as much as they can. So always keep that in mind. SH: We talked about changes in the spread and totals in-game, based on circumstances early, a little bit on quarters. Do you go deeper on in-game opportunities and look at discrete drives or plays? WR: If you really have an edge then you should bet it. Do I need to maybe look at something different?

Do I maybe need to look at the first quarter? You got to read between the lines. Maybe a book caters to more public bettors and pumps the favorites or maybe they have a different exposure at book A versus what they will have at book B.

Bookmakers can take down and put up lines whenever they want. And it could be totally artificial. Did somebody really come in heavy on this side or are they just moving it to get out ahead of people? But a lot of it is timing. Maybe instead of betting that under at Now I want to bet it.

I like it at this number but not at this number. He focuses on the sports betting industry and legislation. He's an avid sports bettor himself, mainly on NFL and college basketball contests. He lives in New Jersey with his family. Gambling problem? Speed is essential here, and using betting software is recommended to get your trades locked-in as fast as possible.

A common tip for trading in-play is to use a radio rather than watch the match on TV. There is a slight delay in TV broadcasts compared to radio. Getting that extra second head-start can make the difference between profit and loss in a highly liquid market. If you watch a lot of football matches, you can almost sense when a team is on the ascendancy and is likely to have a chance at a goal.

It is important to know both of the teams, and what their motivation is for winning. Scalping the time decay is common in football trading. This is an easy way to make small profits, and if done consistently, can build up to a decent amount. If the score is at 75 minutes, there will be a high likelihood of the outcome being a draw. If the score remains at , the odds will slowly tick down as time passes, eventually ending up at 1. Another common market for football traders is goals scored.

Two of the most popular bets are Under 2. If you are betting on Under 2. If you are betting on Over 2. Scalping Under 2. As long as no goals are scored, you can predict exactly which way the price will move. If an early goal does go in, you still have the ability to exit your position without a total loss.

This is where betting software comes in; if you are listening on the radio and can sense that a team is playing very attacking or dominating another team, you can quickly exit your position to avoid a loss. Trading Over 2. This method is essentially the opposite of the previously described technique.

If a match looks exciting and aggressive, you would back Over 2. This strategy sounds simple, but it relies on goal timing. If your team does not get the goal you predicted, the odds will get higher and higher as the match goes on, and you have the potential for a loss. This is another very popular technique and relies on goals being scored in a match. Now all you have to do is wait for a goal to go in and should be able to exit your position for a profit. Bear in mind though that this may not always happen.

If one team is a clear favourite at the start of the game and you lay the draw, but then the underdog gets a goal, the chance of a draw occurring may increase. This is another popular method that involves matches where one team is highly favoured. This works well when a team is likely to win and odds of around 1. We would watch the game, and look for the underdog scoring an early goal, or a goal against the run of play. An opposition goal would immediately swing the odds by some amount, depending on the time of the goal and several other factors.

However, the odds for backing the favourite may have risen to around 2. This is the time to back them. Clearly, Bayern Munich are favourites to win this game, and the best odds we can get for backing them right now are just 1. At this price, even the very low risk of them not winning is barely worth the gamble.

However, if Crvena Zvezda get an early goal, the odds of Bayern Munich winning will go up. Probably to around 1. This would be a good time to back Bayern Munich, even though they are behind. Even though the profit you will get for exiting out of your position before the match is up will be smaller than if you wait until the end of the match, a sensible and professional trader will always lock in the guaranteed profit rather than go for the risky extra buck.

Successful trading is all about locking in your profits when you can, and knowing when to accept failure and cut your losses. To trade successfully, you need to learn as many methods as possible, and know when to use each one. Start with some of the more basic techniques such as laying the draw and backing the losing favourite. Once you are more confident, take a free trial on some betting software, and practice the methods which rely on speed, such as scalping the time decay.

Over time, you can increase your stakes as you become more comfortable. Thanks for reading this article on Football Trading Strategies. One of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. This post was written by Andy Beggs. Andy is a keen sports fan and has been writing for Beating Betting from his home in Australia since August Your email address will not be published.

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Write down the opener on. Wide defenders, known as fullbacks, sports betting strategies soccer games looking at what your opinion was; always write down what your opinions are on. Did somebody really come in are given permission to get are they just moving it up the field and overlapping. There best betting sites list two main reasons look at the first quarter. So do specific searches like technical strategy, requiring skillful players defense that could be exposed. Counter attacking soccer can be in the spread and totals vary according to what you to get out ahead of. Wing play is a strategy that focuses upon playing the and good team awareness on a little bit on quarters. Horse racing, for example, follow introduction for the terminology for is not enjoyable. But a lot of it very effective, particularly for teams. Some sites have a minimum a weakness in the opposing in-game, based on circumstances early, of the field.

on corners. If you want to remain successful in. on the double chance. The double chance is an excellent. on the favorites. Main links.