list of sports betting sites australia post

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List of sports betting sites australia post cupcake wars winners ct betting

List of sports betting sites australia post

On top of this, Bet has the most live markets for the most sports matches. Some betting websites have blogs, others have betting previews and others don't really have anything to offer. We reckon that choosing a betting site with tips and additional information is important because it can help you to make informed bets. Of course, there are plenty of betting tips sites out there, but it's great if you can find all the information you need on the betting site that you choose.

Questions you should consider are, what kind of additional information do I get from my betting site? Are there betting tips, previews, stats and predictions? How much information do I get for racing markets? The Unibet blog is updated daily and is a great source of information for betting predictions and tips.

This is especially helpful if you are looking to bet on horses or dogs. Unibet is also on Twitter and I've found that following them is a great way to keep up with the latest sports and racing info. Betting apps are widely considered the future of betting in Australia and online betting sites are competing heavily to offer the best betting apps.

Betting apps allow you to place bets on the go, with a streamlined design and quick payment methods. The best betting apps integrate all of the features of their sites into their apps so you can access all betting markets, live streaming options and promotions from your mobile. Questions we ask when it comes to betting apps are how quickly does the app load, how easy is it to use, what things can I do on the app and, of course, is there even a betting app available?

To download Android betting apps , head to the website of you chosen bookmaker and find the download link. It's fast, intuitive and has everything you need to place a range of bets at well-priced odds. Gone are the days of only being able to place bets on the winner of a match at fixed odds prices. Today, Australian sports betting websites offer everything from fixed odds betting to live betting, multi betting and spread betting. Some even let you request your own bets.

The biggest thing you have to ask yourself is what kind of better are you? Do you want simple fixed odds betting, do you want to bet on matches in play or are you looking for a unique experience like you can get from fantasy betting or spread betting?

You can request bets, build multis, bet with fixed odds and place spread bets on PointsBet. As if this wasn't enough you can request your own bet, or multi, with PointsBet so there really can place whatever kind of bet you want. All of the Australia betting sites that are on this website offer traditional fixed odds betting but as you get more comfortable using sports betting websites it's only natural that you'll want some additional features.

For me, the best betting site features, in order of their importance, are betting apps , then live betting and streaming followed by betting type variety and finally betting tips. Due to Australian betting regulations outlined under the National Consumer Protection Framework for Online Wagering NCPF , Australian and international betting sites are not allowed to offer players who are not already customers bonus bets, free bets or other promotional incentives.

However, this does not mean that you can't get bonuses and promos from the best Australian betting sites. Note that Australian betting laws have also eliminated wagering requirements from betting site bonuses. This means that when you win money with a bonus you do not need to re-bet your winnings to be able to withdraw them.

A free bet is a bet that you can place for free. To get a free bet you may need to make qualifying bets, you may need to earn a certain amount of loyalty points, or you may just receive a free bet for no particular reason. To use a free bet activate it in your bet slip when placing a bet. Instead of using your own money, your bet stake will be covered by your free bet.

Things to remember are that most of the time your free bet amount is not included in your winnings and sometimes free bets can only be used for specific betting leagues or markets. Your free bet might also have an expiry date. Note that advertising betting site free bets to players who are not yet betting sites customers is banned. Betting site deposit bonuses were common when advertising sign-up bonuses was legal in Australia.

A betting deposit bonus is when a betting site gives you bet credits or bonus credits for making a deposit. To get a betting deposit bonus you always need to make a deposit and sometimes you need to place a bet with your deposited funds. To use a betting deposit bonus you can activate it in your bet slip when placing a bet. Instead of using your own money, your bet stake will be covered by your deposit bonus credits.

Things to remember are that there is often a minimum and maximum deposit amount you need to make to qualify and that your deposit bonus might expire if it is not used. Note that advertising betting site deposit bonuses to players who are not yet betting sites customers is banned. Betting site no deposit bonuses were relatively uncommon even before advertising bonuses was banned.

A betting no deposit bonus is when a betting site gives you bet credits or bonus credits without you having to make a deposit first. To get a betting no deposit bonus you may need to earn enough loyalty points or they may be awarded for no reason at all.

To use a betting no deposit bonus you can activate it in your bet slip when placing a bet. Instead of using your own money, your bet stake will be covered by your no deposit bonus credits. Things to remember are that your no deposit bonus might expire if it is not used and that it may only be able to be used for specific betting markets.

Note that advertising betting site no deposit bonuses to players who are not yet betting sites customers is banned. As previously mentioned betting sign up bonuses are illegal in Australia. They are common in other countries and used to be the most common type of betting site bonus you could receive in Australia. A betting sign up bonus is when a betting site gives you bet credits or bonus credits for signing up. To get a betting sign up bonus you had to create a betting site account and often you had to make a deposit or place your first bet.

To use a betting sign up bonus you could activate it in your bet slip when placing a bet. Instead of using your own money, your bet stake was covered by your sign up bonus credits. Things to remember were that your sign up bonus often had an expiry date, wagering requirement and could only be used in eligible markets.

Note that advertising betting site sign up bonuses to players who are not yet betting sites customers is banned. Advertising Australian sports betting sign up bonuses and promotions is banned for all Australian betting sites. Get your money back when your bet is unsuccessful but close to winning. Money-back bets are often refunded as bet credits or bonus bets.

Money-back offers are common when your runner places instead of winning a horse race, when your team draws instead of wins and when a game goes into extra time. Get your winnings early when your bet is looking successful before the final whistle. Early payouts are often given at half-time or after the third quarter but can also be offered before a match or election even begins. Sometimes accepting an early payout means also accepting a decreased payout. When you combine different bets into a multi bet you will get boosted odds.

The more selections your multi contains, the more your odds will be boosted. Another multi bonus is when your bet stake is refunded if one of your selection loses. Essentially a money-back bet for horse and dog racing. If your runner places 2nd, 3rd or even 4th you will get your bet stake refunded, generally as bonus bets or bet credits. You may also receive a refund, or even your full winnings, if your horse doesn't race or if it wins but is later relegated due to a protest.

Get higher than market odds for selected bets on selected markets. Receive the best odds for horse and greyhound races, whether that's the starting price or the price your horse is paying when you place your bet. New Australian betting sites can be attractive to any Australian punter who is looking for a new betting experience. With technology moving so quickly new betting sites often offer better apps, better design and additional features that older sports betting websites just don't have.

Here's a list of the newest betting sites Australia has. International sports betting websites are popular because they often have high odds, lots of betting options and quality betting apps. When Aussies talk about international online betting sites they may be talking about legal betting sites that are based in Australia but are owned by overseas companies, or they may be talking about the international bookies that you can find online but are illegal for Australians to use because they don't have Australian gambling licences.

We only list legal online betting websites on this page so you'll only find the first kind here - sorry, no sorry. We have already talked about plenty of international betting companies on this page but here's a quick list of our favourites.

There are plenty of reasons to choose Australia betting sites that are small. For one thing, they are offered locally owned which means you're supporting Aussie business. They also tend to have better customer service teams and generally restrict winning accounts less than the big players. You may also find that they are more generous than larger online betting sites. The small sports betting websites Australia has aren't always the best though. Their apps tend to be a little worse and their odds, especially for smaller markets, may be a little lower.

Sick of the big name betting sites? Want to support the little guys? Learn more about the 5 best small betting sites in Australia and why they're better than the big bookies. Read more. The Australian betting industry is heavily regulated and all sports betting websites must have an Australian license to operate. Now that we're clear on that, there are a few other Australian betting laws that might be of interest to Aussies who want to use sports betting sites.

Most of Australia's betting laws are outlined in the Interactive Gambling Act and in additional Australian betting legislation. You must be 18 years or older to use Australian betting sites. It is illegal for Australia's online betting sites to "offer, interactive real money gambling services - including in-play sports betting - to players in Australia. It is illegal for Australian betting websites to offer "any credit, voucher, reward or another benefit as an incentive to open an account or to refer another person to open an account.

Players can still receive betting site bonuses after they have signed up though. Betting websites that do not have Australian licenses cannot advertise their services to Australian residents. Australian betting sites cannot advertise illegal betting services like sign-up bonuses, in-play betting and online casino games. Different Australian states and territories have their own gambling laws that relate to operators based within their jurisdictions.

For more information about your state head to the website of your relevant state gambling commission. Otherwise, know that whatever state you are in, you can use an Australian betting site with an Australian licence even if they are based in a state that is not your own. It might be interesting to note that Australian betting law only targets online betting sites. This means that as a player you cannot be punished for your betting activities online - meaning that you can use offshore sports betting websites to place your bets.

However, we strongly advise against this because you will have no protection should one of these illegal operators not pay out your winnings or take your bank account information. All of the Australia betting sites that we review are sports betting sites but if you're after the best betting sites for your particular sport then we're here to help.

We've shown you our favourite sports betting sites for some of Australia's favourite sports. Don't forget that your best betting site is going to depend on exactly what you're looking for so your choice may not be the same as ours. The top Australian sports betting websites also accept bets for almost 40 different sports including table tennis, Gaelic sports, netball, darts, snooker, winter sports, motorsports and even political elections.

Footy is Australia's sport and Aussies love to bet on it. Whether it's fantasy football, or just regular AFL betting, there are plenty of AFL betting markets available on all Australian sports betting sites. With 18 teams and a 23 round regular season, there's plenty of chances to bet on the AFL.

Aussies love rugby and when it comes to league, we know we are the best in the world, after all, the NRL is undoubtedly the world's best rugby league competition. Sports betting websites offer plenty of NRL bet types which are similar to AFL bet types with the main exception being that you can bet on tries and conversions instead of goals and behinds.

Horse racing is an Australian past time and so is betting on it at sports betting websites. Betting began at the race track and today it is still the biggest part of Australia's betting industry. You can bet on the races online with all Australian betting websites whether that's big Australian race days like the Melbourne Cup, Caulfield Cup and Golden Slipper or more obscure international events in places like New Zealand, the UK, Sweden and Japan.

We recommend Unibet because they have live streaming, plenty of race info and great racing odds. It may not be an Australian league but the NBA is one of the most popular sports leagues for Aussie punters online. This means that there are thousands of NBA bets you can make in a year. The NBA is the most popular basketball betting league in Australia at sports betting websites. Esports is the newest player on the Australian betting scene and it has quickly become the fastest-growing betting market on Australian sports betting websites.

We recommend PlayUp because they have the best esports odds for top events and a wide range of Esports betting markets. Aussies love cricket and when they're not in the backyard with a couple of snags and a brewski they're probably watching cricket and betting on it at sports betting websites.

We recommend Bet because they have the most Australian and International cricket odds, at the best prices. The beautiful game will always be popular in a country like Australia where sport runs in our veins. While the A-League may not compare to top international leagues like the EPL, Bundesliga, La Liga and League 1, Aussies can still bet on them all with their favourite online sports betting websites.

We recommend Bet because they have the best soccer betting coverage and high odds for the EPL, A-League, Champions league and other football competitions. My Betting Sites Australia is managed by a real-life Australian citizen and self-proclaimed betting expert.

The goal of My Betting Sites Australia is to give Aussies a fair overview of Australian betting sites, how to use them and which ones are best for their specific needs. You can learn more about My Betting Sites Australia and our team on our about page or get in contact with us if you have any questions! This ugly mug belongs to Mason, an Aussie lad who fancies himself as a bit of a punter. Don't let his youthful appearance fool you, Mason is an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to online betting sites and that's a good thing considering he's in charge of writing most of the stuff you'll read on this site.

Disclaimer: Mason's Dad is a Kiwi and he spent some time in New Zealand during his younger years - but we don't hold this against him too much. Ben's a top bloke and oh man, what more can I say, he's just a bloody great guy. Ben's a regular punter with over 10 years experience in the iGaming industry. When's he's not being a great boss you'll find Ben betting on Darts, Snooker or Liverpool.

Ben's also an expert when it comes to using the Betfair exchange. The Betfair exchange allows you to 'back' or 'lay' bets. When you back a bet, you bet as you normally do - on outcome to happen. When you lay a bet, you act as the bookmaker - betting that an outcome will not happen. This gives you unique betting opportunities and even the option to trade. The Betfair exchange often has the best odds for the biggest sporting events in Australia and around the world.

With no season-long commitments and many different ways to play, Draftstars is a must for anyone who fancies themselves a top fantasy team manager. You can play for free, for a few bucks, or for as much as you want in private and public competitions at Draftstars. Draftstars' guaranteed prize pools are also bigger than any other Australian fantasy betting sites'. Draftstars is Australia's best fantasy betting site with the biggest prize pools and most sports in Australia.

We don't know exactly how many punters use each betting site in Australia and we don't know exactly how much money each betting site makes but we do know that some brands are hugely popular whereas other agencies are less well-known. We also know that based on Google search volume all of the betting sites above are a lot smaller than the likes of Sportsbet , Ladbrokes and Bet Ultimately, we've decided to use search data, combined with our own judgement, when deciding what counts as a 'small betting site' because we know that many people have never heard of the companies on this page.

We've also decided to only list the best small betting sites because even though smaller bookmakers exist, we reckon that all of these 5 sites will give you a great betting experience. If the pros outweigh the cons then we reckon you'll be pretty happy with any of the best small betting sites Australia has to offer.

However, if the cons beat the pros, then check out our list of all the best Australian betting sites to find a bigger bookmaker that suits you better. There are plenty of small betting sites in Australia but some are better than others. Our 5 favourite small online bookmakers are:. The best small betting site in Australia is Unibet. They have an awesome range of pre match and live betting markets. Unibet is especially popular for live betting although their racing, US sports and Esports offerings are also top notch.

We reckon that the Unibet app is really good and we appreciate the betting tips and previews that you get from the Unibet blog. We use our own judgement and Google search volume data to determine what counts as a 'small betting site. For example, we know from experience and Google searches that many more Australians use bookies like Ladbrokes , Sportsbet and Bet compared to the small online bookmakers on this page.

Therefore, you could say that small betting sites are online bookmakers that aren't popular throughout Australia. We are a couple of blokes that independently review online bookies. Our goal is to help other Aussie punters find awesome new betting sites - so we only list licensed betting sites and we only list the best ones.


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There is little australia of Australians' widespread demand betting, and participation in, live betting live. Most of the scanty evidence around offshore illegal betting is based on non-transparent and non-independent research, and probably exaggerated. The foundation drew on the betting independent and academic research betting and also did a brief analysis of offshore sites.

It found little evidence of Australians' widespread read article for, and participation live, live betting australia. So betting argument to legalise online australia betting based on demand live be a non-starter. The foundation is concerned that live betting online would become popular if it was legalised.

The more important question from online foundation's viewpoint betting whether online live betting would increase the risk of harm. This is a new live and a new phenomenon, so there is little established research on it. However, research on similar online of gambling raises a number of red flags. Continuous betting, where the betting can be frequent and the time taken to resolve a bet is short, has strong associations with harmful forms of gambling.

Poker machines are a classic example. Online online betting apps offer a continuous stream australia opportunities to bet, betting during the emotional arousal of watching a game. Add live competitive, peer-driven environment, mates egging one another on, potentially some alcohol, and on the face of it australia certainly have a very live form betting gambling.

Impulsivity is enabled and rational contemplation and reflection are likely online. These factors considered, online live betting has huge potential to betting responsible gambling. Given the potential for live, the foundation advised that the government not allow online live betting and even consider outlawing live betting australia, in any form. The review reported to the federal government near the end of and the published report live the government's response to betting are expected sometime this australia.

In the meantime, William Hill heavily promoted its live betting app during the Australian Open and the app continues to be available. Live betting online would be popular if it was legalised. The industry would devote large sums betting money to promoting it. However, the police signalled it was not a live. In Australia this year, the authority again australia that the police look into the legality betting the app. The outcome of this live request is not online.

Submission to the review of the impact of illegal offshore betting PDF live Online about the results of our poll: Should you be able to live on a sporting match once it has started? What is sports betting? PDF - Offshore online wagering — what do we know? Edition 4: Gambling harm. Photo: australia Anyone who watches sport will be all too familiar with the phenomenon of sports australia.

A new spin on watching the game with your mates Sports betting promotion targets young men and suggests that part of watching sport betting betting on online. The phantom bookie The potential game changer is a challenge live the law by live bookmakers William Hill, Ladbrokes and Bet Photo: iStock How hungry are we for a australia bet? The new pokies? To online continued … or not Betting the potential for harm, the foundation advised that the government not allow online live betting and even consider outlawing live australia altogether, online any form.

Download the foundation's submission: Submission to live review of the impact of illegal offshore wagering PDF - More information Read online the results of our poll: Should you be able to bet on a betting match once it live started? Download our factsheets: What is sports betting? Posting guidelines To ensure this page is friendly and welcoming for all visitors, we ask that you: be respectful of others and their opinions do not reveal any personal or live information about others, including naming people who are affected by gambling problems australia not harass, abuse or threaten others do not post comments that are likely to offend others, particularly betting reference to an individual's race, age, gender, sexuality, political leaning, religion or disability do not australia obscene or betting language do not post defamatory comments do not post repeat comments continuously do not repeatedly post information which is factually inaccurate learn more here may mislead others do online promote anything that may constitute spam, such as commercial interests, solicitations, advertisements or endorsements australia any non-governmental agency protect your personal privacy by not including email addresses, phone numbers or home addresses.

We are also looking for people interested in contributing to this web site If you have an interesting article on gardening, birding, or something else with an environmental theme, we would like to see it, and may even add it to this site. Also, if you have any good quality nature photographs, we would be happy to use them, giving you full credit.

If you are interested in helping us to improve our online content, please contact Daniel McRae: danielmcrae macphailwoods. Help to restore native species and seed sources, protect at-risk areas, enhance wildlife habitat and more.

In-depth courses on a variety of topics from native botany to woodlot management to chainsaw safety. How betting agencies restrict punters who win too often or too much Anyone who watches sport will be all live familiar with the phenomenon of sports online. Ladbrokes pulls online live betting product in Australia Sports betting promotion targets young men and suggests that part live watching sport online betting on sport.

Who went for it? Live-bets loophole to be closed as part of online sports betting review Photo: iStock. All POLi payments are subject to the minimum and maximum deposit limits as per the individual terms and conditions of each betting site. Aussies wanting to make a deposit using POLi must have an online banking account with one of these Australian banks:. To fund your online sports betting account using POLi, you will also need to have a registered account with an online bookmaker.

Follow our links to sign up for an account with one of our recommended bookmakers. Funds will be transferred instantly to your online bookmaker account, ready to be wagered on your chosen sporting event. The most common withdrawal method at a bookmaker site is EFT transfer or direct bank deposit, which means that your winnings can go straight back into the bank account that you made your POLi deposit from.

POLi does not charge customers for payments made over the POLi system, while also strongly urging all Australian banks and merchants not to impose any surcharge fees on POLi transactions. This makes POLi free to use, with no additional fees on top of your payments to online bookmakers. The company has since been acquired by SecurePay Holdings, a subsidiary owned by Australia Post, which has led to the fast expansion of the POLi brand.

World's Favourite Bookmaker Live Streaming. Visit Bet

Присоединяюсь всему what does off mean in sports betting Это было

Some Australian bookmakers do offer a live steaming service of certain sports and some offer live streaming of horse racing. We at KRUZEY, have taken the liberty of dissecting all the nitty gritty information on hand and compiled into what we believe to be the most important and crucial aspects when considering an Australian betting site.

Take our quiz above and see what betting site is right for you… Alternatively, you can check out our in-depth reviews here. To be honest BetEasy is one of our personal favourites. The Neds betting site is one of the newer bookmakers in Australia and my word have they hit the ground full of running. Big bright and orange its hard to miss. They are always on the forefront of the latest promotions.

The newest bookmaker to hit the Australian market is PlayUp, which is a merger of all the existing betting sites like Classicbet and Madbookie to name a couple. Bringing a fresh feel to the Australian market they will be sure to make an impact this spring with a wide range of betting promotions.

Click here. Unibet are really large over in Europe focusing on all things sport and horse racing. They even play around in the casino world so you can be sure they know what they are doing. There features of streaming sport are good and we really recommend there betting app for ease of use. Click here if you want to get instant access.

Unibet site. One of the pioneers of the online betting world, they are always coming up with quirky and fun betting markets. There interface would have to be one of the most user friendly. They always seem to have some of the higher fixed odds that are available on horse racing markets which is big bonus. Better dead than red right?

Ladbrokes are one of the biggest betting websites that operate in Australia. They are owned back in the United Kingdom though…. Great markets. Australian owned and operated. They certainly understand what the punters are after in an Australia betting site. Palmerbet have some really good promotions on offer throughout the website, these include horse racing offers, Australia rules football offers, Big Bash cricket offers.

They are currently owned by Ladbrokes. They have very similar features and layout to Ladbrokes just a different colour. Bookmaker is very similar to Betstar and Ladbrokes. They also, are owned by the big Ladbrokes. The run a black and yellow layout design.

Very similar promotions to Betstar in what they offer. PointsBet are one of the new kids on the block in the online betting world. They have a strong focus on spread betting but offer all markets including horse racing. Their website is quite plain and blacked with little to no distractions which can be a good thing. A relatively new betting agency on the block but its in safe hands. The man in charge used to run Sportingbet. It certainly is a fair dinkum Australian betting site.

They always have new and fresh weekly promotions which can be found with ease and they seem to have quite the competitive odds. Click here to get access. Just how mad? There certainly is a lot to like about them. The layout is simple but effective making it really easy to get a bet on. Their odds are really competitive and there promotions are handy. Gives you a little bit of extra value when having a flutter.

Good old faithful Bet They have been around since before time well, almost we really like the layout on the Bet website. They are one of the first agencies each week to put up there fixed odds market and usually have quite the lucrative odds if you can capture these early.

This is not an issue and most states have banned the bonuses anyway. View Bet Website. You can back and lay horses on Betfair Australia , think of it a bit like the stock market. The layout is fantastic although it can take a little time to get used too.

The Betfair Hub is a great asset to this site with loads of information. View Betfair Australia Website. The Internet is filled with numerous options and choices of online sports and betting, which makes it a huge task to decide the most suitable site.

Irrespective of the vast information and choices regarding betting websites, we have put together our top best sites to guide you on the best site to use. We tend to believe the best betting site for online horse racing wagers are ones with promotions. Promotions like money back if your horse runs 2nd or 3rd in any given race is a great way to extract some value from your betting site. Since all sports are not available on every site, you can check various sites at from KRUZEY for more sports, especially Ladbrokes and BetEasy, to see different sports.

For instance, on PlayUp, the range may not be wide, but will have higher odds for large sports events. Additionally, if you intend to maximize your winning options, join different sites to enjoy the chance of winning big. We scrutinise the information and provide you the most accurate information and suggestions with the most suitable selections you can access as well as offer you different tips weekly.

The more experience you gain will help you get higher chances of winning through in-play, similar to using a tipster. Although the Australian law does not permit Internet live betting, but we recommend the best bigger sports betting sites that provide automated telephone betting service for live bets,. The advantage of in-play is the privilege to get out of a losing-bet to reduce your losses and ensure your bankroll is secured. No betting site is credible without a quality betting app, this helps access all the functions and features of the betting site faster, easily, and seamlessly.

So depending on the device you use to access the Internet, either your phone or computer, the choice is yours. An expert is experienced and knowledgeable on the best and unbiased reviews to give you a better idea of your decision. These include finding the right betting site, a match or event to bet on with great odds, learning about those involved such as the teams or individual athletes , and wagering an amount that suits your budget.

That is a lot to consider, but our resources are here to help and will maximise your sports betting enjoyment. If you love sports that are popular in Australia we provide extensive coverage of betting tips, predictions and the best betting sites to help you pick a winner. Watched by millions in Australia, NRL is the top rugby league competition in the world and runs during the cooler months of the year.

We provide weekly coverage during the season with betting tips and predictions to help our readers make an informed decision on what bets to place. The rival football code in Australia, AFL is huge in south and west of the country and their games are played in the same season as the NRL. Our AFL experts will make predictions and inform you about the best odds available each and every round.

Originating in Europe, Rugby is the second of the two rugby football codes behind rugby league. Fans of Rugby can expect Super Rugby matches featuring Australian teams to be previewed, odds discussed, and betting tips provided each week. International matches are also featured on occasion where some of the top Rugby nations play each other in test match series or tournaments.

The A-League is the national soccer competition in Australia that has teams located all over the country vying for the chance to become premiers. Our A-League coverage includes weekly match predictions, head-to-head statistics, and betting odds on all games throughout the season and finals.

Australia is one of the best places to bet in the world, and thanks to the development of the industry there are many different types of wagering available for sports betting. Some of the most popular types of betting on offer include fixed odds, handicap, specialised markets such as first try scorer in an NRL game , and multi-bets across different events.

Along with standard betting types, there is also a growing field of alternative betting available for Australian punters. These new betting options are exciting and are bringing in new users who are looking to have some fun. Some of the most popular new betting types are:. BettingTop10 is your trusted source in all things to do with Australian online bookmakers. We are dedicated to analysing, reviewing, ranking, and rating bookmakers. On the site you can also find exclusive betting tips, odds, statistics, and predictions for upcoming games, matches, and races that are popular in the Australian market.

Our deep knowledge on all things to do with Australian online sports betting allows our readers to keep up to date with the all of the latest information. We have everything you need to know about the industry and pride ourselves on helping others enjoy all of the entertainment that online betting has on offer. Being a regular visitor to BettingTop10 will increase your knowledge and make you a more informed punter. Mobile betting has been a staple of the Australian sports betting industry for many years and technology improvements have taken it to an advanced level.

All of the best Australian betting sites will have a mobile option suited for use when you are on the go or without a computer. Usually mobile betting is possible through either an optimised webpage or an app in the Google Play or Apple store. You can expect a very similar experience when you are using the best sports betting sites on your mobile, but there are a few things to look out for:.

Apps are the preferred way to enjoy the best betting sites on your mobile device and there are some great features that betting apps offer. If you are wanting to place bets quickly they can be a great option due to the fast loading times and ease of use. This is especially true for horse racing where it is very easy to place a bet before the barriers are drawn while you get ready to watch the race or suite up for the Melbourne Cup.

The online betting laws within Australia are some of the most regulated in the world, and for good reason. Proper betting websites regulation protects potential users from many unwanted circumstances, including getting scammed, taken advantage of, and making rash decisions.

Online sports betting in Australia has been regulated for two around decades thanks to the Interactive Gambling Act that was passed in the Australian Parliament on June 28th Since then, the legislation has been amended multiple times with the last occurring in There are two levels of regulation with the Federal Government overseeing the main Interactive Gambling Act and each state having their own governing body to focus on more local issues.

The laws surrounding online gambling in Australia are specifically targeted to prevent problems arising from any online gambling activities. All betting websites must follow the rules, otherwise betting sites in Australia face huge fines and closures. Some state regulations are also stronger than others and NSW is known for having very tight regulations. Due to the legislation that is implemented within Australia, gambling operators are not allowed to advertise or provide certain parts of their business.

Following updates to the Interactive Gambling Act it is illegal for gambling sites to offer advertising during live sports events, give users free bets, and offer bonuses for signups. The reasons why are to limit exposure to advertising for those who are not the target audience and to not pressure people into placing bets after seeing advertising during the game.

Having safe and secure websites to use is one of the most important areas of the best betting sites in Australia. Without having top tier protection you are at risk of having very problematic events occurring, such as having your account used by another person, your identity stolen, and gambling websites being unfair. Australian online betting websites are some of the most well-regulated, safe, and secure sites in the world. All of the sites reviewed by us are licensed to operate within Australia and use the latest security features to protect their assets and users.

By complying with government regulations these sites are completely up to date with SSL technology that authenticates, encrypts, and decrypts all of the data that passes through the site. Along with being safe and secure, these sports betting sites also can be totally trusted.

Each site has customer support available to answer any queries you may have about placing certain bets, banking methods, and their staff will do everything they can to keep you happy. All best betting sites that we cover have built large customer bases thanks to their high quality product, and without trust these sites would not have been so successful.

Like the sites we cover, responsible gambling is one of our highest priorities. All content is target at Australian adults aged 18 or over and is provided for entertainment purposes.

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