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Riza and Roy are expecting, however creative differences leave them stuck on a name. All bets are on! Winry prided herself on her situational awareness, quick thinking, and high bullshit threshold.

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In , he became the 28th player to reach the 3, hit mark and finished his career with the sixth-most hits in major league history including the most by any shortstop. His iconic legacy to the sport is undisputed by every degree of the term. Golden glove? Stealing, denying penetration, playing tight and blocking shots are all considered attributes that form a solid defender on the court.

Defense, in every sport, is all about preventing the other team from scoring. Yet, how well did Jeter prevent runs from scoring? Ultimate Zone Rating UZR — the number of runs above or below average a fielder is, per defensive games — also joins DRS in the fight against the general notion that Jeter was a solid defensive shortstop. Aaron Rowand sometimes a guy makes an amazing play during the season, and it wins him the gold glove. Rafael Palmeiro Sometimes, Gold Glove winners are simply mind-boggling.

Palmeiro won the Gold Glove in at first base. In , he played 28 games at first base, or just 22 more than Craig Paquette. They might as well had given the award to a full-time DH. Listen Live. Share on Facebook. Recent Posts. February 9, Advertise Sponsors Contact Us.


Dice-K, to put it simply, refused to give into any hitter. Most of the strikes he threw were either barely on the black or were swings-and-misses out of the zone. Most of the balls he threw were either barely off the black or were pitches intended to get swings-and-misses out of the zone. For a little while, honestly, this plan worked all right.

In , he had a In , he had an incredible They instructed him to attack hitters. They implored him to trust his stuff and come after guys and put them in a hole. Essentially, they let him know it was okay to allow contact, that it was better to be aggressive and allow a few hits than to nibble, nibble, nibble — nibbling to a point where he seemed to always either barely walk guys or barely strike guys out.

He did not go down as one of the greatest pitchers in Major League Baseball history. He did not go down as one of the greatest pitchers in Red Sox history. A couple decades from now, only hardcore baseball fans will even know who Dice-K Matsuzaka was. Instead, it was only because he refused to be aggressive, refused to attack hitters, and instead decided to nibble. Now, most of you who have followed along with my writing on RotoGrinders know that I started playing Daily Fantasy Sports last year, but that my focus during my first full year through all of MLB and all of NFL was entirely on tournaments.

But I am certainly not yet to the place I am capable of reaching. The other day, however, I realized something interesting: I realized that every day I played only cash games or only cash games with some cheap GPP entries , I either barely cashed in double-ups or barely failed to cash in double-ups. And I discovered that although I had cashed some days and not cashed some other days in the Gold Glove, I had managed to cash in double-ups 14 consecutive times when using my Gold Glove team in cash games.

These teams led to me either barely cashing or barely failing to cash — in the same way Dice-K used to nibble, nibble, nibble, and end up either barely walking a guy or barely striking him out. I took more risks. And because of this, you may have a few guys who do poorly…but the other guys on your roster are going to have a great chance of making up for these poor performances with big games of their own. And I have not been able to achieve the same effect by playing satellites or cheap GPP s.

But while I may not yet have the answer to this conundrum, what I do know is this:. My teams are always better when I am aggressive with them. I can look back through my history throughout the entire season and see this idea bear itself out over and over again. As we enter the All Star Break, each of us is provided with a perfect opportunity to think about the areas in which we are doing well and the areas in which we could stand to improve.

While each of us will have our own strengths and weaknesses — our own positives we need to enhance, and our own mistakes we need to eliminate — I want to specifically encourage you to ask yourself if you are too timid in your roster construction approach. Do you play things too safe? Do you find yourself failing to be aggressive? Have you been too much like Dice-K — nibbling, nibbling, nibbling?

Instead, be aggressive. His tendency to type a lot of words leads to a corresponding tendency to divulge all his DFS thoughts, strategies, and secrets…which is exactly what he does in his RotoGrinders articles and RotoAcademy courses. As always, excellent writing and very timely advice for me in particular. I had an interesting week of DFS.

Early in the week, I had what I thought was going to be a breakthrough night, only to get obliterated by Trout and Kershaw. I still cashed relatively high in my GPP s, but not having either of those guys obviously hurt. I was the one doofus marching out Lorenzen and Kendrick over a couple of LUs. So incredibly dumb. Thankfully, I did not get incredibly lucky with one of those scrubs paying off. It would have set my thought process back light years. I attacked the slate with my best, and even though Trout double-donged me again, I had my best scoring night of the season.

I believe I had a revelation along these lines recently. I may be reaching here but I believe that, particularly in baseball, this idea of focusing on consistent production in cash games is too highly valued. After all, one dong is worth more than 4 singles on DK. Another excellent article. Very timely advice indeed. As a fellow Red Sox fan — appreciate these trips down memory lane.

Another masterpiece my friend. I suck and am new to DFS but I absolutely agree with the thoughts of this article. This is how I approach life, but for some reason not DFS. Maybe a confidence thing. Time to start swinging for the fences!!!!

Great article. I also had a similar experience last couple weeks, barely cashing in my double ups and sweating them out until the final pitch. In my experiences in dfs baseball, ive tried to play like other sporrs, where i build cash game lineups and gpp lineups separate. With the daily variances in baseball it seems im having the most success making my lineups and entering them in both gpp and cash games to maximize effect.

Good article — thank you. The problem is that bunt plays account for just 4. Still, even though he also occupied a key defensive position and was part of a flashy DP combo with Roberto Alomar, when it came time to select the MVP, Vizquel finished just 16th in the voting. He was overshadowed by two of his teammates Alomar and Manny Ramirez who finished tied for 3rd. Only one of the 28 voting writers conferred an MVP vote to Vizquel. Incidentally, Grant did not vote for Vizquel in his first two BBWAA ballot appearances but did check his name on the less-stacked ballot of Vizquel was considered one of the top 8-to players in his league just once, and only one out of 28 writers had that opinion.

Why ? It was the first year that both leagues voted for an MVP without interruption in subsequent years. We can see plainly that Omar Vizquel was never accorded even close to the same level of respect by the writers as other top shortstops in history when it came time to cast MVP votes or by the league managers when it was time to pick All-Stars. Every single Hall of Fame shortstop since received some MVP love at least 6 times in their career.

So this is the bottom line. The biggest selling point for Omar Vizquel for Cooperstown is his 11 Gold Gloves, which is the 2nd most by any shortstop not named Ozzie Smith. Even if you are suspicious of retroactive defensive metrics as I am , this is an amazing chart and almost impossible to disregard. Well, by point of comparison, Ozzie Smith the undisputed gold standard at the position won the Gold Glove award 13 times.

In those 13 seasons, he led the National League in dWAR among shortstops 10 times and finished 2nd the other three times. The Wizard was famous for his acrobatic backflips that he performed to delight the crowd before the game. Vizquel also displayed an acrobatic flair in the field and reminded us all players, coaches, managers, writers, and fans just a little bit of the great Ozzie.

He established his golden reputation early in his career and the rep stuck with him. And he absolutely was an excellent defensive player. Despite the less than other-worldly defensive metrics and his obvious shortcomings with the bat, Omar Vizquel is still doing quite well with the voters, getting Sometimes a man is a Hall of Famer because, well, he just is.

Ozzie had the flair and the back flips, but Vizquel, for me, was the best. Made every play look easy. Yes, I am partial to defensive whizzes, and I refuse to apologize for it. Their eyes and the opinions formed by them represent a legitimate point of view.

But these gentlemen, veteran baseball writers all, are part of a fraternity that almost never considered him one of the top 10 players in the league. Omar Vizquel was a very good player and perhaps the most sure-handed shortstop in the history of the game. Additionally, remember that Vizquel got Baines played for 22 seasons; Vizquel has 24 MLB seasons on his resume. Vizquel has 11 Gold Gloves and his superb fielding percentage.

Thanks for reading. Please follow Cooperstown Cred at cooperstowncred. John Franco? And you claim to be a Mets fan! But my real hero among the sabermetricians is Voros McCracken. And this is why Voros is my hero. But only he was sufficiently daring to ask the right questions, and then follow through on his hypothesis, and afterwards do his best to disprove it. And I know there are other mental giants Pete Palmer comes to mind from whom one might have expected such innovation.

But Voros seems like the regular guy. He revolutionized and pioneered the way people think about baseball. I get that batting average is just one indicator. However, somehow you managed to take a. Something about how you are parsing the numbers seems incomplete. But somehow you make that seem like a bad thing. I think its reasonable to state that Vizquel hit. Speaking of OPS. Is a OPS for a fast runner the same as an. Is there a speed offset in general? What about a hitter who moves three runners over, or two runners over on a sacrifice, those are still considered one sacrifice, no?

Why is that fair? Why is it fair to not assess even a sliver of OPS to successful sacrifices? As somebody who watched Omar Vizquel play, I never felt like, oh no, Omar is up to bat. But there were other hitters, pure hit and miss hitters who hit for a lower average, who I thought that way of. You bring up another good point on the strikeout-to-walk ratio. True thing. Anyway, Omar is credited with being 9.

Having said all this, I admire your passion for Vizquel. It will take awhile but Omar Vizquel will be in the Hall of Fame eventually. Both points are valid, unfortunately. Besides how do you take in consideration the many years he played with elegance,charisma and style?. He rose baseball as an entertainment. Vizquel is the sort of player whose legacy is harmed by playing in the steroid era.

Sure, he was only 16th in MVP voting in , but several of the players ahead of him were juiced. And while his batting numbers look paltry compared to league-leaders, it is important to recognize how some of those leaders were achieving their numbers.

A lot has been written about denying steroid users entry into the hall, but much less about adjusting the way we think about performance of non-users who competed against them. In his Prime, Mark Belanger was the greatest fielding of all time! Given his height and arm length he made more plays than Ozzie did even though Ozzie was the master to diving for the ball getting the out. Tinker defensive WAR better and was the shortstop on one of the most dominant defensive teams ever. And not only his Vizquel career totals good but not HOF, his career peak values are even more limited in which there was only one season of 6.

Someday, MLB will be just as embarrassed about having paid so much attention and respect to the Wanks who groove over sabermetrics as they are about the steroid scandal. Omar to the Hall. Because he was smooth and flashy, handsome and a team leader?

Because he hung around a long time? Keith Hernandez was the best defender at the position that handles the ball the most, won an MVP, came in second for another, and is the only untainted guy in MLB history to be in the top 3 in OBP for seven years who is not in the Hall…. These voters are not qualified! Nobody should get in the hall because he hung around a long time…that goes for Rick Dempsey, Jesse Orosco, and dozens of other journeymen.

Omar was a journeyman, a good team player, who kept himself in shape, put fannies in the seats, and hung around for a long time. He was NOT a great, hall of fame player. So was Kenny Lofton. All of them have a case, though they are borderline not Berkman…he should have been a shoe-in.

There is no case for Omar, except popularity……drop the subject NOW, and save the votes for Jeff Kent and other borderline guys with good cases. Joey you have no idea what you are saying,11 gold gloves and look carefully at and when the it was given to Carl Ripken, yeah he was great and iron man, but did he really deserve the and Gold Glove. Study the game and look at it carefully and you will see.

Look and see who has won that many gold gloves and not be in the hall of fame or has that many hits and not in the hall of fame, also look at the amount of years that means Sacrifice and Hard work no matter how you put it only true baseball players know about this. There have been a lot of great, slick fielding shortstops who could not hit above.

Yes, hitting. So the final complaint is the. But this is a bogus stat because moving a runner over matters. If we added up every runner Omar Vizquel moved over while making an out, he probably moved runners over in his career, way beyond what anyone else has done. Viquel owns the modern day record with combo sac flies and sac hits. But, this means if he had a sac hit with the bases loaded and moved up all three runners, he only got one sacrifice.

If he purposely hit the ball to the first baseman so the runner on first reached second, he got nothing but an out. Getting on base from his hustle that caused an error, no credit. You add it all up, and if he was just given a fraction of a hit every time he moved a runner over, his effective OPS would have been. And finally, the statistic that has been used to reduce the bunt to an alleged negative stat is flawed. Whereas a power hitter who has trouble with a pitcher may try to get a walk, but otherwise would whiff and not advance the runner at all.

And even with a walk if the pitcher is pitching a good game, and the next hitter hits into a double play, it may in part be caused by the slower runner at first. The conclusion is, to punish a player now, for being able to move a runner over back in the day, is unfair.

What if Vizquel had never bunted and instead hit. He probably has at least of those, maybe as many as a thousand. If Vizquel had never bunted he probably gets his 3, hits and this would not even be a discussion. A player to compare Vizquel to is Brandon Phillips. Phillips chose a poor walks to strikeouts ratio and no desire to move a runner over and his WAR is not that good. Yet people mistakenly think Phillips was the better hitter than Vizquel.

Through age 39, Vizquel had an Offensive War of Omar moved a lot of runners over because he was TOLD to bunt. Giving up an out for a base is not worth it, unless the person batting is a poor hitter and a good sacrifice bunter, which is what Omar was for most of his career. If you research early baseball, you will see that the sacrifice bunt was never meant to be what it has become, except in the case of a squeeze play. I love it when it turns into a double play…. His argument comes down to his glove.

He was not Ozzie Smith at short, or even Rey Ordonez. He falls short. WAR is a cumulative stat. Omar played has more plate appearances than Brandon, and played seven more years, so he had a lot more time to build up WAR numbers. WAR is not my favorite stat…nobody seems to know what or how, it measures.

OPS is a problem because it weighs the slugging percentage more heavily than the On Base Percentage, but OBP is a much more important stat it correlates much higher with run production than any other traditional stat. Take away the artificial slugging percentage advantage, and they are about even offensively, although Omar played for a much longer time, and deserves credit for that. The great shortstops of the era were A-Rod, Jeter, and Garciaparra even though Nomar played only six years at short, and A-Rod moved to third to accommodate Jeter.

Keith was the MVP once, and came in second once. Jim Kaat won the gold glove 16 times and is not in the hall. Sacrifice and hard work are not the reasons people are in the hall of fame. Johnny Damon had about the same number of hits as Omar, was a good defender in center field, and a much better all around hitter than Omar, and HE is not in the hall. Did Omar deserve the GG in , when the league range factor was 4. The hall of fame should not be a popularity contest, as it has become.

You pick the two defensive positions on the diamond that are probably considered the oddball positions when it comes to gold gloves. Unless you can prove that Hernandez was saving dozens of errant throws above and beyond other first baseman, first base is where slower players are generally put. Then, to make matters even more off kilter, you refuse to acknowledge that Hernandez basically wore out 10 YEARS before Vizquel did when Vizquel was the one playing the toughest position on the diamond and Hernandez was playing the one position where a player can be hid other than catcher as they become less mobile.

Both Vizquel and Hernandez should be in the Hall of Fame. I wonder if there is some bias against Hernandez because he sort of fell off at an age when most Hall of Famers are still in their prime and have been known to have at least one or two more solid seasons. He was generally regarded as the best defensive first basemen EVER.

And he is not in the hall. Rusty Staub played about as long as Omar, and was miles ahead of him offensively, but is not in the hall. Jim Kaat won 16 gold gloves and he is not in the hall. Modern day defensive stats are pretty reliable.

I think he was flashy, but just about average overall as a defensive player, and his offense is way below average. There are five dozen guys who deserve the hall more than him. Cal Ripken is in the hall of fame because he was a very good fielding shortstop who hit over home runs, and won two MVPs. Three times in his career it was more than There is no comparison.

Keith was to third base what Brooks Robinson was to third base in his time. Hubie Brooks played third base for the Mets when Keith came there in , replacing an out-of-position Dave Kingman at first base. Hubie said he could play two steps closer to third when Keith came to the team, which means the shortstop could play three steps closer to third, and the second baseman could play FOUR steps closer to the left side of the infield.

Keith also revolutionized charging the sac bunt, turning many of them into DPS or force outs. He never missed a short hop, even from odd positions. His ability to dive for liners and pick them was unparalled He was just a little weak on pop-ups down the line. You had to see him play.

He was almost as impressive as Ozzie, making WOW plays every other game, at least. He may have not made the hall because he got caught with cocaine once, and the media were making a big deal about that kind of thing then…. I only mentioned him and Jim Kaat because the other commenter asked who else won so many gold gloves and is not in the hall. What it comes down to is this…. How great was your peak? How long did you keep it up? Keith was the best offensive first baseman in his league for most of a decade, and he was the best defensive player at his position ever.

The MVP voting backs it up. He was an above average offensive player in his other years. Was he that much better than his competition with his glove that it made up for his lack of offense when compared to his best contemporaries? He trails them by a LOT. HE did hang around for a long time, and deserves some consideration for that, but duration is not enough, IMHO.

Ok, that was an interesting defense of how Keith at first base affected the rest of the infield. Although he still had to get back to first base to get those throws, so he could only play so far off the line before his infielders would have to delay making their throws to first so he could get back in time. Omar usually had a power hitter in left field with average range at best. I think he played closer to third knowing that any ball that went up the middle would only go for a single because usually the Indians had an excellent centerfielder.

Plenty of personalities to overshadow a quiet Visquel. Granted Tinker is from the dead ball era. Sometimes I think he is in the HOF, simply because of a poem. Regarding Ozzie, his plaque credits him with doing backflips. I never knew backflips were a criteria for the HOF. Ozzie exceeds Omar by only two Gold Glove Awards.

Omar is greatly deserving. No gymnastics. You say back flips are not a criterion for the hall of fame. Neither are gold gloves, which are the least dependable measure of fielding excellence. The voting system for the gold glove is notoriously flawed.

But the problem was his positioning…. When he made adjustments, his stats showed the improvement he gained. But Jeter has the excellent offensive stats plus the longevity.

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