rangers division 3 betting from the blinds

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Riza and Roy are expecting, however creative differences leave them stuck on a name. All bets are on! Winry prided herself on her situational awareness, quick thinking, and high bullshit threshold.

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Rangers division 3 betting from the blinds

Lakers at Nuggets, who wins? Lakers Nuggets. LeBron James Nikola Jokic tie. Does Auston Matthews score a goal vs. MON on Saturday? Yes No. Does Alex Ovechkin score a goal vs. PIT Sunday? Michigan at Wisconsin, who wins? Michigan Wisconsin. UFC Usman vs. Burns, who wins? Will Denny Hamlin three-peat in the Daytona ? Will the Daytona go to overtime? All Players. No Player Pos 22 Anthony Bitetto. Colin Blackwell. Pavel Buchnevich. Filip Chytil. Phillip Di Giuseppe.

Adam Fox. Julien Gauthier. Alexandar Georgiev. Brett Howden. Jack Johnson. Chris Kreider. Alexis Lafreniere. Brendan Lemieux. Restore formatting. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. By tannerall Started 5 minutes ago.

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BigAmo 13 Posted June 12, Div III for me. Crespie6 Posted June 12, Jimbeamjunior 15, Posted June 12, Anyone who wants a newco Rangers in he Spl is a rocket. BrigBear 3 Posted June 12, SuperAllyLeeds92 0 Posted June 12, All depends on the spl penalties. The harsher they become the more attractive Div 3 becomes. Gillete 1, Posted June 12, If we applied to the English league Is there a law that stops us from applying?

ChampionsAgain 1, Posted June 12, So if Gretna applied for the Spl today you would support there bid? Would this count for all the other teams who are not in the leagues? Killing ourselves? Think Murray and Whyte have already done that. Exactly what are you getting at? TeamHero 62 Posted June 12, Kill the SPL. Think it through.

The Dude 11, Posted June 12, I think your the guy that needs to figure things out. Don't you see how moronic that would be We make about 1 million from the Spl, Massive loss. We would be running on a profit.

That's the way it will be! Who do we replace to get in though? There is no relegation. Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Insert image from URL. Followers 0.


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Use arrows to navigate between autocomplete results. If no results appear, use Enter to do a full site search. Junior Rangers. Division League. Playoff Format. The top four teams in each division will qualify for the Stanley Cup Playoffs, which will follow the traditional best-of-seven, four-round format. The first two rounds will feature intradivisional play 1 vs. The four teams that advance to the Semifinal Round would be seeded by their regular season points total, with the No.

Tie-Breaking Procedure. If two or more clubs are tied in points during the regular season, the standing of the clubs is determined in the following order: The fewer number of games played i. The greater number of games won, excluding games won in Overtime or by Shootout i. This figure is reflected in the RW column. Clarke, of "Linton Grange," President of the Shire. In the West and North ridings the candidates nomtinated have been elected unopposed. The contest in the Central riding will be between Cr J.

O'Callaghan and ex-Cr F. G, Purcell, and the electors will be called upon to choose which of the two shall represent them. Summers, the last named gentleman seeking municipal honors for the first time. A grand concert in aid of. Wild, J. Mr Rogers, P. Wild, who was tak ing his seat for the first time.

He was a stranger to Mr Rogers, but from enquiries be found that he was a man who was highly respected in the community,and he bad much pleasure n cordially welcoming him to the Bench. An investigation was at once made, and Mr.

O'Dea located the scene of the cries. It appe. Wilkinson had missed the track to his home and had fallen down an abandoned shaft adjoining the roadway.. Fortunately, Messrs. Gardener and Whelan, two experienced miners, were camped, not far away, and they at once brought ropes and a canvas bucket.

In a short space of time Mr. Wilkins was hauled to the top, and, strange to say, thr ough his experience he had only one slight abrasion to the back of the head - The Advertiser. Horace Purcell, of Cherry Tree Road. The deceased lady accidentally fell off a tram in the city, with fatal results. The late Mrs. Purcell, who was a daughter of Mr. Ryan, of Diamond Creek, was loved by all who knew her.

Today as I rise in this House to give my first speech, I acknowledge the Ngunawal and Ngambri peoples, who are the traditional custodians of the Canberra area, and pay respect to the elders, past and present, of all Australia's Indigenous peoples. I especially acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands across my large electorate of Indi—lands of the Wavereoo, Dhudhuroa, Bpangerang and Taungurung peoples. I honour the resilience, wisdom, dignity, scientific knowledge, the stories and art of the world's longest surviving culture.

The honour of being a representative in this place is one that is bestowed upon few. I am humbled by the privilege and so very conscious of the responsibility. I thank the people of Indi for placing their trust in me. Of the people who have been elected to the House of Representatives, have been women. I am proud to be one of them, but we remain too few. We will not create the best public policy for this nation until we have a diverse parliament in all senses and until, at the very least, we have equal representation of women.

I pay tribute to my fellow MPs in this the 46th Parliament of Australia. I thank the honourable members for their welcome to this place and I wish each and every one of you the very, very best. I thank the many staff who work here for their expertise and guidance as I adjust to this new and very challenging life. As the member for Indi, I pay tribute to those who came before me in this magnificent Federation seat.

And let me say that its first member, Sir Isaac Isaacs, raised in the town of Yackandandah, set the bar pretty high! Another member for Indi, John 'Black Jack' McEwen, born in the town of Chiltern, was a longserving minister and briefly Prime Minister of Australia after the death of Harold Holt in , but he was of course the member for Murray by then. Cathy has left an enduring legacy on the federal Parliament ofAustralia. Importantly, she is widely recognised by all sides of politics to be someone with strong values and integrity who put her electorate first on matters of policy and debate.

Cathy is a mentor, a teacher and a friend and, like all great teachers, she has given me a clear and magnificent path to follow. My electorate of Indi covers 29, square kilometres of magnificent north-east Victoria, adjoining the border of New South Wales in the north and stretching to Kinglake on the edges of in the south.

The geography is characterised by mountains, rivers and fertile land. Indeed, Indi's. The vision and leadership of a the total water to the Murray-Dar- small group of people who began ling Basin. It includes nine local gov- Voices for Indi in started a great ernment areas in addition to the un- big community conversation about incorporated areas of Falls Creek, doing politics differently.

The Voices for Indi movecessing and manufacturing, and by ment has given inspiration to other the countless small businesses pro- electorates around the nation modelviding a vast array of goods and ser- ling new democratic norms. In a vices. The people of Indi are lead- growing number of democracies ers in the renewable energy revolu- across the world we are seeing the tion. Indi is home to 11 community impact of an erosion of trust in demoenergy groups—the most of any re- cratic institutions.

Disengagement gion in the nation—many generating from politics is being exploited into and sharing power using microgrid fear and polarisation. In Indi there is technology. In Barnawartha, we a different story. Division and have the largest producer of polarisation are not the inevitable biodiesel. This elecbeautiful as the , people who tion has shown that this model, though live there. It is a place of outdoor time consuming and labour intensive, adventure, with visitors from all over has staying power.

Not one perwine and gourmet food. Indi is what son was paid. Over supporters is termed the legends, wine and high staffed the 68 booths on election day. They covered more than While many people can feel like rostered shifts for the pre-polls over a legend after enjoying some of our three weeks and across five sites.

Ned Kelly is of orange bunting, orange cockaa polarising figure, seen by some as toos and countless cakes. They dea hero, by others as a villain. He lived signed and distributed corflutes and in Greta, was jailed in Beechworth, how-to-vote cards. They did robbed banks in Euroa and his last websites, they did media, they did stand was in Glenrowan. The Kelly policy and they did flash mobs.

They story looms large in the Australian staffed no less than 14 campaign ofpsyche with no less than 11 feature fices in high streets across every corfilms and more biographies than any ner of the electorate. They stepped other Australian. To each and every wrote: But what makes Ned a leg- one of you, I say: thank you. In the end is not that everyone sees him galleries you see some of these the same—it's that everyone sees people.

They have travelled here him. Like a bushfire on the horizon from Corryong, Kancoona, casting its red glow into the night. Taggerty, Tallangatta, Marysville, To careful observers of Austra- Merrijig, Mansfield, Wangaratta, lian politics, it should come, then, as Benalla, Upotipotpon, Euroa, no surprise that the rural communi- Wodonga and Wandiligong, to name ties of Indi have also been seen with but some.

They are here because, a powerful orange glow in the last like all Australians, this is their three federal elections. Some have House. I am honoured to be their repspoken of the 'quiet Australians' post resentative. They chose to use their known and unknown to us.

If we are voice not to drown out the voices of lucky, our story extends beyond us. I others but to hear the voices of oth- am, like each of you, the sum of my. I grew up on a dairy farm with my mother, Marion Ryan, my father, Jack Carew, and my four brothers in a small place called Eurack— Gulidjan country—in south-west Victoria.

We lived next door to our grandmother's farm. My grandfather Will Carew died young, leaving my grandmother to run the farm and raise her four young boys: my father and his three brothers Bill, Richard and Peter Carew. The untimely death of my grandfather, with the consequences of economic hardship, meant my father left school at He told many stories of tough times but they were the preamble to the real stories—the tales of rural adventures recounted with such humour and intrigue that, as a child, I honestly thought my home of Eurack, population approximately 95 people, the most exciting, exotic and daring of places to belong.

My grandmother Mary Carew, formerly Mary Farrell but always known as Dolly, milked dairy cows, raised geese, planted crops and cooked rabbits trapped by her boys. She was a quiet but powerful presence as I grew up. Less quiet were her sisters, my great aunts: Johanna, known as Sis;Lizzie, known as Tom; and Tess, known, oddly, as Tess!

They were always referred to as 'the aunts', and it was they who pretty much predetermined that I should also be a St Vincent's nurse—and so it was. In the gallery today are some of my wonderful lifelong nursing friends from St V's.

Today, August 1, is the thoroughbred horses' birthday. That is fitting, as my maternal grandfather, John Joseph Ryan, was keen on racing. He too was a dairy farmer, but also a horse trainer. Together with my uncle Tim Ryan, they produced some fine horses and could be seen riding bareback through the bush around places like Irrewillipe, Pirron Yallock and Tomahawk Creek. I never knew my maternal grandmother, Marion Ryan, formerly Rankin. Subsequently, my mother, her namesake, grew up largely in the dormitories of St Brendan's and Sacred Heart boarding schools.

As a little girl, on a still day she could see, from the balcony of her boarding house, smoke from the chimney of her home on the banks of Lake Corangamite. Mum was a determined farmer. She had an unstoppable work ethic. She was clever, a good tennis player, a committed local community contributor, a wonderful wife and a devoted mother. She developed a terminal illness in her early 50s and died a few years later.

Her death reinforced for me on a personal level what I knew from my work as a nurse: life is short, family is everything and there is honour in the service of others. I think of Marion every day, as I do my beloved storytelling father, Jack, who carried on farming until his death, aged I'm betting that if they were alive today their advice to me in this place would be: sit up straight, clean your shoes and don't put up with too much tommyrot.

Early life for me outside the farm centred around our little rural school,. Last Christmas, our extended family returned to that hall. Inside, the walls are liberally covered in the glorious sporting victories of the now long gone Eurack State School framed photographs bathing me, my brothers, my cousins and our mates in the triumph of being western plains' athletics champions small schools section.

Ours was a one-teacher school, and total student numbers rarely exceeded We trained for these sports by running barefoot, Zola Budd style, around the perimeter of a paddock of lucerne. The whole district turned out on sports day to cheer us on. Noting the flat landscape of my birth country, the salt pan lakes and the faded photos on the walls, the young ones at the party noted, with a bit of cheek: 'You were not even big fish in a small pond.

You were small fish in a very small swamp. A persistent effort in the small things, says Watson, that laid down a lasting pattern in Australian rural life. The hamlets and towns of Indi tell similar stories to mine, of good people, persistent effort and small things. And so it was that small things continued for me in proximity to small swamps. In , after completing my nursing and midwifery education in Melbourne, I moved from north Carlton to central Chiltern, having been lured to the north-east by my sweetheart, the handsome Phil Haines, agricultural scientist from the Rutherglen Research Institute.

I became matron at the Chiltern Bush Nursing Hospital. I was 26; a very young matron in a very small hospital in a very small place with a very small lake, a lake overlooked by one of the former homes of Henry Handel Richardson; a lake familiar to Black Jack McEwen and to another favourite son of Chiltern—and well known in this House—Mr Barrie Cassidy.

The next three years I spent in that job gave me plenty of great stories and a keen understanding of place based solutions to the challenges of rural health. The hospital kitchen crammed with locals making jam, peppered with a surprise visit from the health inspector. Jacky Byron, who could recount watching the lads march off to the Boer War, would arrive daily by bicycle to deliver freshly caught fish from the lake for his cobber, Martin Balsarini, a light horseman who rode in the charge of Beersheba.

There were midnight call-outs for a variety of reasons with the local GP and the local policeman, including an encounter with a villain on the run hiding in the hospital casualty room. The matron, the sergeant and the doctor— we were quite the trio. In time, we moved from Chiltern to our small farm on a billabong of the King River in Wangaratta. This, too, was a special place where, if you look carefully, the signs of the Bangerang people abound—ring trees, canoe trees, birthing trees; signals that this area is abundant in food, water and spirit.

The internet arrived, which literally opened a world of opportunity for me as a young working mother in a rural region. I pursued an interest in epidemiology and public health through a master's degree, which took me and my family, rather surprisingly, to a much bigger swamp on the shores of beautiful Lake Malaren, to Uppsala University in Sweden, where I eventually completed a doctoral degree in medical science and, later, a post-doctoral research fellowship at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

This period reinforced for me that just and equitable health and education outcomes are not accidents in the Nordic countries but the result of sound public policy. It gave me opportunities on an international level I could never have foreseen. It gave our kids a lifelong 'appreciation' for sour herring! Mine has been a very lucky life. Mr Speaker, as you have heard, I have a large and loving family, many of whom are here today.

No love is as fierce as that of a parent for their child. So I say to my three children Will, Nick and Georgia Haines: you are bold, you are brave, you are loved. Use your talents wisely. To Maddy and Chris, thank you. You have joined a family that loves nothing more than a hot dinner served with a delicious side salad of political debate!

And to that ag scientist from Rutherglen, Phil Haines, my husband of 33 years who has always believed I could do things I never thought I could: no-one could ask for a more loving soulmate. In total I have spent three decades working in rural health care as an academic researcher, administrator, not-for-profit company director, midwife and nurse.

I salute my colleagues in health care all over Australia for their expertise and devotion. Throughout my career I have been privileged to care for people as they take their first breath of life and as they take their last. A great joy to me was in being a foundation member in what is now the longestrunning rural midwifery caseload practice in Australia at Northeast Health Wangaratta.

Midwives are the hand that guides the hand that rocks the cradle that rules the world. Comprehensive national and international evidence has proven that continuity of midwifery care improves outcomes for mothers and babies in a safe, satisfying and costeffective manner. Yet it is a model of care that remains unavailable to the majority of Australians.

Australia is a nation that is envied by many. We have much to be grateful for but we have some serious responsibilities to face up to. We have a responsibility to the generations that will follow us—young people like Alice, Ailish, Pascal, Dympna, Fergal and Anna. I am a regional Australian and I am a defiant optimist, but one who recognises the scale of the challenge ahead.

We have some essential issues to tackle both in Indi and across rural Australia. Firstly, there is the health of rural Australians. Suicide is twice as high in rural areas com-. Timely access to chance to get a decent education and and it starts with better connectivity, better rail, better internet, better momental health care should not be re- learn new skills—and, by the way, liant on your postcode nor your abil- so do those businesses that hire them bile phone coverage and better access to health and education.

But this is still out of reach for Raising the rate of Newstart is funded services run out. Older Australians want to stay in many in Indi, where the average part of this conversation. There is their own homes and maintain a completion rate for a bachelor's de- near-universal community and busior higher is half the Victorian ness consensus on this. It's the right good quality of life for as long as gree average. But too many people are There are many systemic reasons it, and it's the right thing to do for waiting too long for home care pack- for this.

However, what extensive in- regional communities which, again, ages and this disproportionately im- ternational research tells us is that are disadvantaged significantly in pacts negatively on rural Austra- two years of preschool education has access to the job market.

This if it were universally available. It's impacting us right now. We are parliament must work conscienI've come to this place to talk posi- experiencing extreme summer heat, tiously to ensure that the incredible tively about what we hope to start in less reliable autumn breaks, reduced system the NDIS was set up to be regional Australia and not simply winter and spring rainfall and delives up to the promise and hope felt what we want to stop.

We can grow creased snow cover. We may well our regions to a greater, sustainable see the complete loss of the Victoby so many when it was created. On education: we understand that prosperity. There is a big role for the rian alpine zone this century.

Our physical and mental health is being impacted. The Black Saturday fires of 10 years ago, which ravaged the southern areas of Indi, are still fresh in the memory of the community of Murrindindi. We urgently need greater investment in research and development, together with innovative policies to assist agriculture and health to adapt to our rapidly changing climate and to identify new, profitable and sustainable opportunities.

The evidence is clear: we are facing a climate change crisis. We are also presented with a once-in-a-generation opportunity for regional Australia to lead the way in the development of renewable energy and to prosper from new economic opportunities. We need a just transition to renewable energy, and we need to get on with it. Let's grasp these opportunities. It was Florence Nightingale who told us, 'How very little can be done under the spirit of fear. I bring the voices of so many people in my electorate who call for an end to the human suffering that is caused through indefinite detention of asylum seekers and refugees both onshore and offshore.

On these big issues, so many Australians want change desperately but are equally scared of change when it comes to trusting the political system to bring it about. Research in shows that Australians' trust in federal parliament is very low and, in fact, has declined since I will advocate strongly in this place for a robust federal integrity commission.

Such a commission can help restore the trust that so many Australians have lost in their elected representatives. In conclusion, this 46th Parliament opens a new chapter in our history. And those of us elected here have the humble responsibility to help write it. History shows us that some parliaments take small steps, and others take large leaps.

One such opportunity to leap stands before us now. I embrace that offer, and I commit myself and the privileges I have by virtue of being in this place to walking with them. The Constitution of this great nation is ours to use to bring about justice and freedom. I can think of no task more worthy of this parliament than that. Don Watson described the generations of Australians who quietly inserted themselves into the crack in our nation's development. The people of Indi have done just that.

They started something far bigger than they could have imagined. Their goal in wasn't to storm the doors of parliament in one campaign, but they did. Some wrote this off as a flash-inthe pan moment—a battle of personalities that could not be replicated when those personalities were no longer in the frame. They pointed out rightly that an independent had never succeeded an independent in Australian federal parliamentary history—until now.

It is my honour to hold that crack in our nation's history open, to fortify it for those who will come after and to serve the people of Indi with integrity, with kindness and with diligence as their 18th member of the House of Representatives. Bell with his parents and grand parents are so interwoven with the early doings of this district that he may be regarded as eminently qualified to speak as an authority on such a subject. Cozens and published in The Evelyn Observer newspaper in instalments, starting June 16, Kangaroo Ground consists of a beautiful tract of agricultural land of a hilly nature situated about 20 miles from the Melbourne Post Office.

The altitude of some of the hills is feet above sea level. The nature of the soil is volcanic and therefore good for almost any kind of cultivation. The Kyrie Bros. The earliest settlers were the Donaldsons, whose descendants are still in possession of large areas here. Towards the end of April in their house was "stuck up' by a gang of bushrangers, four in number, who were reported to have left a lodginghouse of ill repute in Little Flinders Street, Melbourne, which was kept by a man named Seymour.

Williams and Fogarty had their passages paid to this country by the Government. Jepps had been a ship captain, was educated and well connected. Ellis was a mere youth of 19 years. He had emigrated from Surrey to Sydney, and had travelled:overland to Melbourne.

These four men started on a career of robbery in the Dandenong district, then crossed the Yarra near its junc tion with the Plenty and made for Kangaroo Ground. They visited Mr Donaldson's house, which was then situated close to the boundary of the farm now in the occupation of Mr. Amongst the things taken by them was a cap made out of the skin of a native cat, which was worn by Fogarty when he was executed about two months afterwards.

The gang then turned their course towards Greensborough, where they were cap tured by a band of civilians who, on learning that the bushrangers were in that district mounted horses, armed themselves and set out in hot pursuit.. They came up with the gang at a station occupied by a man named Campbell Hunter, where they were enjoying themselves at breakfast.

With the exchange of many shots on both sides, the leader fell mortally wounded. Then after a parley, in which old Jack Ewart, or "Hoppy Jack," as he was familiarly called, played an active part, the gang surrendered and were taken to Melbourne by their. Circa Photographer: Albert Jones.

Some of the latter are being used Oliver Gourlay. Fogarty, Jepps and but high prices ruled. In due and hanged publicly near where the bushel could be obtained in those days time the scythe and cradle superseded the sickle in the cutting of the Melbourne Gaol now stands. Another early settler was James Of course, it must not be forgot- crops. It was not until the seventies that Brown, who depastured a flock of ten as a set off against this that the sheep near where James Walters cost of living and cartage was a big the farmers had the benefit of the back-deliveries.

These machines were a great Then came Messrs. Ellis and Bullock teams were used largely Johnston, who lived and died here, in those days for drawing the heavy boon to the man who had had to use and were both well known. With the march of events, seed Other names that were linked with for ploughing. Chapman and Berry, who the old-fashioned ones with wooden sickle, scythe, cradle and back-deoccupied a portion of Mr.

Woodley's beams. Harrows had wooden frames. Chapman burAt harvest time the only means of inventive genius of man heralded ied several. The dairying industry has never The Furphys also resided on the ioned sickle, or reaping-hook as it north-east corner of Mr. There have been, and are various reasons for "Ants' Nest," and followed the oc- crop cut.

The grain was threshed out by the this. The volcanic soil, or what is genMr. Stevenson was at this time flail. In the slack part of the year, the on Christmas Hills, but later on took farmers did carrying to the diggings. Donaldson was ers would meet socially in the eve- patch does not produce grass of a sufficiently succulent nature, so the first man who resided on his own nings was bullocks.

The good old faithful working bul- essential. An interesting period in the hisThe spot where Mr. White lock was their mainstay. Indeed to the bullock much is the first school was established. Donaldson, in the year Australia's primary industries. Those were the days when comOne of the most important events price.

It took place about or Mr Ross was enterprising The persons to whom various blocks It was the gradual work of many of land were sold were Messrs. John years before the paddocks were enough, later on to open a Board Bell, Thomas Bell, John Donaldson, brought up to the cleared condition in school, and he frequently had more than a dozen boarders.

Barr, Rogerson, T. Armstrong, John which we see them to-day. In addition to his Board school, Jardine, Andrew Harkness, The farmers worked late and Alexander Thompson, James early, grubbing and burning off, put- he worked a piece of land for the Johnston, J. Stevenson, John Th- ting the fires together the last thing at purpose of teaching farming; and ompson, and James Walters, senr. These pioneers set to work at ing. Experiments proved that sugar once clearing the ground and preA fair estimate of the cost of clearparing it for cultivation.

Bell sons was never followed up. The school was conducted in a nerative, especially after the gold- and Rogerson sailed for Scotland, digging started in Presbyterian Church now stands. In due time. Mr Ross retired from school life, and returned to England to end his. He displayed not only proficiency as as teacher, but excellent qualities as a man, and will always be.

As is well-known, there has only been one church organisation at Kangaroo. Ground during all these years, and that is of the Presbyterian persuasion. Why the Presbyterian Church alone has been responsible for publicly expressing orthodox religion, is a matter for conjecture. Possibly some mysterious atmospheric influence has rendered denominational competition impossible.

The first minister to conduct religious services, which were held in Mr Donaldson's barn, was a Mr Smith, who afterwards took up work in the Western district, where he met with a tragic death, by being drowned in a flooded river. The Rev. David Lloyd was the. He officiated also at Heidelberg. Succeeding Mr Boyd, came the.

Mackie, Duncan. Frazer, and John Darroch. The Eltham Road Board was formed in the year , and Kangaroo Ground was made a part of the district under its jurisdiction. Later on our present member for Evelyn, the Hon. Cameron, M. On the formation of Eltham, as a municipality, Mr Cameron was elected with the first batch of members, and has retained his seat on the Council continuously ever since.

In fact, he is the only person living of the original Eltham Road Board. The late Mr Wingrove will be a name always held in honour and repect. For over 45 years he held the positions of Secretary and Engineer to.

The roads in our district in winter time in the early days were almost impassable. The sight of bullock drays being bogged in the sticky black soil was a common one. Once an un fortunate working bullock was bogged for. Mr Wingrove found them amongst the. They are the pride of the local residents, and the admiration of strangers. They are a monument to the fine capabilltles and sterling worth of Mr Wingrove.

In these days it might be thought by some that the health-giving properties of Kangaroo Ground would render unnecessary the existence of a burying place, but, alas such has proved not to be the case. Humanity has to submit to the same processes of life and death here as any other part of the globe. Hence the existence of our necropolis situated in that locality known an "Stevenson's Corner.

As far back as there is a record of the burial of Judith Furphey, a daughter of the Furphey's previously referred to. This sum of money was obtained in July, Mr Scarce is still a trustee, and the only survivor of the above-named gentlemen. Ac cording to the records, up to date, about persons have been deposited in this their last resting place.

Early in the 70's the Evelyn Observer Newspaper Co. In the early days the printing and publishing was conducted in the old school residence, then situated on the Church ground. Upwards of 32 years ago, Mr Donaldson erected the building which is now known as the Observer office. Another notable structure about this period was the Presbyterian Church, the late Mr Maplestone being the architect, and Mr Self as contractor.

This sacred edifice was duly opened by the Rev. Kinninmont on June 9th, Of all the original land-holders in this district in only one man is left, viz. Henry Scarce also arrived in Kangaroo Ground in the same year, but did not purchase any land for several years afterwards. It is to be hoped these briet notes may be of some interest to those who peruse them, and at the same time serve to commemorate the deeds of our worthy pioneers, the notes say. The gathering was a good one, and represented residents for miles on all sides of the Post Office.

There were no ladies present,. Photo: John T. Collins desired. This was quite a misunder- such privileges can be obtained. The standing, as they are welcome to at- remark that sometimes might be. Cozens,' who, after calling and would view the same as a deupon the Secretary, Mr. History and experience would go, Mr, J. Bell, J. Nichomoral vision,.. As soon as at man rose to the conHis keynote was unity without ception of doing sormething for his which communities or nations could neighbour he commenced not hope to t ake true progress.

He illustrated the German EmMany things might be done,: but pire as presenting an object lesson in he would place the necessity of a unity of action that compelled the adpublic-hall as being of first. The speaker considered that a Such a building with the Shire sign. Nicholas concluded his adattraction to visitors who would halt dress by moving a resolution, which a while - instead of, as now, racing was seconded by Mr.

Bell, to the through in their motor cars at top effect that tihe Victorian Govern-. Cameron be asked to forward the resolution, to the Acting-Prermier, Mr W. Othler speakers who, took part in subsequent discusisions were Messrs. Moore, Stevenson, Woodlcy, Everitt,. Swift, and Prosser.. These gentlemen were warm advocates for a public hall.

The Pesidernt has undertaken to collect data as to the most practical way the object can be achieved. It is to be hoped that every member will be sufficiently enthusiastic and self-sacrificing as to render tihe Association. It attracted a good deal of attention, and critics were loud in their praise of the artistic and poetic character of the authoress - Miss E.

Davies, the head-teacher of the school at Kangaroo Ground. Why is such a young artist remaining away out there? The cover. It consists of dark green linen, 22in.. This illustration arrests attention at once, and creates a desire to see and know what is contained inside. On turning back the cover several pages are disclosed of the same large size, covered with clear writing better than any print, and an illustration on, every page ; some taking the form of water color scenes, such as "Town ship of Kangaroo Gound ," "Bushrangers at Donaldson's Home," "Team bogged on Kangaroo Ground road," "A coach of the 'Sixties " done: in.

Besides these there is a plan of Kangaroo Ground and surroundings drawn to scale, one inch to one mile, and a roll of honor; both neatly and tastefully executed by this lady, who must have spent many hours over a work which quickly conveys the idea that it was entirely a labour of love.

Nestling snugly among its surrounding hills, it is a spot of rare beauty. As one follows the many roads leading:to and from it, the wide expanse of country with its deep greenclad valleys, its trim farms, where. About the year , when the early settlers were striking out through the districts surrounding Melbourne, a number settled on a the rich Yarra Flats—the Yarra Glen of to-day—and in their journeys to and from Melbourne they passed through well wooded hill country overlooking the valley of the Yarra.

As the loaded drays and horsemen made their way along the winding bush track,. So plentiful were the kangaroos at one place that a Yarra Flats settler named Ryrie called the locality Kangaroo Ground. For a time the precipitous hills. A small clearing on. Then began the great task of clearing the land for the crop. A few years soon showed the new settlement well established.

All labor was done by hand, and as soon as a clearing was made wheat was planted. This was later harvested by hand and carted to Melbourne in bullock drays, which brought back, on the return journey, provisions for the homesteads. The journey to Melbourne often extended over days on account of the bad roads, which were little more than bush tracks, in summer baked hard, and in winter a quagmire. The track through Kangaroo Ground was dreaded in winter, for in the sticky volcanic soil, whole teams were often bogged for days, some of the bullocks dying there, as there was no possibility of getting them out.

The discovery of gold in did not disturb the quiet content of the farmers of Kangaroo Ground; although in the valleys some gold was found. After the discovery of gold in , the farmers found that oat crops were more remunerative than wheat crops, and oat crops have been the main product ever since. In an important happening took place for the good of the farmers of Kangaroo Ground.

Messrs Bell and Rogerson went home to Scotland and brought back with them iron ploughs and harrows and a horse-power threshing machine — the latter is still in use. Coaches ran through Kangaroo Ground to the Yarra Flats, carrying mails and passengers. They were the old-style of "Cobb" coaches, easy to ride in, and easy to fall out of when the coach quickened its speed over a patch of good road, or suddenly turned the corner.

Only one local newspaper covers all of Murrindindi Shire. The Local Paper. The nation-wide social media event invites residents of fast-growing outer suburbs who suffer a frustrating commute to work to tweet or post about their journey. In partnership with the State Government, Council is offering grants to both community groups and individuals as part of the Community Environment Grant Program.

Free Delivery within the area. We have 7 gate styles to choose from, check them on our website. Heavy Duty 4mm Galvanised Wire For your local distributor please call: Fax: Email: sales emuwire. Murrindindi Family owned and operated. But a "great" little ad and worth reading!

What a fantastic time to visit; You won't find any 'advertising hype' here … we don't need to talk like that; we just give you the plain, simple truth about what we offer - great accommodation in Cairns at a good price. Choose from a 1 or 2 bedroom, fully self-contained apartment that is complete with a full kitchen, large living room, bathroom with walk in shower plus FOXTEL and air-conditioning. The pool is solar heated so even in winter when the temperature is down a bit the pool is still usable 21 to 25 degrees as opposed to 17 degrees in an unheated pool.

Contact us now! Our website prices are the "lowest" available except for this special. Choose your holiday dates and Accommodation type … and then ring or email don't forget to mention this Ad … and we will take care of the rest for you! One lonely night in , a young university lecturer weighs up his life. The career of his dreams is no more. His secret is out.

Will he choose love or the law? The Incinerator Gallery is calling local emerging artists, curators and community groups working in all art forms to exhibit in Boadle Hall Community Gallery in Over the years the Boadle Hall Community Gallery has seen some inspiring works from local artists who have a connection with Moonee Valley.

Applications opened August1 and close midnight Sunday, September 1. More information can be found at incineratorgallery. As an audience we laughed and cried, reno noise — relying on books and food delivered minded of an historical event that should never by Miep and Mr Kraler.

Intermittent radio broadcasts atmospherically be forgotten. Thank you Peridot Theatre. If you've seen the film, forget it, the play is the thing, and Tom Stoppard's text is the great basis for a great production directed by Simon Phillips, set and costumes designed by Gabriela Tylesoua. Well, I have had to cut myself a large slice of humble pie and wash it down with a sizeable draught of the milk of critical objectivity.

Shakespeare in Love is a worthy successor, from its very cheeky opening scene. He's hit inspiration's brick wall, looks bereft of thought,. This and much more from the pen of Sir Tom Stoppard yes knighted. But wait. That's not all. In what is a beautiful and lavish production, being both, without making both qualities ends in themselves, Gabriela's costumes catch the eye but also work. Her set is evocative of Shakespeare's London and transforms seamlessly to mesh with each scene.

The casting intelligent, not the sometimes get-bums-on-. Claire van der Bloom, smitten by Will's poetry and wanting to get on stage in reality she would have had to wait for the Restoration and Charles II edict that all female characters must be played by women , Deidre Rubenstein's Queen Elizabeth - a commanding and irresistible force. A cast to treasure. Do yourself a favour and book right now. I'm going back. Delmore Gallery represents a distinguished and talented group of emerging and acclaimed artists, primarily from Utopia.

These collections are widely acknowledged by collectors, major art galleries and museums all over the world. Exhibition closes Sunday September 1. Truth Bomb is a collection of short performance pieces and a music video linked by a single chair. Set to an original songA Place Called Home, written and performed by Kerri Gannan, the short film traces a domestic violence survivor story, eluding to the possibilities that occur behind closed doors.

The rest of the pieces are a light-hearted poke at relationships, our apparent addiction to social media and how sometimes growing from a teenager in the 90s to turning 40 in can be anything but straight forward. Kerri Gannan has spent much of the past two years working on various movies and TV series such as Judy and Punch by Mirrah Faulks, Wentworth season 7 and Glitch season 3.

Kerri has wanted to put together a show of this format for a while and with all pieces falling in to place, that passion has become a reality. Dates: September and Times: 6. Blending magic, comedy and mime, this is an hour of sketch comedy with energy, social commentary and general tomfoolery. Using his signature mix of wit, optimism and physical performance, Patrick explores what positive, bisexual masculinity might look like when hegemonic manhood still feels like the norm.

Performance Details: September 23 — 29 at 10pm. Duration: 60 mins. To book tickets visit thebutterflyclub. Cabaret exploits the paradoxes of situations , finding humour in grief, simple moves in chaotic circumstances , silent laughte … Kadimah Yiddish Theatre cleverly exposes these paradoxes, as the strength and determination of the Jewish people to stay alive and alert during the Holocaust is reflected upon.

As emcee Evelyn Krape is perfect, manipulating the characters, situations and us. An hour is what could be allowed in occupied situations, and usually for some sort of favour.. Join the strength of The Ghetto Cabaret , which finishes at fortyfivedownstairs on August He challenges the audience to talk about the things that we're not supposed to talk about.

So, take a seat. These are the Confessions from the Bell Jar. Sylvia Plath was a writer, an academic, a teacher, a wife and mother, a poet, an artist; and above all: a person. Her most well known-work, The Bell Jar, tells the story of Esther Greenwood a fictional self during the s as she descends into depression and madness. Sylvia uses the idea of a Bell Jar as a metaphor for depression: to be visible yet, isolated, untouchable, and separate.

As a young gay man, Jack originally grew up in Toowoomba, Queensland, and has been a nomad for the past four years, living in London and Brisbane. Photo: Jacinta Oaten. September in Trades Hall, Carlton. Director: Kara Ciezki. Nothing Cnr Lygon and Victoria Sts. Wed — Sat 6. Those are the words Jacinda Patty was sick of hearing.

Despite it being and there are more female solo travellers than ever before 75 per cent in according to solotravelerworld. The message is that the world is. Jacinda Patty in Safety Banana. Three Feet Rising was born lers. So this young millennial de- from a fusion of art forms incided to show them exactly cluding dance, music and cirwhat she could do, solo. She cus.

Their premier show Boxed packed her bags for a two-year voyage that encompassed 48 In Sideways launched at The Melba Hub and was awarded different countries. In the process she says she best venue Melbourne Fringe gained more confidence in her Performance Details: Sepown skin and learnt to fully embrace the world in all it has tember at 7,45 pm Sun at City Tattersalls Club to offer, good and bad.

Her show is created from melbournefringe. For the record it has been performed in many languages, ran for seven years as a stage hit in London and was made into a film in with dual stars of Tony Curtis and Jerry Lewis. Timing is everything with comedy and Director Pip Le Blond had the cast well coordinated giving a precision performance. Set in Paris the central character Gordon Boyd as Bernard has a penchant for air hostesses and has three all seemingly engaged to him arriving at different times to his wellappointed apartment that they call home during their flight stopovers.

He runs a diary with the well-timed flight schedules so that the three do not meet while their bedroom decor and food is changed to suit their ethnicity by the ever faithful housekeeper Cate Dowling-Trask as Bertha. So with the arrival at various times of Peta Owen as Gloria, an American air hostess; Charlie Jean as Gretchen, aGerman air hostess; and Nataleigh Maree as Gabriella, an Italian air hostesss, mayhem follows with Bernard and Robert doing their best to make sure the three do not cross paths.

Wardrobe by Val Mitchelmore and set execution by Gary Bolt and Ruta Broze were first class with well sourced props to suit the three airline brands. A great feel good comedy performance. The first play, I am Hamlet, is written by Richard James. An actor auditions for the lead role in a production of Hamlet.

Fun is had as the director puts him through his acting paces, but we learn slowly that the actor has more in common with the Prince of Denmark than meets the eye. Bookings: Directed by Lee Geraghty, with music and lyrics by Cyndi Lauper and a book by Harvey Fierstein, Kinky Boots is based on the British film and inspired by true events. The musical tells the story of Charlie Price, who having inherited a shoe factory from his father, forms an unlikely partnership with cabaret performer and drag queen Lola to produce a line of high-heeled boots to save the business.

In the process, Charlie and Lola discover that they are not so different after all. Photo: Lloyd King. Cousin Tara explores psyche and society; a folk-rock pity party juxtaposed with storytelling. Medusa is dead. At the gates of the afterlife, an impatient border security agent demands some answers. Who is Medusa? A femme fatale, whose beauty made men much harder than they'd like?

A feminist superhero, with a gaze deadly enough to destroy the patriarchy? An innocent young virgin, victim of the violence of the gods? The go-to figure for those seeking to demonise female authority? Warrior, goddess, destroyer, healer, seductress, mother, monster … the original nasty woman?

For three thousand years, the story of Medusa has titillated and terrified. Poets, philosophers and artists have told and retold her story, all trying to find the one true Medusa. Dates: September 21 — 29 no show Monday. Times: pm pm Sunday. Bookings: melbournefringe. With one in five Australians suffering from some sort of mental illness, York wanted to write a show that not only normalised what people deal with on a daily basis, but also to present a comedy cabaret show, and Badass can be seen on September 12, 13 at 7pm and September 14 at 9pm at Chapel off Chapel, Prahran.

Growing up as a bit of a tomboy, York always strived to be a badass. Typically a badass is a person who is loud, tough and uncompromising with a willingness to cuss like a sailor. When: 7pm, Sep. Sept, Doongalla and Simpsons Rds. Director: Pip LeBlond. Bookings: www. Director: Alice Bottomley. Director: Kellie Tweeddale. Director: Helen Ellis. Director: Michele Haywood. Bookings: or www. Director: Pedro Ramos. Director: Michael Mace. Director: Alan Burrows. Director: Peter Roberts. Enquiries: www.

Director: Robert Harsley. Audition bookings essential: or robertharsley47 gmail. Audition bookings: nopolski hotmail. Photo: Peter Philp. Directed by Daragh Wills, with musical direction by Maddy Corbel and choreography by Luca Cirillo, Assassins the Musical tells of a carnival proprietor inviting nine would-be heroes to step up to the mark and hit a target in return for a glittering prize.

One by one we uncover the passion and rage that inspired their bloody acts and are forced to examine the horrifying dark side of the much-touted right to happiness and the danger of an American dream. Having previously done many different things, Shakespeare, child's musical pirate, puppeteer, physical theatre, Matt even played a tree once it was a cool puppet but still. But after a director told him "You're really suited to comedy" the play was not a comedy it seemed like a comfortable fit.

Having toured Australia for many years, writing and creating original shows full of observations from the unreliability of memory to the weirdness of choosing to wear a mullet. After sell out shows in theAdelaide's Fringe Festival, Perth's Fringe World, and Hobart's Fringe at the edge of the world, Matt is bringing the storytelling of personal events to Victorian audiences.

Award losing comedian Matt Harvey has done a lot of dumb things. There are few joys in life like embracing the embarrassing, stripping it of its power and putting it on display before anyone else can. It sounded that a previous show was put to air, although the news bulletins were current. Elliott, aged 73, had been living in Lismore. To me, the late Mal Logan was always a guy who inspired confidence even when there was no reason for confidence - such as standing up in the back of a small truck, hanging on like grim death, as we hurtled crazily through a new vineyard he had helped establish on the outskirts of Mudgee.

He was that like that. Not to mention being fun-loving, successful and always on the ball. I guess that like most successful people Mal was many different things to different people. To many in the financial community, particularly those who followed a certain well-known columnist, he was simply 'Mal from Northbridge', a roguish wheelerand-dealer who generally ended up on the correct side of the deal, and mostly had a well-considered opinion. To his family and friends he was undoubtedly a kind, gentle, thoughtful man who loved a glass of wine and helped establish a successful wine brand.

To many wine lovers he was a lucky one whose name adorned a premium sparkling wine. I was fortunate in having quite a few dealings with Mal, ranging from hard-headed business discussions about wine PR to much lighter. The award was presented at the Newport Folk Festival in June. Good Friday Appeal. Lee's new album, Backroad Nation, is a reflection of his experiences out on the road with songs that celebrate our way of life and the people who make our country great, says his media promotion.

Tickets at Bunjil Place, phone The band will be touring Tasmania in October with a number of venues confirmed. They'll be joined on tour by Garry Hunt - Rob Foenander. I'm certainly not disWilloughby restaurants chatting Cabernet Sauvignon all line-priced agreeing. Peter suggests matching the white meats.


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This figure is reflected in the RW column. The greater number of games won, excluding games won by Shootout. This figure is reflected in the ROW column. The greater number of games won by the Club in any manner i. This figure is reflected in the W column. The greater number of points earned in games against each other among two or more tied clubs. For the purpose of determining standing for two or more Clubs that have not played an even number of games with one or more of the other tied Clubs, the first game played in the city that has the extra game the "odd game" shall not be included.

When more than two Clubs are tied, the percentage of available points earned in games among each other and not including any "odd games" shall be used to determine standing. The greater differential between goals for and against including goals scored in Overtime or awarded for prevailing in Shootouts for the entire regular season. This figure is reflected in the DIFF column. The greater number of goals scored including goals scored in Overtime or awarded for prevailing in Shootouts for the entire regular season.

This figure is reflected in the GF column. Someone has a friendly eye on your actions. AU Like us on Facebook. That plot of land however is not the subject of this proposal. The Local Paper makes no charge for this space. The spraying will take place in August - September. Police are reviewing CCTV footage.

On June 12, Mr Green received a letter from Macedon Ranges Shire Council signed by chief executive Margot Stork stating that he interacted with council staff disrespectfully in the reception area. Doug was also a foundation member of the Warrandyte Environment League in , where he served as President for more than six years. Information Division. UniNagambie Victoria Police - Malhotra,.

Further details of cases are available at www. The information is provided on the basis that persons accessing it undertake responsibility for assessing the relevance and accuracy of its content. S v Markham, Olivia. It is reported that truck drivers running between Kinglake and Melbourne have been stopped on the road by persons who have said that they missed the train, that they wished to visit a sick wife or other near relative and begged for a ride to Melbourne.

It is stated that one of the agents provocateurs is dressed as a swagman. Such methods are not in accordance with British fair play. Twenty members were present, and the retiring president Mr. Fox occupied the chair. The balance sheet was considered very satisfactory, and it was adop ted on the motion of Messrs. Scale and K. Many useful gifts were made by well-wishers of Miss Herbert, whose marriage with Mr.

Sutherland takes place on Saturday next. The evening took the form of a euchre party the winners being— Ladies, Mrs. Verso; Gents, Mr. On behalf of those pres ent, Mr. Sutherland with a beautiful carving set. He mentioned in his speech that Bill Sutherland had been the mainstay of the club for many years. Girdwood Bros. The police made investigations, and word has since been received that the car was found abandoned between Whittlesea and Kinglake.

William G. Sawers, of Thornton, died on Friday night last, at the age of With the exception of a few years in West Australia, Mr. Sawers spent practically all his life in the mountains. He followed the quest for the golden metal, and when the years began to tell, re tired from mining and took things easy. Quiet and unassuming, he was held in high esteem by residents of Thornton and Darlingford districts. The funeral took place on Sunday, and was largely attended. The coffin-bearers were: Messrs.

Nicholas, R. Findlay, R. Briggs, S. Saw ers, G. Sawers, V. Pall-bearers: L. Beaver, H. Robb Snr. Sawers, H. Sawers, J. Cameron, C. The Rev. Nathan read the burial service, and Mr. Howell attended to the funeral arrangements. McMartin and Elizabeth. Just before Yea had its own newspaper The Yea Telegraph in , the Seymour Express reported on the problems facing the Council: In consequence of ordinary and special meetings of the Yea Shire Council having lapsed through a quorum not mustering, a good deal of dissatisfaction prevailed in the town ship on Saturday last.

Contractors especially felt aggrieved at being twice disappointed in getting their accounts paid; and opinions were freely expressed that the ratepayers ooght to take some action in the matter. Eventually it was decided to call an indignation meeting for three o'clock; and although the notice was very short, a considerable number turned up at the Shire Hall at that hour.

Mr Bannerman was appointed chairman. He said they were assembled for the purpose of considering deadlock in council. As a contractor, he felt they should take some action to protect themselves. He was working for council for fifteen weeks ; but he could not obtain any money.

He came down on last Saturday; but there was no meeting. On Monday he and two others came in and were told there would be a meeting on following Saturday; but as they all knew it was again allowed to lapse. Ever since the last election there was nothing but petty squabbling and bickering going on in the council; and it was the duty of the ratepayers to protest against such fooling; and demand an explana tion. Hear, hear. Holliday said the council were neglecting their duty ; and ought to resign ; and allow better men to fill their places.

The President next addressed the meeting. He said : The only explanation I can give, Mr Chairman and gentlemen, is that I and three other members attended on last Saturday. We waited until half past eleven ; and then adjourned until 1. I and the same councillors again came to the hall at half past one; and none of the others appearing, of course the meeting lapsed.

Several contractors complained to me about not getting their money; and we called a special meeting for to-day, but some councillors appeared to thick this action was illegal, and the meeting again lapsed. The Chairman considered the attention of the Minister of Pablic Works should be drawn to the conduct of those members who refused to attend.

A voice : Why don't the town mem bers give an explanation? Mr Webster: I'll do so. I came down on Saturday to do business, but siing the doors all shut, I asked out side if there was a meeting, and was informed that there was not.

Shortly afterwards I met Cr Purcell, who told me the council had adjourned until 1. I told him I was going to move a resolution and asked him to second it, which he agreed to do, after it was slightly modified. The President : After you excised the reference to the dynamite.

There was no reference to dynamite. At half past 1 the doors were shut and I waited about till 3 o'clock, when I went home. To day I came down, but would not attend hecause meeting was illegally convened. However, we have called a special meeting for next Saturday in order to pay the contractors. Mr Holliday: How are we to get our money? Cr Webster: I was going to explain what money there was and what was done with it.

Mr Holliday: Answer me first. Cr Webster: I am about telling you that I reported to the department the way in which the business was conducted. An officer was sent to report; and he said the ratepayers ought to ask the council to resign.

Hear, hear, and laughter. Mr Holliday: What about my question? Renewed laughcer. Cr Webster: When a man accepts a contract he runs a certain amount of risk. Now I shall read the resolution. I came down here to move on Saturday. The Chairman: I don't think it is business for this meeting. Cr Webster : I want to show I was coming here Cr Purcell: Several people think the resolution ought not to be read here.

Cr Webster: Of course if Cr. Purcell Purcell wishes to withdraw his name as seconder, I shall not press resolution at shire meeting ; but I shall ask those present will it be read now. Several voices: Go ahead! Cr Webster: This is the resolution then. At a meeting of the Yea Shire Council, held to-day, it was moved and seconded that secretary forthwith forward a copy of this motion to the Pieinier and his colleagues, conveying to them our most grateful approval of their manly and statesman like policy in promptly protesting against the apathy of Imperial Government in allowing part of New Guinea with other important islands in the Pacific to be annexed by foregn powers, who doubtless see what we Australians are destined to be; and wish to cripple us in our infancy.

If so 'tis cowardly; and oh, is it not sadly to be deplored that the same apathetic feeling prevailed until the life of one of England's greatest, bravest and best sons was sacrificed. Now I've explained; and I am always glad to attend a public meeting, as my hands are clean; and I've nothing to fear.

Cr Cairns did not see why such a fuss should be made over a lapsed meeting, unless some busy agitator was at the bottom of it. There were two reasons why he did not attend on Saturday. He was busy attending to some hay; and a few days previously he was assaulted by one of the shire officials.

Having an acute feeling on matter, he thought it more discreet to remain away for a while; but at the. As to a special meeting it -was altogether illegal — Mr Holliday; What about my money? Cr Cairns: We will pay you mext Saturday. The chairman: If a difficulty arises, Cr Cairns, is it not better meet it? Cr Webster: I protest against the chairman catechising any member of the council. I say it is monstrous. Who is he or what is he? Several voices: Order, sit down. Underwood : Why didn't you adjourn the meeting Cr Cairns?

Cr Cairns: Because I wasn't there. Mr Underwood: Why wern't you? Cr Cairns: Here is an ex-councillor asking a most absurd question. A voice: That's your opinion! Cr Cairns:Any councillor, or the secretary could adjourn the meeting. Cr Purcell said no doubt there was an apology due. On last Saturday he saw four councillors going across to He then went to dinner, and returned about two o'clock, met the President who said the meeting had lapsed.

Under the circumstances he took all the blame, although he would have attended at. The special meeting, it was illegal. The President : That's your indivi dual opinion. Underwoods would also be in, so that there would be a quorum. Having some particular business to transact he got over it as quicky as possible ; and was just about going across when he met Cr Webster.

They had a talk about a resolution, and after a short time went over. The doors were shut, however, and some members told him the council was adjourned until half past one. The President: Betting is a fools argument. The President: Youi are not an authority. Cr Purcell excitedly : I am a far better authority than the President ever was! Cr Webster triumphantly : hear; you gave him that straight!

Great laughter. Cr Purcell: I would fiave attended to-day only I was afraid a majority would have decided to proceed with an illegal meeting. On the Saturday they adjourned, till 1. The President: Youand another councillor admit having distressed a motion in a public house before bringing it forward at the council table!

Is that creditable? Cr Purcell attempted to explain but a scene of great confusion ensued Cr Websfer violently protesting against having words put in his mouth which he did not use. When order was restored, Cr Purcell said the motion referred to was in the annexation question ; and it was a shame that it did not come sooner. He thought it far better to prepare such a motion outside than to lose time at the council table. The President: So yon approve of that style of doing business?

Cr Purcell: No; unless on important occasions. The President: Did you refuse to attend because you could not get a majority against the engineer? Here is my authority, Cr John Quinlan. Cr Purcell: I did not. I said the offices of engineer and secretary should be divided so as to allow the secretary to be at the office every day. Here Cr Webster read portion of resolution excised at suggestion ot Cr Purcell.

It merely expressed indignation at apathy of the Government. What I said was that Cr Purcell stated he did not care about going over until the officers were divided. The President : Did he ask you to divide them. This concluded the business, and usual vote of thanks. Brought the meeting to a close.

The Express said that another meeting was called and lapsed. Underwoodand T. Minutes of previous meeting read. Before they were confirmed, Cr Purcell entered, and took exception to a paragraph. A response was offred by District Governor Malcolm Kerr. Sandra Davey was inducted as the newest member of the Rotary Club of Yea. David had spoken on how the Rotary had its origins in when Paul Harris and three of his colleagues met in Chicago. A fun-cilled three days of areas.

Patty and Marj have been associated with our Rogreatly assisted in that area tary Club this year and have with our fifth Thursday social contributed to our local and overseas activities and pronights. Ann Drysdale, the Vocasome of which they can be intional Service Director, said volved. Other reports included those. She already has plans to return to Australia in six or seven years. A chancel and vestry have been added to the main building, and the Church will now compare favorably with any in the country districts.

There were present at the- ceremony, in addition to His lordship, the Revs. Jennings and Stackhouse, all of whom took part in the service. The Bishop delivered a most eloquent and impressive sermon, dwelling upon the-doctrine of the Trinity, and concluding with the reason for building churches. He was listened to with rapt attention by a good congregation who availed themselves of tbe intellectual treat.

Tbe choir, assisted by Molesworth and Alexandra, did their part very creditably. At the termination of the service, everything was bustle, preparing for the tea at 5 o'clock, in the Temperance Hall, and at the hour mentioned all was ready. There were five tables, No. Coles, Smith, and Miss Janes; No. Webster, Miss E. M'Leish, and Miss Wall. All the tables were loaded with delicacies of the season, fruit of every description being abundant, and although it is scarcely fair to individualise the tables, yet that given by the bachelors was splendidly got up.

No expence or pains seerned to have been spared, and may. In fact the whole of the tables would have done credit to any teafight in the metropolis, and the hearty thanks accorded to the ladies was really deservedly earned by them. The youngsters rallied round manfully and put away their shillings worth with a gusto, and to use the words of a great humorist ' They 'et and 'et and by Jerusalem they did eat.

The building was well filled, and after a hymn and prayer, the Rev. Stackhouse, as chairman, gave a short account of the reason for completing the Church. He trusted that the inhabitants would assist in reducing the debt and after thanking them for the past assistance he introducd the Rev. Toomath who on coming forward was received with applause.

This gentleman gave a brief description among the Yeaites in and in a very humourous maner related some of his adventures in the days of the goldfields. Then followed a song, O rest in the Lord, by Mr Rasche. A recitation by Mr Bates was given in a masterly maner by that gentleman; after which, the chairman anounced His Lordship the Bishop, who on coming forward, was received with loud and prolonged applause.

His argument was whether any any one by bettering his fortune bettered his position, and by way of illustrating, he chose two persons, John L. West, the Miser, and Socrates, the Athenian. Socrates, on the other hand, placed no value upon the filthy lucre; but was content with his doing his utmost to better his fellow men. Which of the two were tio be admired? His Lordship for upwards of 45 minutes kept the people thoroughly entertained, and great was the sorrow felt when he resumed his seat.

Another anthem was sung by the choir, and the benediction pronounced. The bachelors, who had ample provisions left, decided to have another spread. The table was soon ralaid, and those who had a distance to go, or any who felt inclined to remain, were accommodated with a splended feed, the attention of the young ladies being most lavish; and if those present did not make themselves at home it was their own fault, for everything that could be done for their comfort was done by ladies and bachelors.

After hearty cheers for the bachelors and becheloresses, the Hall was cleared, and everybody made for their abodes well satisfied with meeting held on 9th June, This is a stunning Melbourne aerial view showing the historical development of the 's era. It is a beautiful reminder of our wonderful past and development. After getting out of her car and attempting to cross the road, the victim was approached by two masked offenders.

One of the offenders threatened the victim and demanded that she hand over her car keys. Police are appealing to anyone who witnessed or has any information about the incident to contact Crime Stoppers on Free Delivery within the area. We have 7 gate styles to choose from, check them on our website. Heavy Duty 4mm Galvanised Wire For your local distributor please call: Fax: Email: sales emuwire.

Murrindindi Family owned and operated. But a "great" little ad and worth reading! What a fantastic time to visit; You won't find any 'advertising hype' here … we don't need to talk like that; we just give you the plain, simple truth about what we offer - great accommodation in Cairns at a good price.

Choose from a 1 or 2 bedroom, fully self-contained apartment that is complete with a full kitchen, large living room, bathroom with walk in shower plus FOXTEL and air-conditioning. The pool is solar heated so even in winter when the temperature is down a bit the pool is still usable 21 to 25 degrees as opposed to 17 degrees in an unheated pool. Contact us now! Our website prices are the "lowest" available except for this special.

Choose your holiday dates and Accommodation type … and then ring or email don't forget to mention this Ad … and we will take care of the rest for you! Juxtaposed against a visual presentation, notes linger or, as in one instance, appeal to an image on screen such as when numbers appear on a hymnal board inspiring echoes redolent of church choruses.

Her visuals were more psychedelic. Harpist Julianna Barwick, as the third performer, added further dimension as the notes, chords and sounds were variously plucked, struck, strummed and began cascading in a corollary of sampled sound that repeated, fell back on each other, complemented and created a layered pastiche of sound.

The coup de grace, however, was an improvised duet between Lattimore and Barwick. In reusing sound electronically, one captures the various sounds of an instrument which can be repeated and against which one can instrumentally interact in real time. The genius of the Lattimore and Barwick collaboration was the texture of voice, piano and harp. All these elements and their echoes conversed in an impromptu dialogue that was, in parts, intriguing, unexpected and captivating.

Ambient music has that capacity as it tends to prolong, round out and elongate a cadence and become soporific if not careful. Mona is multilingual, speaking Dutch, time forgot. But every day a delivery van ar- English, French and German. Do This show contains adult themes, graphic lanwe really want to know? Or do we simply have guage and stage violence. Photo: Shaun Kelly and Grant Heaton. Warmwaters are a faux folk duo who say they are worse than they think they are, but better than they know.

Dates and Times: 8. Following five-star reviews at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, this fully immersive and completely original show returns with Basil, Sybil and Manuel serving up more mayhem than ever. Anything can happen… and they say it usually does, and with 70 per cent of the show improvised, it is never the same show twice. During two hours of comedy, a three-course meal will be served at the Stamford Plaza. The show has been receiving critical and audience acclaim for over 22 years.

During this time, 40 countries have been visited and in the show is touring Europe, Scandinavia, Asia and Australia, with nearly a million seats sold around the world. Faulty Towers The Dining. Moving effortlessly between her stage persona and the insecurities of a fragile diva at the end of her career, Madame takes us on a journey through her career.

But it is Sizer who steps between the world of the stage and the frailties of a performer by catching the cabaret spotlight showing a sense of how a performer comes alive when the music starts or when she is lit. Just as the art of cabaret will continue — this is the tenth year of the Melbourne Cabaret Festival — there will always be a diva that never quite dies forever looking for the spotlight and the opportunity to sing one last song.

Death of a Demi Diva was presented at Chapel off Chapel. Their variety of rhythms, sounds and composition intrigued. At times, jazz like, one wondered how they conversed or how such music might be transcribed as metrical conventions were broken though tunes were sustained. The diversity and collaboration was intriguing. In placing a weight on the strings of his grand piano he was able to elicit unexpected sound. Such physical and electronic distortions often began in melodic familiarity but became more mesmeric in the ambient aftermath.

The use of a smoke machine and mood lighting then added to the effect. Andrew Tuttle with his sampling of guitar and banjo had quite an act to follow. He added a filmic dimension but the visuals often overlapped creating a distortion and blurring that was off-putting. The diversity of sound by the composers shows that experimentation with sound and the way it is manufactured has real scope but often defies definition or explanation. It can be absorbing to hear where music and composition may lead.

Director: Andrew McMillan. Bookings: Director: Martin Gibbs. Bookings: or www. Director: Barbara Hughes. Bookings: wlt. Director: Michael Mace. Bookings: Leave message. Limited seating, bookings essential. Director: Terese Maurici. Bookings: www. Director: Drew Mason. West Geelong. Director: Ryan Bentley. Bookings: GPAC Performed with the Eltham Orchestra. Enquiries: Director: Daniel West.

Bookings: or hermaj. Director: David Collins. Director: David McCall. Bookings: or wmtc. Director: Robert Wallace. Director: Laura Bradley. Enquiries: laurachaela gmail. Director: George Werther. After a nationwide search auditioning more Award nominee Pacific Overtures, Urinetown! Other new cast members performing princiannounced the Australian cast. Reprising their principal roles in the sell-out 28 triple-threat actor-singer-dancers and Australian premiere is Karla Tonkich cheerleading champions.

She is perfectly suited Australian premiere. Melbourne Performance Details: July 11 — to the role and brings a wealth of main stage experience with her. We are also lucky to have Bookings: bringitonthemusical. He migrated to Australia as a child in , studying and working in fashion and business management. He wanted to create a platform for up and coming new designers and help them get a leg up in the competitive fashion design industry.

After waiting in the foyer, set up in Warehouse 35, Moorabbin for almost an hour, we were shown to our front row seats and greeted with a very full show bag with goodies from the event sponsors. Unfortunately there were only three designers on show this year in Melbourne — half the number of the previous year — and the fashion parade was finished in less than 30 minutes. The audience numbers.

The added red splashes included a tartan fabric and striking red tulle eveningwear. Carefully constructed designs of black beading added a touch of class to the outfits. Her Kwill range can be found at Kwilldesigns. This range had lots of ba-. I also loved the large hooped earrings worn by all the models. This range can be found at Blaykley. The eclectic mixture of textiles and knits floated down the catwalk. The use of alpaca yarns was inspired.

This is certainly a different approach and stood out as a strong individual statement. This range can be followed on Instagram at susanrosetovar. Having an MC or some sort of announcement letting patrons know when to enter and when the show had finished could benefit this event. Everyone expected more and were quite bemused that the actual event was so short. Written by UK playwright, Polly Stenham in when she was 22, the story is drawn from her own life observations, although not autobiographical.

It is the tale of three siblings who, living alone in a flat in London when their mother has gone AWOL, are waiting for her to phone them. Eliot, played by Ben Walter, is 17 years old and the eldest sibling who has made a pact with his year-old sister, Maggie Markella Kavenagh and Finn Liam Smith , seven years, to not divulge their living situation to the outside world fearing the grips of welfare who would remove and separate them.

Eliot, leaves the apartment to find food while Maggie plays mother figure and tries to control their meagre funds. Maggie and Eliot seek to protect Finn through games, dance and parties. Many moments of humour and tenderness between the siblings provide light relief. Set in the apartment living room of a newly moved into house, we experience increasing chaos with the trio entirely alone until family friends unwittingly pay a visit and revealing secrets unfold.

The entire cast of Tusk Tusk played their characters convincingly with stand-out performances by Markella Kavenagh and Ben Walter. Stenham has written a strong script for young actors and for a young and also more mature audience. On the edges of her generation looking in, Stenham reports on disconnection and mental health issues within families irrespective of class or wealth.

Artists from across the city and across the globe will take the audience on journeys mythological, mysterious and mesmerising. Believing In Me is yet another collection of popular country tunes and duets sure to please his loyal fans around the country and overseas. Yet all of that - and quite a deal more - has happened in the years since its potential was realised, and if much of its growth has been led by largish Californian-style enterprises so be it.

Much of the initial success was on the back of chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon, perhaps the world's two best-known premium grape varieties, but it has since proven itself almost as worthy with shiraz and with blends of sauvignon blanc and semillon, a delicious, refreshing blend that has become almost synonymous with the area.

One of the district's viticultural pioneers was Dr John Lagan, who established Xanadu Wines, not far from Margaret River township, in It was purchased by Melbourne's Rathbone family in , the same year that Glenn Goodall was promoted to the role of Senior Winemaker. His focus has always been primarily on quality, and his philoso-.

Regardless, it's fresh, alfredo-style Italian white sauce. It's a verdot. So will a few years of sion depends primarily on strength gained from yeast contact after fer- cellaring. I have neither the time nor inclination for cellaring so I'll of varietal character. In this case the strength of I'm putting the lid back on and take the meaty option every time. I herbaceousness of, I think, the will have the rest tonight with spin- like the wine's structure and its semillon dominates even in a mi- ach-and-ricotta ravioli in a cream flavours of dark red fruits.

A fruit fly inspection? It is usually and traditionally travelled from east to west, that is, from Chicago to LosAngeles. Route 66 is iconic and a symbol of a changing America. Known as "America's Highway" during its heyday, Route 66 was driven by millions of drivers between Illinois and California.

The same plan for national highways that birthed Route 66 also helped bury it. After World War II, the highway system needed an overhaul. Route 66 crosses eight states and three time zones. In only miles of Route 66 were paved. Nowadays it is a tourist attraction and one of the most recognisable highways and iconic travel destinations in American history.

Celebrating the fact that the Ramada Plaza on Santa Monica Boulevard features on Route 66 is this memorial plaque which indicates its importance to the travelling tourists. When Roger Ailes, played brilliantly by Russell Crowe, resigned from Fox News in it was amid a cloud of sexual misconduct allegations being leveled against him by various women.

But before his fall from grace, the Fox News CEO, who died in , was a media titan and influential political figure. Promotional materials for Showtime's upcoming limited series, The Loudest Voice, based on the Gabriel Sherman book of the same name, have touched on these various, different aspects of Ailes' persona. The big question is, how much is the show, which will air over seven weeks, about Ailes' political influence and how much is it about his alleged inappropriate behavior towards women?

A new trend has emerged on the U. The tactic has been dubbed a "foodie call," and while it sounds absolutely ridiculous at first consideration, new research reveals it is happening quite often. Researchers at Azusa Pacific University and UC Merced had heterosexual women answer a series of questions about their personalities, thoughts on traditional gender roles, and their personal foodie call histories. Interestingly, 33 per cent of the participants admitted to engaging in at least one foodie call.

A second study was also performed, this time on women. Of the women collected, 85 per cent reported being heterosexual, and they were used as the focus of the study. It's worth noting that most of the women surveyed believed a foodie call was anywhere from moderately to extremely unacceptable. Among both groups of women, those who admitted to foodie calls scored higher in the "dark triad" of narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism of personality traits. Women who expressed belief in more traditional gender roles were also more likely to engage in a foodie call.

Democratic consultant Steve Maviglio recently told the Los Angeles Times: "All they hear from Sacramento are proposals for more taxes and more spending for everyone except the middle class. And they rightfully wonder where the high taxes they already are paying are going. Gavin Newsom hasn't eased that apprehension. Newsom holds a job approval rating of 45 per cent among likely voters with 29 per cent disapproving and a 26 per cent responding "don't know.

The comedian, the first to ever sell out Madison Square Garden, despite being banned from MTV for life for his material told Fox News that the "Mr and Mrs America" tour was inspired by the national obsession with political discourse and, occasionally, the alleged policing of comedians' language. Clay, 61, and Barr, 66, have known one another for nearly three decades, and the Brooklyn native doesn't believe the Roseanne star truly has a mean bone in her body.

This is America! Rock legend Alice Cooper has made a death pact with his wife of 43 years, Sheryl Goddard insisting, "We are going to go together. Cooper, the front man of Johnny Depp's super group, The Hollywood Vampires insisted he has "never cheated" on his wife since they met in The School's Out hit man now insists their devotion is so strong they are planning the shocking twist to the "till death do us part" part of marriage vows.

We always said there will never be a time when one of us will be mourning the other," Cooper said. Mayor Eric Garcetti is the guy who has presided over the astounding spread of homeless encampments and trashstrewn streets after persuading voters to reverse the trends by taxing themselves. Garcetti had a worse week than that heavyweight champ who got clobbered by an unknown contender from Imperial County.

And nobody else in the local political class looked much better. County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas said local leaders were "pretty well stunned by this data" on the increase in homelessness. I slapped myself and read it again.

Please mention 'Melbourne Observer' when you book and you will receive the 'Special Rate of the Day'. Please contact: Jennifer at info ramadaweho. On many occasions Irene sang duets with Jack Perry. Around that time she married her first husband, who played saxophone in the band at The Coconut Grove. Irene also sang regularly at the famous Chevron Hotel.

She was a regular guest on ABC radio shows and sang on cruise ships. It was one of the first comedy shows produced by Crawford Productions, a bit like Yes What, the old radio series. Irene sang on many television variety shows during her career. During the s Irene performed in Sydney night clubs as a comedienne and worked with. Jack Bowkett, from the singing group The Tunetwisters. There was a night during the tour when a leg snapped off the stage settee that almost everyone had to sit on.

Irene madly searched around back stage in the dark and finally walked onstage with a paint tin which she popped under the edge of the settee and the play proceeded without a hitch. She remained friends with Frank Thornton. Irene played guest roles in many television series including Prisoner and The Henderson Kids.

Irene loved music and was a regular attendee at the International Sinatra meetings. In Irene was a guest vocalist at a special fundraising concert for Irene Hewitt loved life and when she was very ill she just refused to give in and slipped ou of the hospital to visit her friends. She passed away in and I attended her funeral. Long time friends Terry Gill and Carole Anne got everyone singing. Irene would have loved it and also the thunderous applause as the coffin was carried out of the funeral parlour.

One of the great singers and characters of the Melbourne showbusiness scene, Irene Hewitt. And on The brilliant film version was emulated in later gothic tales such as Wolf Creek and Animal Kingdom. A lost weekend fuelled by alcohol in an outback mining town plunges a young schoolteacher, John, into a vortex of violence and toxic masculinity. Terrorised by the savage, ferocious townsfolk, including a deregistered alcoholic doctor and a ruthless town cop, John emerges traumatised and with a fractured sense of reality.

The monologue is interrupted by a frenetic soundscape by James Paul. These work to a degree to create context, however, they can be hit and miss. While the two-up scenes work well, the depiction of the famed roo shoot loses its awfulness and bloody, grisly detail through a surreal representation. Zahra Newman, playing all characters, is a powerhouse and vividly and effortlessly captures the essence of each character.

At 2GB , outspoken presenter Chris Smith is said to be under pressure. Macquarie Media calls the shots for both stations and with a cost-saving campaign underway may see the dismissal of 3AW afternoon announcer Denis Walter to make way for Steve Price to be simulcast from 2GB. The one and only Melbourne performance by Jimmy Barnes this year has been upgraded from Margaret Court Arena to Rod LaverArena which can accommodate almost twice the number of fans over Margaret Court.

Date of performance remains as October 12, patrons who have already purchased tickets are asked to apply for replacement tickets to see JB at Rod Laver. I think not. Her anecdotes about growing up in Murrumbeena charmed the audience. Hard to believe now! A Welcome to Country was provided by Aunty Janet, who acknowledged the winter solstice on this day. Her heritage is the Boon Wurrung people, whose traditional country spans Melbourne, from Wilsons Promontory to the mouth of the Werribee River.

The spirit of Bundjil taught the Boon Wurrung people to welcome guests, but required their promise to protect the land and its children. Her final message was that in learning we gain respect. He invited us to experience the new pop-up Festival Hub, where friends can meet for a pre-show gathering one hour before events at the Town Hall Theatrette. Feeling thoroughly welcomed, we strolled around the gallery, admiring the superb works of art in Celebrating Culture: Contemporary Indigenous Art, by leading contemporary indigenous artists.

These included paintings, photography, drawings and installations, with themes of identity, colonisation, and cultural heritage. A marvellous range of poignant and humorous pieces. And all of this, whilst imbibing a glass of white and a generous array of delicious finger food.

There are over forty events running throughout the festival, in venues around the City of Glen Eira. These include story-telling, panel discussions, readings, art and music. Tickets purchased from Viagogo were considered fakes until promoters replaced them with tickets but way up in the Gods.

Not happy campers. The mansion purposely built for the TV reality show Big Brother on the Gold Coast in was burnt to the ground and a gang of youngsters are suspects. The mansion was awaiting transformation into a live — in accommodation for paintball players. Next victim stricken by fire was the Melbourne building housing radio SEN, which was forced off air for a number of hours. Loss of advertising revenue and inconvenience still being calculated. Funny man Rove has written and illustrated two books slated for Australian release in October.

Books include a picture book, and a fiction series with funny lines for all ages to enjoy. A true pioneer Bill was the inspiration behind most of the big names —artists and bands and along his journey owned record labels, a hi-tech recording studio - his advice was priceless. We can bring samples to you. Free measure and quote, check out our website.

EMAIL: info slocum. Applies for standard servicing only. Additional costs may apply. Prices include GST. Must present coupon. P: E: eddystowing1 gmail. Year: Rating: M. Length: Minutes. Four time Oscar nominated screen veteran Willem Dafoe, gives a well deserved Oscar nominated tour-de-force performance as the impassioned and embittered Vincent van Gogh, compelling us each step of the way to journey with him and see through his eyes the world that he see's through his paintings, and along the way, aided with a superb supporting cast of performances that includes Rupert Friend as Theo van Gogh, Oscar Isaac as Paul Gauguin, Mathieu Amalric as The Doctor, Mads Mikkelsen as The Priest and Emmanuelle Seigner as Madame Ginoux.

Beautifully photographed with moments of striking hand-held deep focus cinematography by Benoit Delhomme , "At Eternity's Gate" is a radiant and poetic cinematic vision of a visionary artist that tears down conventional characteristics of filmmaking, a raw tapestry of despair and emotionally impassioned soul searching reflection, just like its subject, all encompassing a poignant tragic, thought provoking and ambiguous palate of colours and emotions that will both stimulate and divide, right to a final line of text will make your jaw drop.

Based on the acclaimed book by James Baldwin, at the forefront of the cast is piercing heartfelt performance by KiKi Layne as the pregnant girlfriend, Clementine "Tish" Rivers, trying desperately to prove her partner's innocence while battling family and financial issues, along with an Oscar nominate performance by Regina King as her Mother, Sharon Rivers, and equally impassioned and heartfelt performance by Stephan James as the wrongly convicted Alonzo "Fonny" Hunt, and Ed Skrein, who will make your blood boil as Police Officer Bell.

Beautifully written and directed for the screen by Barry Jenkins with a supremely lyrically tone and pacing throughout, and all brought to vivid reality with a searing palate and texture by cinematographer James Laxton Moonlight , this is a journey of a time, culture, a system, values, frailty and strength, a poignant, powerful, humorous and touching tale Still showing in cinemas. The latest iconic horror film to get the obligatory Hollywoodreboot is Child's Play, and although this new version doesn't sustain momentum and interest to the very end, it does prove to be a little better than expected, delivering an initially amusing mix of comedy and gore.

The story still centres on single mother Karen Barclay a very restrained Aubrey Plaza and her young son Andy Gabriel Bateman , who have moved to a new city to make a fresh start. Andy is somewhat of a loner, and does not get along with his mother's new boyfriend Shane David Lewis , but does bump into affable local Detective Mike Norris Brian Tyree Henry , whose extroverted mother Doreen Carlease Burke resides on the same floor.

When Karen gets Andy a much sought-after doll called Buddi voiced by Mark Hamill for his birthday, a creation that is selflearning and can connect with other software and electrical devices, Andy slowly realises that this Buddi who eventually takes on the name of Chucky isn't quite like the one advertised, with the toy's protective nature going to startlingly violent extremes.

The Child's Play premise goes from serial killer possession to tech domination, and it is a relevant new angle which could have provided a fascinating backdrop to all the horror antics, but unfortunately the subject isn't explored to its full potential. The early scenes with Chucky work best, as Andy and his pluggedin pal begin to bond including when Chucky starts to exhibit some decidedly odd behaviour , and there are several moments that offer up some decent laughs.

However, when the doll begins eliminating the standard line-up of expendable supporting characters, with Andy's fearful warnings predictably ignored, the film quickly falls into the routine, with a finale that feels like a toned-down version of one of the major set-pieces from the recent Puppet Master : The Littlest Reich. Most of the special effects involving Chucky don't involve CGI, which comes as a refreshing surprise, and adds to the fun. With the original Child's Play series still going Part Seven was released in , a remake wasn't particularly needed, but while not hitting the bullseye overall, this new incarnation does provide enough chuckles to avoid being a complete misfire, and probably won't be fully dismissed by fans of the murderously mischievous doll.

And yes, it does leave the way open for a sequel. Available on DVD July 3. Cummings plays Jim Arnaud, a police officer who suffers a major breakdown when his mother dies and his wife divorces him in quick succession. This fragile frame-of-mind causes problems at work, as well as at home, as Jim tries to get custody of his young daughter Crystal Kendal Farr.

The opening sequence is uncomfortably raw, setting up a journey that is definitely worth taking. Cummings is a talent to watch his on-screen persona feels like a combination of Bill Paxton and Jim Carrey , so please try to track Thunder Road down, it is well worth the effort. Based on the novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist, who authored Let The Right One In which was superbly adapted into a feature film in , Border is a strange concoction indeed, again using fantastical elements to deconstruct and subvert social mores and beliefs, while centring on a relationship between two lonely, misunderstood outcasts.

Reilly, Steve Coogan]. PH: Friday: 10am to 7m. Saturday and Sunday: 10am to 5pm. Most advantageous 6. Drearier Oil-exporting cartel Oar Frustrates Mushroom seed Go to bistro 3,3 Chief Step Scottish city Cavort Domesticated Flair Terra firma 3,4 Chain-store outlet Demure Glide aloft Thoughts Pointy beard Keepsakes Finest Mausoleum, Taj Common shoreline bird Lucifer Direction Elbowroom A single entity Man Reached high point Female fox Beast Agree to Deity Red-faced Grandma Squash insect Cloth scrap Manned ship Skirt edge Fencing sword Canine skin disease Float on breeze Early Peruvians Classic painting, Lisa Adult education group 1,1,1 Elliptical shapes Vegetable paste Tiny Tennis champ, Monica Mad Roman emperor

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Round robin bets require you to create at least three separate parlays your parlay (#3) with the Nets and Rangers would net you some cash. And after a week against the Washington Capitals and Philadelphia Flyers, Rangers defenseman Libor Hajek attempted to make a blind backhanded pass from New York Islanders at New York Rangers odds, picks and prediction. Comprehensive and up-to-date New York Rangers news, scores, schedule, stats in thrilling fashion that has helped it to the top of the East division with 18 points​. And after a week against the Washington Capitals and Philadelphia Below, we analyze the Islanders at Rangers NHL odds and lines, with picks and​.