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Riza and Roy are expecting, however creative differences leave them stuck on a name. All bets are on! Winry prided herself on her situational awareness, quick thinking, and high bullshit threshold.

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Royal pirates betting everything livestock

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When one of Leet's unwitting pawns, Bard Raven Redhawson, comes to Dragonlord Linden Rathan for help in clearing his name, Linden must investigate the nefarious deeds and restore order to the realm. After more than a decade of waiting, fans of Joanne Bertin's Dragonlords series will be delighted by this 3rd installment. First Chapter. Publisher: St. Historical Fantasy. Mute and possessing magic she doesn't fully understand, year-old Morgana Pritchard marries widower Cai Jenkins of Fynnon Las "Blue Well" , an isolated farm in the Welsh countryside -- in part to escape superstitious neighbors who blame her for everything from inclement weather to sick livestock.

Cai's housekeeper, Mrs. Jones, is a witch and begins teaching Morgana how to use her powers while preparing her to become the guardian of the farm's sacred well. However, there are other, malevolent individuals who would like to take possession of Fynnon Las and its magic. Steampunk Fantasy. In this sequel to The Half-Made World , eccentric inventor Harry Ransom recounts his adventures out West, attempting to perfect his perpetual motion machine -- and, in the process, running afoul of the region's rival powers: the Line dedicated to industrialization and the Gun devoted to demon-driven chaos.

Urban Fantasy. Just three years after Hurricane Katrina devastates both the magical and mundane cities of New Orleans which overlap , newly appointed wizard sentinel Drusilla "DJ" Jaco and her partner, Alex Warin, undertake an investigation on behalf of undead pirate Jean LaFitte. In addition to placating feuding families of Cajun merpeople, whose hunting grounds -- well, waters -- have been contaminated, they must also discover why wizards are dying under suspicious circumstances. This sequel to Royal Road is the 2nd fast-paced, intricately plotted installment of the Sentinels of New Orleans series.

Six months after the events of Boneshaker , Rector "Wreck 'Em" Sherman turns 18, meaning that he must leave the orphange and make his way in the world -- or at least, what's left of it. Addicted to the narcotic "sap" distilled from the toxic gas that poisons the air of the walled-in city of Seattle, Wreck 'Em is also haunted by the memory of Zeke Wilkes, a boy whom he once smuggled into the city most likely to his death.

To atone, Wreck 'Em decides to brave the streets of Seattle, now inhabited by zombie-like "rotters," and locate Zeke's remains Although The Inexplicables is the 5th book in Cherie Priest's Clockwork Century series, only knowledge of Boneshaker is required to fully enjoy this particular installment. Kingdoms Divided. Epic Fantasy. Sibling rivalry is at the heart of Banewreaker. In the beginning of the world, seven brothers and sisters created the land of Urulat. Things turned nasty when Haomone, the eldest brother, took exception to the generosity of his younger brother, Satoris.

A terrible war resulted from their rift, leaving the world torn apart and Satoris hated by most, even the humans he was kind to. Years later, part of a prophecy suggests that if Satoris is killed, the world can be put together again -- but you can bet Satoris isn't going down without a fight.

If you enjoy this fascinating tale of gods, monsters, and humans, check out the sequel, Godslayer. Fairy Tale Fantasy. Afterwards, some wogs may be "interrogated" by King Neptune and his entourage. During the ceremony, the Pollywogs undergo a number of increasingly embarrassing ordeals such as wearing clothing inside out and backwards; crawling on hands and knees; being swatted with short lengths of firehose; kissing the Royal Baby's belly coated with axle grease, etc. Once the ceremony is complete, a Pollywog receives a certificate [61] declaring his new status.

President Franklin D. Marvelous costumes in which King Neptune and Queen Aphrodite [sic. The Pollywogs were given an intensive initiation lasting two days, but we have all survived and are now full-fledged Shellbacks". The phrase over a barrel , meaning to be in a dilemma or "a weak or difficult position", may refer to the first aid practice amongst sailors of placing a drowning victim's head over a barrel, and rolling his body over it, in an attempt to remove aspirated water from the person's lungs.

Many theories have formed as to explain these phemonem and why they exist. Jakob Jakobsen theorised that such practices existed with the intent to confuse and ward off fairies and protect the sailors. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Evil eye. See also: Cat communication. Further information: Birds in culture.

Patron saints. Saint Elmo. See also: Kraken in popular culture. Main article: Semiotics. Main article: Line-crossing ceremony. Retrieved May 23, Retrieved Archived from the original on Retrieved June 7, John Adams. The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin. Winter How Stuff Works. National Park Service. New Zealand Maritime Museum. Retrieved November 15, The Sydney Morning Herald. Retrieved 23 April Don't Shoot the Albatross!

Dictionary of Symbols and Imagery. Amsterdam: North-Holland Publishing Company. Retrieved 24 June BBC News. Retrieved 19 June Science Alert. Retrieved 3 October Signal Service Notes: Weather Proverbs. Washington: Office of the Chief Signal Office. Adams Media. Royal Navy. New York: George H. New York City: W. Episcopal Relief. Retrieved December 9, Erasmus St. Elmo Catholic Online. For example, St. Elmo's fire is reported to have been seen during the Siege of Constantinople by the Ottoman Empire in It reportedly was seen emitting from the top of the Hippodrome.

The Byzantines attributed it to a sign that the Christian God would soon come and destroy the conquering Muslim army. According to George Sphrantzes , it disappeared just days before Constantinople fell, ending the Byzantine Empire.

Christian Iconography. Radford, Kessinger Publishing p. Visit Trinidad and Tobago. Archived from the original on May 1, Retrieved August 6, The Wall Street Journal. Archived from the original on July 28, The City of Calgary. Philip Jepsen. Retrieved May 6, Archived from the original on May 6, The Wordsworth Dictionary of Pirates. The Hartford Courant.

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Other ways to become a pirate was to join a friend's ship who was already into piracy , or if you were a female tough enough to handle it A large majority of pirates came from poverty, but there are a few that were born into a life of privilege Pirates often stole their food and alcohol in order to survive Wiki via CC. There are many of us who might imagine pirates as eating whatever they want, whenever they want, but the reality of life for pirates was not always so fanciful or decadent.

Often when the pirates were out to sea for months on end, their food supply would dwindle. The fact that they had no means to keep their food cold or frozen means that much of their food supply would rot or grow mold. This included the meat, bread, dairy, and produce. But because of this, one might have also seen pirates eating a lot of cured salted meats and fermented vegetables.

Some pirate food staples might have included: salted meat, sea biscuits a hard bread meant to last long periods of time , sauer kraut, and bone soup. If the pirates were smart, they would steal and keep livestock on board. If they kept chickens - eggs would be readily available.

And when all else fails and all the food has rotted - eat the livestock! What did pirates happily drink? Alcohol, of course! The pirates in the Caribbean are most likely to have consumed a lot of rum Beer and ale was also a favorite and was often stolen in raids of other ships along with mead, brandy, and wine.

Any kind of alcohol was subject to being stolen and downed by pirates We picture pirates stealing chests of gold and jewels when in reality they were most likely stealing chests of liquor! Seafood seems like it might have been an easy source of food for pirates; however, it was rare that pirates would have the time to sit around and fish all day for a bite to eat. It would have taken too long and not have produced enough food.

Though, I'm sure desperate times call for desperate measures. Perhaps pirates kicked back and took naps While at sea, where did pirates sleep? If you were the Captain or ranked higher amongst the crew, you might be spoiled with a private sleeping quarter.

Otherwise, you will be sleeping in an open yet small space with dozens of other crew members. Sometimes they had hammocks, other times they were on the floor. The preferred bed in a pirate ship was a hammock as it would rock and sway with the ship's motions, providing for an easier night of sleep.

You can bet that a pirate's hygiene was sorely lacking. Not only did they not have a huge supply of water on board that is , but most of them were drunk men and most likely didn't care if they stunk or not. Fresh water on board a ship was reserved for drinking purposes, not bathing purposes. Some documents tell of men being lowered into the ocean water in order to cool off but not necessarily to bathe. There was no such thing as deodorant and I am sure they weren't brushing their teeth either or what teeth they had left in their heads.

Conditions on board a pirate ship were harsh , so things we take for granted every day were not always so easy to come by on a long journey at sea. This includes eating and drinking fresh food and water, bathing and keeping clean, as well as a good night's sleep. Sometimes pirates' battles ended badly for them Public domain image via Creative Commons. Pirates main means of living was to steal from others. Treasure like gold and jewels, yes, but most of the time pirates would steal things to aid in their survival.

Food, drink, and supplies for sailing would make their way off of one ship and onto a pirate's ship in no time! Pirates also had no problem pillaging villages and other places along the shoreline if in need Pirates loved to eat, drink, and be merry. They were known to be revelers for a reason Soaking in all of the luxuries of life in one night was of importance to a pirate, because who knows when they would have the opportunity again?

In a month at sea they might be eating rotten bread and drinking spoiled water. A large majority of pirates were alcoholics, as documented by pirates themselves, so drinking was a pastime that filled their time when the resources were available. Putting the adventures aside, pirates also had to maintain their ships. This meant cleaning and repairing their ships so that these vessels would live to sail another sea.

Stolen goods could be used to keep their ships in worthy condition. Copyright of Colin Park via Creative Commons. Pirates did not usually live a long life. This was due to many factors including their exposure to the elements, poor hygiene, exposure to others who are ill, being involved in dangerous conditions, starvation, dehydration, etc.

Sometimes these wounds would prove fatal. If a ship was to be hit by a cannon or if it was flipped over in a storm or on rocks, pirates could indeed drown to death. And if a pirate was captured for his criminal activities? He would be hung, decapitated, or literally "fed to the birds". Scurvy is probably the most famous of the pirate illnesses. This illness caused pirates to look a certain stereotypical way - pale skin, hunched backs, spotted skin, swollen gums, unsteady gait, loss of hair and teeth.

Scurvy is caused by a lack of vitamin c in one's diet. As you can imagine, after months of being at sea Vitamin C is most likely in short supply for pirates on board. Scurvy can be fatal. Dysentery was another common "pirate disease". This is an illness that causes the walls of your bowels to swell up and bleed This disease is caused by eating contaminated food or drinking bad water.

Obviously this is something that pirates dealt with quite often so dysentery was found on many ships. As you can see, a pirate's life wasn't always the life of adventures and never-ending fun like the movies make it out to be. So, is a pirate's life for you? Hello Kitty, what a fun article on pirates! When I first saw the title, my mind immediately went to the ride "Pirates of the Caribbean" at Disneyland, a long time favorite ride of mine.

It seemed like fun and games and lots of gold and jewels and the occasional battle. At any rate, its not all fun and games, but it is neat to learn more. Thanks for sharing this very informative hub. It was fun. In all societies, it is a bug that sucks. Barbarism was even consider a bravery. You have the opinion to be on the legal or illegal side. As for the scourge of scurvy, the royal navy had the secret in lime and lemon juice, which provide many of the minerals and vitamins especially, vitamin C.

Thank you all for your nice comments so far. In my grammar school days, the last read I had on piracy was R. Stephenson "Treasure Island. In such story, we did not learnt anything about criminals and thieves being pursur by the law and I do not see any reason why it should fascinated the imagination of a good fellow to get treasure, when other legal means are available.

However, you hub is a good piece and rightly deserves the day. I see you did a good research or who would know these ins and outs of the pirates life? Yeah scurvy was definitely a huge problem since they didn't have fresh fruits or vegetables on board most of the time. While the 17th and 18th century pirates of the Caribbean and their activities have been romanticized, the same is not true for pirates in other places and eras.

One of the U. Navy's first foreign encounters was when President Jefferson dispatched naval war ships to the Mediterranean to deal with the North African Barbary pirates who were attacking our merchant ships. In the recent movie, Captain Phillips, and related books, the heroes were Captain Phillips and the Navy Seals who rescued him and his crew on the container ship Maersk Alablama in from the Somali pirates who had captured it.

Abduwali Muse, the only one of the pirates captured alive, became the first person in years to be charged with piracy by the United States. Muse was given a prison sentence of 33 years and 9 months which was more lenient than the old days when captured Caribbean pirates were usually tried and hanged by British authorities as soon as they were brought ashore. I have used him in every which way at the Glennie Ranch in Twodot Montana.

My 13 year old daughter rides him outside ranching and also rides him heading and heeling in the arena. Augustus has never made a bobble with either of us in any way. He is the most trustworthy horse I have ever owned and the fact that he is only 5 years old is hard to believe. He meets you at the gate to be caught, is sound and gentle every day in every way. He has been to the jacketpots heeling and is ready to go to them in the heading. He is great in the box and would fit any level roper.

Very fancy broke to ride. For any more information call Delon Parker at Don't miss out on this one. Paulette is an exceptional prospect. Paulette is extremely kind, quiet, athletic, and beautiful. She has been started on the barrels and hauled to exhibitions and has also been ranched on, she is a total pleasure no matter where you are riding her.

Sound, safe, broke and very talented, this mare has a very bright future. Tex has had 60 days of cutting training but has mostly been used as a ranch horse. He has been around and done it all from calvinig, branding, sorting, hjas been a great all around horse. Extremely gentle, you can catch him anywhere in the pasture and stands while you get off and do your work. He stands 14 hands and is built stout, pretty and is well put together with great feet and shoes well.

He is currently being heeled off of and is guaranteed sound. Tex has three foal crops on the ground and another crop coming this year. His first colts are proving to be as well minded, gentle, cowy and have conformation as great as his. Cutting, sorting, ranching, and raising good colts, Tex can do it for you.

Semen evaluation available. They don't make them any prettier than him! This gelding is super gentle. He rides great changes leads and rides down the trails. He knows the barrels and is started in the roping. He has been used outside on the ranch as well! This pretty buckskin has been shown in the reining as well as lots of 4H and playday shows. He is kid gentle, rides double, bareback and goes anywhere you want him to go! Safe for anyone. Chex is an outstanding broodmare out of the great Cole Redhorse program.

She is broke to ride and has limited showing experience; however, we never personally used her as a riding mare. She is bred back to our great dun stallion Teaks Frosted Nitro and due to foal in early May. She has been AI'd, hand bred and pasture bred all done with ease. She is easy to handle and is up to date on all vaccine and worming. Versatile ranch used stallion out of the great A Streak Of Fling.

We have used him the last three years on the ranch. He has drug calves to the branding fire, doctored yearlings, and has been picked up on the last two winters. He is a strong roan producer that puts a pretty head and big hip on his colts. We have ridden several of his offspring and they are showing real promise as performance horses.

He has been pasture bred and is easy to catch and handle. Take him out of the breeding pasture straight to the arena or branding pen. He covered 15 out of his 16 mares in Buddha is gentle gelding with some amazing bloodlines! This guy is COWY! Ranch horse that's been used in mountains and in the feedlot with a lot of heart and try. Good with gates, noise, dogs, and bulls.

He has been roped on in the arena and out and has been on the hot heels and roped donkeys. Good to catch, shoe and great on the ground. Buddha will be a compliment any program. Stothart Livestock-Asa Stothart Excellent barrel futurity prospect! Eligible for 5 states, Triple Crown and more. This pretty filly is correct and put together in a way that is sure to get you noticed.

Flashy copper color with a flaxen mane and tail, straight legs, good bone and plenty of chrome. A Smooth Guy is now deceased so there won't be many with this type of pedigree left! Ferrari loads, leads, ties and stands well for farrier.

This filly screams performance prospect; run her in the barrels or take her to the roping pen she should have the speed and mind to win you a paycheck! FMI call or text This is a gentle horse that works for the whole family! Really broke and started roping the hot heels. He stands 15 hands and weighs lbs. This flashy grandson to Hollywood Dun It is here to contribute to your program in more ways than one.

He has been used in all areas of ranch work with last spring being his second year exposed to brandings and this fall being his second exposed to doctoring yearlings. He wants to run to cattle and knows how to handle a rope. This gelding has a lot going for him with looks, color, pedigree, personality and brains. He has six months of riding both in an arena and open pastures and is ready to go to work.

His disposition and work ethic should allow him to excel in many many disciplines such as roping, barrel racing, ranch work, ranch riding, trail riding, etc. Make sure to check out his sire Streaks Of Smoke who is also in this sale. For more information, call Charley at or go to Martin Family Horses on Facebook for pictures and videos. Very quiet and simple. Huge stop and stylish turn around!

He is a beautiful mover, tons of style and eye appeal. He is a HUGE fence horse!! Would also really excel in the boxing. We have used him outside on the ranch and in the branding pen. Looks, color, athleticism. This filly has the pedigree and conformation that should allow her to dominate in the performance or rodeo arena.

She has been saddled and will be ready to start riding in the spring. For more information call Charley at or go to Martin Family Horses on Facebook for pictures and videos. Bred in the purple with some of the finest cow horse bloodlines you can find.

We have used this stallion primarily as a breeding stallion, but on occasion have roped on him. He will pasture, hand breed, or collect. This stallion has great semen motility and freezes very well. He puts together some exceptional, well rounded foals. He has spent some time as a youth therapy horse. His four white socks, blaze face, coon tail, and pedigree are hard to beat! FMI or This is an extremely nice coming 2 yr old.

This filly is super gentle and fun to be around. Sound and correct everywhere. This truly is the hard to find kind. Huge personality and the barn favorite. We bought this horse off the breeder as a yearling. He stands 15 hands and has really good foot and bone. Lots of eye appeal and is a gorgeous mover. He is making a top end versatility ranch horse or ranch rider.

But he is talented enough to be a reiner or cow horse. Circles really good and looks very pretty doing it. He is straight, correct and sound everywhere! We love him. Hot Pants" has done it all. She has been playing polo the last few years and I recently have started heading steers on her and she is absolutely awesome and very quiet in the box.

I also have started patterning her on the barrels. She has been in our family since she was a yearling so I know where she has been and that she has been in great hands her whole life. She is extremely broke to ride, quiet, gentle, very very good minded, wonderful to be around, a total sweetheart, and an incredible athlete. I can't say enough good things about her.

She is sound. FMI please call Hannah Sharon at Bob is a super cool little horse. He is definitely one of our favorites. We have owned Bob for over 2 years and done a tremendous amount with him. My 13 year old daughter rode Bob at her very first branding that she was invited to rope at. The wind was blowing about 60 mph and they did awesome, we were proud. She drug a lot of calves to the fire and had a blast. She has also ridden Bob in rough county gathering pastures, crossing rivers, going up and down steep breaks and hillsides.

Lana has used Bob to load trucks in the stockyards and she never gets off to open or close a gate. Bob has an extensive amount of reining cow horse training. Lana was also breakaway roping on him this summer. Bob is a really fun horse and is really well trained. This nice gelding has an amazing start in heeling and heading, he is talented and very broke. Big time stop. We have ranched on him and rode him outside extensively.

We have really enjoyed roping and riding this guy, he is very athletic and will be sure to please in the arena. Facebook page. Here is a handy horse who fits a lot of different riders, he has already been tested and approved by ages He is also a safe and reliable trail horse. Take him home and turn him into a fancy heel, breakaway, barrel, or anything else prospect.

Currently being used on a ranch near Buffalo, Wyoming by a 60 year old cowboy, Lyle Mitchell. Easy to step on and off at Good looking, sound and smooth gaited. Call Lyle or Andy at , with any questions or to try him before the sale.

Pretty mare that's thick made. Known her since a coming 3 year old. She's a finished team penning and sorting horse thats been hauled and won on. Really broke, quick footed and can stop a cow. Been ridden outside on lots of trail rides as well and goes where you point her.

She's easy to be around and been hauled with the geldings. Be sure to check her out sale day! Extremely nice mare by Metallic Cat. Stout This mare was trained and entered in the NCHA futurity but not shown due to owners health. JAZZ is extremely cowy, very quick and light footed with a ton of style.

She has a big motor and can really move but is totally gentle and fun to ride. She has also been roping the lead steer, and correctly started for breakaway and calves. This mare will excel in any arena. She is completely sound ZERO issues or vices or funny business. Tacked up and riding daily by a youth. Leonard is the horse for anyone! He picks up his feet easily, is easy to catch, and excels at his jobs. He has drug calves to the fire, been in the mountains, sorted cows, doctored cows, trailed cows, and done all of the everyday ranch things.

He is a solid ranch horse that will take care of anyone! When I jump on to go do ranch things, he switches gears perfectly and with ease. Occasionally he will pull back, so we just wrap his lead rope. We have moved to riding some of our younger horses and he is ready for a new job.

Cowhorse background, any level can ride, take a month or two off he stays broke. Ready to haul in the breakaway and heading. High Schoolers take a look, he can do it all. FMI Haven Camero is a pretty, Been ridden on the ranch and lightly started on the head side. Easy going, well mannered, fun to ride. FMI Jordan Take a look at this gorgeous, gorgeous gray gelding!!

Ruger is a 4 year old gelding that stands We have owned this guy since he was a weanling. He has been ridden outside, through creeks and up and down steep banks, and does it all with ease. Ruger rides easily by himself or in a group, and has been ridden mostly by the boys. This guy has got the trick of laying down and has been shot off of too! He is easy to bathe, load, and trailers well. He has good ground manners and does great in the stall.

He has been started on the hot heels, and does well. FMI call Carl or Clayton This gorgeous 4 year old mare is what dreams are made of! She has over a year of cutting training, super fun to cut and sort on. She also has a great start as a breakaway and heel horse. Classy has quick moves and big stop! She has seen the mountains and the desert, will travel all day long. She is not a reject and will exceed your expectations I can promise you! Her pedigree is top of the line, she has flawless confirmation, and spectacular talent will blow you away!

She is truly a RARE find!! Classy is sold with her custom halter, bridle and winter blanket. She comes with clean X-rays, sound, and UTD on shoeing, worming and teeth. FMI- Cierra Erickson Buckwheat has been a part of our family for 2 years. If you have ever been to West Fork Ranch, literally everyone here will say he is the go to gelding for absolutely anything and everything. There is no job too big or too small. He will pull anything.

He is very cowy, has done all phases of ranch work. From doctoring, sorting to even gathering the yearlings down off a busy highway. This horse loves to work. He is even tempered, great minded and has the biggest heart. If he thinks he can do a job, he will dang sure try. He is sure footed, extremely athletic and best of all he is very kind and gentle. We have never roped out of the box but he is ready! He is a big stopper, very free in his front end and just makes everything look easy.

Super fun to ride. Buckwheat is truly one of a kind. Buckwheat is a money earner and AQHA point earner. In he was the high money earning 3 year old for IQHA winning us a saddle. There are no holes in Buckwheat, you will enjoy him every day you own him.

Super fun for any level and has a fun personality. Finn also has a cow horse start and foundation This horse has been hauled to the roping jackpots this fall and winter. He's good in the box and can really run to cattle. He naturally stays up around the steer on the corner and has a deep, easy stop to finish. Finn is showing exceptional talent in the breakaway roping as well. Because of his athletic prowess, he would best fit a 5 roper on up.

This horse is an eye catcher and has a load of talent in the roping arena. Videos will be available on www. Call Paul Griemsman at Rip is directly out of the Arcese breeding program. This horse was made to run and stop.

Started as a reiner and broke extra fancy. Very pretty, stout made, and cinches deep. Easy going personality and is gentle enough for the whole family to enjoy. He's been hauled to the local jackpots on the heading side this winter. Rip scores great, has plenty of run, and a very nice move. This horse can face smooth and fast! Also started in the heeling and working outstanding. This is a user friendly horse that will fit a wide variety of ropers and riders.

Videos will be available at www. He has been used for all the ranch work. He is extremely gentle you would not even know he is a stallion and if you decide, he would make an amazing gelding. Own Daughter of Metallic Cat!! This filly has been started and is coming along nicely- eye-catching red roan with 4 stocking legs!!

She will be great in the cutting and cowhorse, valuable as a broodmare in the future! FMI Cooper This colt has been started and is showing a lot of talent already! This fancy colt is something to build a program around, show him now and breed him later!

Coggins FC Waylon is a big, beautiful bay gelding that I raised, an extremely nice head horse that anybody can ride. This horse has plenty of run and a cool move on the corner. I have done absolutely everything on him, he is sound in every way.

Due to foal April Mango is kind and gentle to ride outside or in the arena, he is steady on the trails and has been used at the brandings. Mango has a great personality and is eager to go to work each day- to the showpen or the ranch!

Six Pack is a She is ready to go to the show pen or the ranch. We took Six Pack to the NILE stock show and had a ton of fun showing her, she took second in the halter class only out placed by our other horse. She has enough run, rate and handle to make a rope horse or barrel horse prospect. We have used Six Pack all over the ranch, handles a rope excellent and pulls well from the horn. She has been rode all over the mountains gathering cattle and she has lead pack strings with game on them with no issues at all.

She is a fun mare to ride. She would be perfect for short stirrup events or any 4-H event. Six Pack has a fancy handle, great flying lead changes, a super slow pretty lope, excellent spins and slides to a stop. She is very easy to ride, push button style, super smooth in all gaits. Soft in the bridle and rides well off your seat and legs, great one handed neck rein. She has very nice ground manners, easy to handle, stands well for the farrier.

Great to bathe and clip. She hauls well, loads in and backs out of the trailer. We have had a pre-purchase exam done including physical exam, flexion tests and x-rays. She is happy in a box stall or turned out in a corral. She has a clean bill of health and clean X-rays. A copy of the vet report is available. Betty is a gorgeous black mare. She stands about She was far too green for her and not far enough along where the young girl could handle her.

Betty sells green green or as a brood mare prospect. This breeding will be for the or breeding season. We bought him for our boys to use in high school rodeo as a cutter, but they lost interest. He came from Skip Brown in Oregon. He has only been hand bred by the previous owners, not sure if he was ever collected. He is 5 panel tested. And lethal white tested by the APHA. Luke Wiggins is bringing the horse to Billings and will have him at the preview. Very gentle mule. Broke extremely well.

Anyone can ride him or pack him. Has packed meat. Would be safe for kids. Great with his feet, ears and easy to catch. Very stout built. Nice Palomino 15 hand gelding with a cow horse pedigree! Ranch rode in the Badlands of North Dakota, gathering and trailing cattle. Trail rode on the Mickelson Trail in South Dakota, crossing bridges, creeks, down timber. Pepto is started on the hot heels and lead steer, heeling. Correct confirmation, quick footed, loads, hauls, ties, stands to mount, good for farrier.

UTD shots, worming, teeth. For videos, pics, more info, call or text Larry is a beautiful, chocolate dappled palomino gelding with a flaxen mane and tail. Stands 13 hands. Larry is extremely well broke. He has a one hand soft and easy neck rein.

Larry will tuck his head to turn and back, and gives easily to leg pressure to sidepass. Larry stand to get on and off. He is very collected and willing. He will cross water, mud and logs. Larry is accustomed to deer, elk and bears. He absolutely loves people and will come to his name. He is very respectful on the ground and leads and loads well. He is good to shoe and rides bareback as well as saddled. Larry spent most of his life on a Wyoming cattle ranch.

He is cowy and smart and has drug many claves at brandings. He is used to a rope and has drug firewood into our camp. He is an excellent sensible trail horse. Larry has led the pack string in and out of our Montana wilderness camps North of Yellowstone. He is a small horse with a very big heart. He has lots of endurance and will go where you point him. Larry has been ridden by kids as young as nine. He is a whole lot of fun for a smaller adult though he has been ridden by tall men too and definitely easy to get on and off.

He is sure footed and travels well with an extremely smooth comfortable walk. He is completely sound with no bumps or scars. He loves attention and is fine with dogs. Larry is super special, sweet, unique and tons of fun. As a three year old Feathers rode great. Sure footed, traveled and handled. Used as a broodmare from her 4 year old year on. Feathers was my favorite three year old to ride and one of my favorite mares to be around.

Expect a great foal from this outstanding combination. Sound to ride if you choose to put her back under saddle. Joe Boo has given us three great foals, all out of Smart Mate bred sires. Every foal had a soft eye and easy to handle.

Joe Boo is an outstanding mother who really takes care of her foal at home or on big mountain pastures. Can be difficult to catch at times. Star has had two foals and rides. Used her as a three year old. Bred her as a 4 year old and 5 year old and have rode her this fall and winter.

Nice mare to ride and nice mare to be around. Breed her or ride her and she will work for you. Chief is an honest guy with a big heart. Chief has a kind eye and is as smooth as a rocking chair to ride.

He was a preacher's wife's horse for quite some time and has been started on the head side in the roping arena. Since then he has been used in all aspects of the ranch from a lead up and tub, to doctoring yearlings outside, to working in a feedlot, to sorting and loading trucks. Chief is easy to get along with and won't quit you when you need to put in a full day's work. Safe for my wife and kids to ride and cute to boot! Woodrow is a gentle, 15 hand, stout ranch gelding that is starte on the heel-o-matic.

He crosses creeks and goes over downfall. I have also sorted lots of cattle on him. Around Coupled with a correct conformation, a very willing personality, this mare will take you places. Halter broke, lunges both directions in all gaits when asked, always keeping her inside ear on the handler. Stays even across the wither no matter the gait so she looks like a smooth ride!

Her feet have been handled but have not needed trimming until mid-January of this year. I got her as a weanling and after some initial handling, she has been living out in the foothills of the Pryors building stamina, leg and just enjoying life living with geldings, mares, donkeys and lots of dogs.

Has always respected barbed wire boundaries and has no blemishes. I brought her into the barn beginning of January and she has been in a stall at night and outside during the day and has adapted quickly. I am very proud of Bunny and I know that her new owner will be as well. Peppy is He has been used for all aspects of ranching including sorting cattle, gathering in rough country, roping and doctoring yearlings, calving, and branding.

He will hold whatever you can get your rope on. Crosses water ditches and logs. He has lots of bone and foot. Cinnamon has been ridden outside, had a rope swung off of him, drug logs, carried a tarp, and been ridden with a flag.

He is a gentleman to load in the trailer and he picks up all four feet. He roans out in the summer and is easy to catch. On sale day he will have 90 rides. He is smooth in all his gaits and strides out beautifully at the trot. This colt has been gentle to start and laid back every day since. He is a stout colt and would make a great addition to a ranch string and is versatile enough for the performance arena as well. Rides both English and Western. Been used for everything from jumping and fox hunting to doctoring cattle and turning back in the cutting pen.

Quiet, gentle and great to ride down the trail. Easy to trim, shoe, and load. Dixie is a nice mare that has been exhibitioned and is ready to enter barrels. Hauls well, eats and drinks on the road. No vices and sound. Dixie has been started on poles and trail ridden. She would make a nice breakaway horse too. Very gentle and kind. Finished barrel and pole horse. Pete is a winner and has been successful at rodeos and major barrel races. Pete is a true black, free runner and a speed horse.

Great at the gate, very turny sit down and hold on and he's wicked fast. No maintenance, this horse looks and acts a lot younger than his actual age. Here is an opportunity for someone looking to compete at a high level while on a budget.

Tom Catt is a very gentle gelding that has been used for all ranch chores. Tom Catt is extremely confident on the trail and will ride where ever you point him. Tom Catt has been on many trips to the mountains he navigates down timber, bogs and fast water flawlessly. Tom Catt stays gentle and is very easy to catch, haul, and shoe.

Guaranteed no buck or spook and sound. FMI call Drew Buck is a solid ranch horse that has been the miles. Used a ton to sort, and doctor cattle on. Handy for any job on the ranch, and an outstanding heel or breakaway prospect. Nice horse, and in his prime. Rio is as good as they come. Sound, sane, and gentle. Been there done that kind of horse. We have used him for everything on the ranch and in the arena.

He is a tough all day type. Ridden in rough country and eats it up. Our kids can ride him, and get a job done on him no problem. Rose is a race bred mare, broodmare sound, standing 15 2 hands. She was injured as a yearling and does not take a lame step, but was never broke. She bred easy and had a nice filly colt last spring. She was not exposed last year as we sold our stud. Rose's sire and dam both have a 97 Speed Index. Grizzly is a big beautiful dun horse that has all the buttons you want and so much more.

He is solid sane head, haze, ranch horse deluxe! Grizzly has been ranched on drug calves to the fire, roped on in the pasture, crosses water, get gates on, rode in the mountains, ponied colts, and sure footed He has hazed many steers, been hauled to jackpots and rodeos, and is now one of our go to haze horses. He is also becoming and exceptional head horse!

Grizzly is as broke as they come. He spins, stops, lopes collected circles, and moves off your legs. If you are looking for a safe and sane horse for any of your needs Grizzly will get the job done. Benny is turning into to be a 3 event horse; he is a finished heel horse that is also coming on real nice as a head horse and a breakaway horse that has enough run to catch the fast ones but rates right off as well.

Benny scores great and leaves flat out of the box. He has also seen a ton of miles outside as well. Sound FMI: Here is an own opportunity to own an own son of Bully Bullion who is also out of a daughter of Shawnee Bug!!! Bugs is a true gentleman that you can hand breed or pasture breed with who has extreme respect for mares. He has thrown buckskins, bays, sorrels, and grays for color. He would make a great asset to anyones breeding program or start legging him back up and go to roping on him!

FMI: Fancy reining mare that was shown in Amateur events. She has been a broodmare for the last several years and has raised three colts for us that are athletic and show a lot of promise. She throws a pretty head and neck on all of her colts and lots of color. She could easily go back to the show pen or raise you some more fancy babies.

She sells open due to no fault of hers. Riely is a buckskin mare with a ton of size. She is standing She has a nice head and neck that ties in well to a nice sloped shoulder and a good whither with a deep chest and heart girth nice short back and a good round hip that ties into a powerful hind leg. She is started under saddle and is ready for you to take and finish your way she has all the ground work done. Riely has been worked through all of our trail course and has been sacked out.

Vet checks are welcome. Reno is a well broke, gentle, quiet, sweet, well-mannered gelding. He is good minded. Nice one hand neck rein. Soft in the face. Moves off leg. Nice gaits and is smooth to ride. He will stand tied all day long and is always a complete gentleman.

Reno rides out alone, has moved cattle, great on trails and great in the arena. He gets along with everyone. No buck, rear, kick, or bite. Easy to catch, ties, loads, clips, stands for farrier. Ride him bareback with a halter or saddled with a bridle. He has a medium build, good wither, and good foot and bone.

He is a very nice young horse that has had a lot of exposure and miles. You will not be disappointed with this guy. For more information please call or text Ranger is a big stout gelding that will get you noticed in any crowd. He has seen more cattle then most horses do in a life time. He is a go to horse for any job from calving to branding and sorting.

He's been there done that and is very gentle. With a horse like him you can do the work of three or four people. He's not just an awesome ranch gelding but a fantastic trail, hunting, or pack horse. He is fantastic up and down the mountain is sure footed and crosses any trail optical you may encounter. He has seen many miles in the back country of the Rocky Mountains.

He is great with other horses, mules, lamas, pigs, dogs and poultry. Let him sit as long as you want, pull him out and go for a ride. Solid broke, no non-sense. He is great to bath clip and shoe loads in the trailer and backs out. Pleases call for more info or to make an appointment to see him or any of our horses going to the sale. Skip is a 12 year old palomino gelding that stands Skip has four white socks and a big white strip down his face. He had a good pointed withers and lots of foot and bone.

Skip has been used on the ranch and down the trail. Skip has a one hand neck rein and rides with his head down low. Skip crosses water, traffic safe, rides out alone and will make a great horse for pleasure riding or on the ranch. For more information please call ask for Blake. Drill is gentle, with a lot of go.

He was rode this summer by a younger boy out on the desert moving cows. He is not love sick just has a lot of go to him. He is good with his feet wears a size 0 shoe and can keep up with the big horses. Clifford is very gentle, has 45 days on him. Picks up his leads nice, moves off of leg pressure, stating to neck rein around. Has a good stop and wants to please!! He has been outside a hand full of times checking cows. He runs constant He rates the barrels nice and has a lot of power coming out.

Easy to come back to you and just lope through the pattern. He is also great to get along with outside on the ranch. He stands 16 hands wears a size 1 shoe and is gentle on and off his back. Duds stands Dubs is a finished roping horse head, heel, and breakaway horse.

He has not competed in a couple of years now. Instead he has been a ranch horse. Dubs has done it all; doctor, sort, tag calves, and work in the feedlot. Lil Wayne is a nice, Doctoring yearlings, sorting, calving, branding. He is very athletic and would make a nice breakaway, heel or calf horse He has a good handle and stops really nice. I have gathered lots of country on hi. Tye Dye is by a money earning son of Widows Freckles and out of a pony mare.

He is soft sided and responsive. Been used to do ranch chores, you can ride him in a bridle, halter or nothing. He is 4 years old and for having less than 90 days riding on him he is awesome and very trainable with endless potential.

FMI Coggins. Two Eyed Bucks "Casper" stands 16 hands tall. This big grey gelding is a finished barrel horse. He walks in and out of the arena quietly and has no gate issues. He has also worked cattle and trail ridden all over. He is easy to ride and fancy broke. He has a good handle, side passes, and will slide stop.

We have ponied other horses off of him. Used him to help horses with gate issues into the arena with no problems. He is UTD on all shots and just had his teeth floated. He doesn't require any tuning, he knows his job. Keep him fit during the week and haul him on the weekends, he is in shape and ready to work!

Only being offered as I have a new baby and I do not have the time to haul him. Diesel is a upstanding gentle gelding I have owned since he was a yearling. Diesel got his start getting used during calving seasons to sort and pen cattle on, along with trail riding. The last year has been used outside in the pasture to rope on as well as in the arena.

A well broke handy gelding. Yeller is a golden palomino that gets noticed everywhere you go. Has been roped on outside in the pasture along with in the arena. Been rode down many trails, used to gather and sort cattle. He has the disposition to fit lot of people and loves to be scratched on. Tinker has been ridden everywhere, in the indoor arena or out on the trails.

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