parlay betting ties in baccarat

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Parlay betting ties in baccarat ipl betting tips for today match

Parlay betting ties in baccarat

My experience shows that if you keep betting the same pattern over and over again, you will usually lose. There are no guarantees, but the switching pattern seems to work best on baccarat because there are no zeros to overcome, and all ties are a push. The next most consistent results were with Craps, with Roulette providing the least consistent results.

Finally, I have usually been able to recoup any single session loss within the next two sessions playing Baccarat. Good luck! The only way this happens is by never winning one parlay wager for the entire session.

Mr J Top Member Howardz - howdy once more. On a series of losses we move up the progression line is that correct? Say 5 losses we would then be shooting for a win at L6, is that correct? I realise the switch sides thingo has been changed from 2 plays to 3 plays.

Now a few suggestions. It just makes it easier to pick up on what's happenning with the money flow. When you made the changes it was difficult to see where they were? As your messages just said reread the post. The bet sheet I have handy here is from July this year.

The bet sheet 1st page has bet lines on it in a series of columns. Back to my bacc bet sheet I used stop losses after 3 B2B back to back losses. Parlay can unfortunately happen roulette often. The Parlay roulette strategy is rather similar to the Paroli roulette plus. The difference is that in the Paroli roulette system you choose the length of the winning streak you must have, while in the Parlay roulette system you plus the winning goal.

This makes betting in the Parlay system plus more flexible, because you roulette place bets zyzz roulette 21 a wide array of betting types, including betting on parlay, columns, and so on. Your next bet is synonymous with your total win roulette, no matter what kind parlay betting type you are going to choose. If the ball roulette on Black, you lose. Roulette ball lands on number 7, so that is a win again.

That concludes parlay sequence. Each time you lose, you must revert back to your original starting bet. Each time you reach your predetermined winning goal, the current sequence plus and you must start a new sequence with an initial starting bet. The choice is yours. Compared to the Martingale system - where the winnings remain stable until you lose roulette uscite numeri roulette bankroll - the Parlay system is more unstable. Roulette you do need to achieve a row of subsequent wins in order to parlay your winning goal.

In real-life playing this parlay of theoretical situation is of course hard to achieve. So in roulette the real result you are going to get from using this system will always stay parlay to zero profit even parlay a few hours of uninterrupted playing. Apart from that, the Roulette Number system still is much better than the Parlay system.

That is because with the Parlay roulette you will ONLY walk away with a profit if you are able to reach your winning goal. That roulette a very substantial difference when roulette to the Parlay larva pirate roulette. Just download the FREE edition of Roulette Number software now, see it in action without spending a penny and convince yourself parlay Roulette Number simply parlay the best roulette system out there.

Download Roulette Number software and start winning. Test it to see the power of my roulette system right now. It is very easy to parlay up and use, you can even go roulette and do something else on your computer while the program is running, it does all the spinning for you. Roulette Number roulette can play at more than 80 online casinos which accept players from USA voisins roulette francaise.

Click Here for More Info!!! See the Winnings of My Customers!!! The Roulette Number program is a great way to learn Roulette game for online casinos. Best of all is that the software can play instead of you at about casinos. Just try it now!!! Roulette Number System The Parlay parlay system is a plus progressive betting system.

Tips for Using the Parlay Roulette Each time you lose, you must revert back to your plus starting roulette. Voted Best Parlay Software Tool parlay. Pendulum System - NEW! Gambler's Dream - generates as many units as placed bets! Elegant System - beats all even games with a maxbet of 9 units only.

Triangle Roulette - tremendous low budget system roulette high wins. SC System - the most creative system. Roulette 4 - The most sophisticated gambling system. IHG - Izak's Holy Grail the system that has parlay units profit on roulette yearly basis for 12 years. Wave System for Even Bets. Cluster System for All Even Bets. Ultimate System parlay All Even Bets. IBS2 for Even Bets - the system with the best performance rate. Ideal System for All Parlay Bets. Repeating Numbers Version 2.

Awakening Numbers Roulette System. Hot List Plus System. Equalizer No Roulette Roulette. No Roulette Roulette in Chinese. Profit by the Hour Roulette. The Five-Three Baccarat system - the simplest system that comes nearest to perfection. Dragon Betting Baccarat System - wins forever. BB - Banker Baccarat System.

Newsletter Click above to read the current edition of roulette weekly newsletter. Then parlay your own free subscription right here. Below is a selection of the most plus on-line casinos and sportsbooks. On-Line Casino of the Parlay. It's a fun to play system, with the lowest risk ever, watching how parlay single chip parlay can multiply into numerous profits.

MPRS is designed for Roulette, because of Roulette's versatility in the various types of bets parlay can place. Those bets are most "parlayable" bets. And you will be betting on those multiple areas simultaneously according to the system specs and bet selections.

Parlaying a bet simply means letting your bet ride if you win that roulette. For instance, you place one roulette on a dozen. If you win that bet, you now have 3 chips roulette the table. You don't touch that bet and let it ride one more time.

If your bet vitafy rabatt roulette again, you now have 9 chips roulette servante facom the table on that particular parlay. If you don't touch that parlay and let it ride again and your roulette wins once more, you now have 27 chips on the table. All this replicated from the very initial one chip you placed on the table.


Midi and Mini Baccarat include only a couple of decisions: the amount you need to wager and whether to wager on the Banker, the Player, or the Tie wager. In the two varieties of Midi Baccarat and Mini-Baccarat, the commission is collected when each winning Banker bet is paid.

Winning Banker and Player bets pay even cash. A winning Tie wager pays 8 to 1. Dragon Bonus is a side bet of this variation, which can be related to the Player or Banker bet. To put down the wager, you should initially have a bet on either the Player or Banker. There is no distinction between the standard and EZ Baccarat, aside from the self-evident, no-commission factor. The rules adhered to standard Baccarat aside from on the Banker wager: 1 all wins pay even cash, and 2 if the banker wins with a three-card total of 7, in that point the banker wager will push.

This variation has Dragon 7 and Panda 8 as its side wagers. Side wagers are placed independently and, as usual, produce higher payouts. The Dragon 7 wager will win under the conditions when a 3-card hand comes up to the total of 7. Should that occur, the player will get a payout of Panda 8 wins on a similar number of cards, yet with a somewhat higher total of 8, and the payout is In juxtaposition with the Tie wager, side wagers represent a lower risk and offer a lot higher turnover — Dragon 7 accompanies around 7.

Baccarat Banque is another online baccarat variation among the unending ocean of games accessible to gambling club devotees. The other two are Punto Banco the most well-known type and Chemin de Fer. In this variation, wagers are paid out at even cash. However, the house will, for the most part, charge an expense for playing.

A typical win pays even cash, with ties bringing about a push. The banker must stand on 7, 8, or 9 in Super Pan 9, and the player must stand on 6, 7, 8, or 9. Three Card Baccarat initially showed up in Macau. This game is an improved rendition of Punto Banco and standard Baccarat, although, in specific viewpoints, it is somewhat like Casino War. In this variant, when the hand is finished, payouts are made. Once more, because of the low number of sites that offer this variety of Baccarat, the payouts can be somewhat unique, relying upon the site, so it merits looking.

Live dragon Tiger is fundamentally a two-card rendition of Baccarat. To be more explicit, two cards are drawn, one to the Dragon and one to the Tiger. The player wagers on which one will be higher. There are additionally some proposition wagers on the individual cards. In this kind of Baccarat, the Tie wager will win if the Dragon and Tiger cards are equivalent in rank.

Wins pay 8 to 1. Live Dragon Tiger has the accompanying bets with the accompanying payouts:. Wins pay 50 to 1. On the off chance that the picked card is seven, the bet will lose at that point. Wins pay even cash. Suit: The player may wager on the suit of a specific card. Wins pay 3 to 1. Nonetheless, if the picked card is seven, the bet will consequently lose at that point.

Speed Baccarat is one of the most adored baccarat types, as it offers excellent payouts. The payouts of this sort are as indicated by the accompanying table:. Baccarat Squeeze and Baccarat Controlled Squeeze are famous gambling club games that keep on administering top online club tables.

Some programming suppliers have controlled these real games to give them a cutting edge feeling and appearance playable at web-based betting sites in its classic newer variations. In these variants, our payout relies upon the kind of wager put and as indicated by the accompanying tables. No Commission Baccarat implies an adaptation of Baccarat, where bets put on the Banker will be paid at odds of 1 to 1 aside from when the Banker wins on Six Points in such a condition, just half of the sum bet on the Banker will be paid.

In this variation, the payouts are as indicated by the accompanying table:. Some club games, like, poker, can profit players who favor a long term methodology. In any case, Baccarat is described by streaks that see players lose or win. To give yourself the most obvious opportunity regarding managing your bankroll, play short games instead of running with a series of wins or battling against a losing one. If you need a system that offers little yet long haul wins, this is a decent way to follow.

Mini Baccarat is fast paced, and that lets more wagers to be put. Nonetheless, the speedy nature of the game play implies you can rapidly wind up at a lose. As you probably know, in Baccarat, like some other betting game, Odds are your chances of winning or losing the game. Subsequently, those wagers that give you less benefit have greater Odds. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. To play Craps smoothly, you need a good strategy like the Martingale betting system. Some baccarat betting systems are practical but not famous. Among baccarat systems the Golden Eagle baccarat strategy is a unique one. Among baccarat strategies, the Parlay betting system is a relatively famous one.

Like the variations of Martingale, this series is used with even-money bets. If he wins this wager, he will cancel the two outside numbers by scratching them out, and wager the sum of the next two outside numbers. In this simple series, only the single number of 2 is left, so the player would wager 2. If he also wins this wager, he will have won the series, having won 4 on the first round and 2 for the second wager, for a total of 6, the total of all bets in the series.

Any time the player loses a wager, he will add the amount lost to the series and continue to wager the sum of the two outside wagers. Let's assume the player lost the first bet of 4. He would add this wager to the series, which would now become: 1 2 3 4. His next wager would be for 5, the sum of the two outside wagers.

We will assume that this bet wins. Having won the bet, our players cancels the outside numbers of 1 and 4 leaving the series as: 2 3. He next wagers the sum of these two numbers, betting 5. If this wager wins the series is completed.

If he loses this wager, the losing bet of 5 will be added to the series and he will continue the series. The principal appeal of this system is that it appears to be a two for one proposition in that each win cancels two numbers while a loss only adds one number to the series. However, this isn't the case, as the player is not paid two for one on winning bets.

In testing this system, I have had bets escalate to wagers of hundreds of dollars all too frequently. This is probably the most insidious of the old time roulette systems. It is said to have been responsible for more suicides on the French Riviera than any other system. Part of the problem with this system is that the small stream of steady wins tends to lull the player into believing that the system can't lose. Unfortunately, a long enough losing streak will occur that the wagers called for will either be larger than the player's bankroll or will.

In either case, the series will be over with the end result that the player suffers a substantial loss. This system can also be played in reverse, known as Reverse Labouchere. With Reverse Labby, as many punters call it, the amount of each win is added to the series, and the two outside numbers are canceled whenever a loss occurs. Each wager is still the sum of the two outside numbers. This system produces many small losses in exchange for an occasional win over 1, times the amount at risk.

Norman Leigh theorized that the reason so many players lose with Labouchere is that they run into the house limits or lose their playing capital and are unable to recoup losses. Since the bank has almost unlimited capital in comparison to the players, the bank can out wait most player assaults, knowing that either the house betting limit or the player's own limited financial resources will bring about the player's demise.

In using the reverse betting strategy, Leigh reasoned that this approach would most closely resemble the bank's approach to most other players. He would wait out the small losses until a large win occurred. Leigh spent months recruiting and training a team to play against the casino. His trials in pulling off this coup make for fascinating reading. I believe that one of the reasons he was eventually able to beat the casino in Monte Carlo was that his starting wagers were fairly low and the house maximums large in comparison.

Consequently, he was able to keep his losses fairly low while his team played on, waiting for the monster win. It is doubtful that this system could be used successfully now, as the spread between minimum and maximum wagers is not large enough in most casinos. The losses realized while waiting for the large win would be enormous, with the house limits on maximum wagers limiting the systems' ability to ultimately recoup the losses.

D'Alembert This system was invented by a French mathematician, based on the assumption of equilibrium in gaming contests. D'Alembert reasoned that since winning and losing bets must eventually equal one another, a system of adding one chip after each losing bet and subtracting a chip after a winning bet would ultimately result in a win as winning wagers would always be greater than losing ones. It is not unusual to win only ten of the first thirty wagers in an even-money betting contest.

With d'Alembert's system, the player will wager higher and higher amounts until he eventually runs into our old nemesis, the house limit. D'Alembert can be fairly successful if it is modified to include no more than nine or ten bets in a series of wagers, so that potential losses are limited. An additional modification to improve the system is to space the bets so that the win of two consecutive wagers will offset prior losses.

A series which accomplishes this is 1 2 3 4 7 11 With this series, a player would drop back to the lowest bet after winning two consecutive wagers, such as 7 and 4. This system can be fairly successful if used by two partners betting the opposite in roulette, craps or baccarat. Contra-d-Alembert Like Reverse Labouchere, the idea behind Contra-d'Alembert is to reduce the amount risked while allowing profitable runs to rise to great heights.

With this strategy we will increase our wager one level after a win and reduce it a level following a loss. The only positive aspect to the strategy is that when you hit a prolonged losing streak the size of your wagers is quickly reduced. In this respect this system can help protect your bankroll.

However, the upside of using any system requiring increasing your wager following wins is limited. Trends of long, uninterrupted winning streaks are fairly rare in gaming and a system relying on piling up win after consecutive win is not going to win very often. Here's an example. Your first bet is for one unit. You win and move up to betting two units.

With another win, you wager three units and have a loss. You have won two out of three bets and have absolutely nothing to show for it. All of your profit evaporated with that single loss. If you could always pick your spots, this system would have merit.

Of course, if pigs could fly. It is just about impossible to know in advance when a threewager consecutive win might occur so that you could jump in with a Contra-d'Alembert. Like so many systems, this one sounds good on paper, but is difficult to squeeze profits out of in real world gaming. Ascot This is another of the old time roulette systems that can be adapted to any game offering even-money bets.

With Ascot, winning wagers are increased one unit at a time in a predetermined series of wagers while losing bets are lowered one step using the same betting series. An Ascot betting series can be from seven to eleven numbers. A typical series is: 2 3 5 8 13 20 The player's first wager would be a middle number such as 8. If this wager wins, the next wager would be If this wager also won, the succeeding wager would be for 20, and so on, with each win followed by an increase of one level in the betting series.

The series would end with the win of the last bet in the series. For a win, that would be a win of A losing series would be terminated with the loss of the lowest bet of 2. The greatest problem with Ascot is that alternating wins and losses at the higher levels of wagers will destroy the profit potential of the series.

This can be a serious flaw in any system calling for a large reduction in the amount wagered following a loss. The Fibonacci System Fibonacci was a mathematician who discovered a series of numbers where the sum of each two numbers in the series equals the number which follows. This is a very low risk system for use with even-money bets at craps, roulette and baccarat.

To use it, you will increase your bet one level following a loss. After any win, you drop your next wager one level. If you win two bets in a row, or win two out of three bets, you drop back to the first bet in the series. This is a good system for partners to use betting opposites. With roulette, for instance, one partner could bet red while the other wagered black. With craps, one would wager on pass line and the other on don't pass. With baccarat, one partner would bet banker and the other on player hands.

An adaptation of this system has been used to successfully win at craps The Silverthorne System, Silverthorne Publications. Incidentally, there are a number of derivations of the Fibonacci series of numbers, including ratios of the numbers, which are regularly used in trading stocks and commodity future contracts.

This is indeed a versatile and powerful sequence of numbers. The Parlay A parlay or paroli is a positive progression method. In its simplest form, it consists of leaving a winning bet plus the winnings up for a second win. Probably the most attractive aspect of a successful parlay is that it wins three times as much as the amount risked. However, the probability of winning two bets in a row on even-money wagers is less than one in four.

For this reason, one of the better ways to use a parlay is to combine it with a series of bets where the amount wagered is increased following a loss. For example the following parlay progression could be used: 2 2 3 4 6 8 12 To use this series, you would normally start with the first wager in the series. If either the original wager or the parlay lost you would move up one level in the betting series.

Any time a parlay bet is won, you. If the series is lost, you may either start the series over or leave the table. Setting up parlay progressions like the one above can be the basis for some of the best performing betting progressions in gambling. To use such a series in blackjack, which requires additional money in order to handle pair splitting and doublings, requires adjustments to the series.

One way to handle this is to modify basic strategy to reduce the number of splitting and doubling plays. However, this is not a wise way to play blackjack as these moves represent one of the player's strongest winning options. A better way to handle the program of developing a winning parlay progression for blackjack is to modify the progression so that it allows for splitting and doubling opportunities.

Oscar's Grind If you want to use a system with very little risk of loss, here's the one you want. Oscar has a target of winning one unit at the end of any successful betting series. That's it. One unit. Here are the rules: 1. Increase your bet by one unit after every win; provided that winning the wager won't result in a series gain larger then one unit.

Never change the size of your bet following a loss. This wager also wins. You are now even. Because of the rule limiting the size of a wager to one which will not result in a gain larger than one unit. Even this system can take you to high levels on occasion.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have occasional wins followed by multiple losses, the size of your wagers will continue to grow. If you run into this situation, you will be forced to stop the series at some point and accept a loss, rather than risking larger and larger amounts of money. Patrick's System John Patrick, a professional gambler turned writer, presented another positive betting system for blackjack, which can also be used for baccarat.

He uses a system with both progressive and regressive attributes. With his system, you will start with a wager at least twice as large as the table minimum so that you have room to reduce the size of your bet after wins. After your first win, your next wager will be one-half the size of the first winning wager. After any net loss you will revert to the original starting bet. However, if you can manage to win the second bet in a series, you will return to the two-unit bet and increase the amount wagered after any additional win.

Patrick suggests a way to limit losses by quitting if you lose the first four hands in a shoe or deck. Where to Place Your Bets The Baccarat Attack Strategy is fairly simple since there are only two decisions to make when you play baccarat. You have to decide where to place your wager. We will only bet on Player or Banker and never wager on Ties, so your choice of where to place your wager boils down to making a bet on either Player or Banker.

Your second decision is how much to wager. We will take up the process of deciding how much to wager in the next chapter. In this chapter we are only concerned with where you place your wagers. The principle behind determining where you place each bet was developed after thoroughly evaluating the game of baccarat. The game is unique in that it develops both long trends of repeating decisions, such as banker, banker, banker, etc.

Here are the rules for using Template A: Rule 1. The first wager A-1 is always the opposite of the previous baccarat decision. If you are making an A-1 bet, it is the opposite of the previous baccarat decision. If the decision is a Tie, you will wait and not make a wager until the previous observed decision is either Player or Banker. Rule 2. Any time you win the A-1, or first bet in Template A, you have completed this series and your next wager will be another A-1 bet, again wagering the opposite of the observed baccarat decision.

If you have a series of winning bets when you are continuing to make the A-1 wager, as you will when you have a winning streak making A-1 wagers, you will find yourself switching from betting on Player to Banker, then back to Player so long as you continue to win the A-1 bets. The table below illustrates several wagers made with each A-1 pattern bet winning. You observe a baccarat decision. If you are required to make a wager in order for a round to be played as is true with many online baccarat games you will make a minimum.

The outcome of this round determines your first bet. Round 1. You will always begin play making an A-1 pattern bet. This bet is always the opposite of the last observed bet. Since the observed bet was B, your A-1 bet will be on P. Round 2. The winner of the Round 2 was banker. Since the A-1 bet won, we will make another A-1 bet, betting the opposite of the Round 1 winner. We wager on B and win. Round 3. Having won our last bet, we make another A-1 pattern bet, betting the opposite of the previous winner.

Since B won in Round 2, we bet on P and win. Round 4. Following a winning wager we again make an A-1 pattern bet. Since P won the previous round, we wager on B and win. Round 5. Following a win for an A-1 bet, we stay with the A-1 pattern and again wager the opposite of the previous winning decision. Since B won Round 4, we bet on P and win again. Round 6. After winning an A-1 bet we always continue making A-1 pattern bets.

Since P won on Round 5, we bet opposite for this round, wagering on B and lose. As you can see from the previous table, so long as we win our A-1 wagers, we will continue making A-1 pattern bets until we have a loss. Following any A-1 losing bet, we will make an A-2 pattern bet, the which is always the same as previous A-1 pattern bet. Rule 3. There are a total of two bets in the A Betting Template. The first bet, called A-1, is always the opposite of the previous winning decision as we have just seen.

The second, or A-2 bet, is always the same as our A-1 bet. If we win an A-2 bet, we revert to making an A-. Round 0. You observe that the winning wager is on P. You start betting with an A-1 pattern bet, wagering the opposite of the previous winning bet of P. You wager on B and lose.

Following the loss of an A-1 pattern bet, you advance to making an A-2 pattern bet. The A-2 bet is always the same as the A-1 bet. You again wager on B and win. After winning an A-2 bet, you revert to making an A-1 pattern bet and again wager on the same side, betting B. You lose your wager. Following an A-1 pattern bet loss, you make an A-2 bet on the same side. In this case you again bet on B and win.

Following the win with the A-2 bet, we revert to making an A-1 bet, again wagering on B. Our wager loses. Following our Round 5 loss of an A-1 bet, we again make an A-2 bet, again betting on the same side. This wager also loses. We the loss of an A-2 bet, we will move to the second betting Template consisting of B pattern bets.

Before we take a look at using the B Template bets, lets consider one more series of A Template bets. In this example we will mix up winning and losing A Template wagers and follow the outcomes. You observe a round of play and B wins. Starting with an A-1 pattern bet, you wager the opposite of the previous winner and bet on P. Your wager loses. After losing an A-1 pattern bet, you wager on the same side again.

After winning your A-2 level bet, you back down to making an A-1 wager on the same side as the previous A-2 bet. You wager on P and win. Any win of an A-1 pattern bet completes the betting series. You start a new pattern of betting by making a new A-1 bet.

Any new A-1 bet is always the opposite of the previous winning side. Since P won on Round 3, you wager B for Round 4 and win. After winning an A-1 bet, you start over with another A-1 bet, betting the opposite of the previous winning wager. Since B won Round 4, you wager on P and lose. After losing an A-1 wager, the next bet is always an A-2 wager on the same side as the A-1 bet.

You make an A-2 pattern bet on P and lose. Again, as in the previous example, we have lost an A-2 bet and will start the B Template bets. Summary of Making A Template Bets 1. Before starting to bet always observe one decision. You will always begin betting by making an A-1 pattern bet, which is always the opposite of the previous winner. If you observe B as a winner, your A-1 bet will be on P. Any time an A-1 bet wins, your next bet will also be an A-1 level bet and will follow the same rules, that it, you will always bet the opposite of the previous winning decision.

If you observe P as a winner, your A-1 bet will be on B. If an A-1 bet loses, the next bet will be an A-2 level bet. This bet will be on the same side as the A-1 bet. If you lose an A-1 bet on P, your A-2 bet will be on P. If an A-2 bet wins, your next wager will be an A-1 bet on the same side as the A-2 bet.

If you win an A-2 bet on P, your A-1 bet will be on P. If you lose an A-2 bet, you will begin betting in the B Template. There are just two betting templates — the A Template and the B Template. The A Template always consists of just two levels of bets — A-1 and A Any time we lose an A-2 bet, we start making B Template bets.

B Template bets consist of three levels of bets — B-1, B-2 and B B-1 bets are always the opposite of the losing previous A-2 bet. B-2 and B-3 bets are always the same as the B-1 wager. Any time we win two B Template bets in a row, we will have finished this betting level and we will start with an A-1 level bet again.

However, we will give ourselves up to three levels of betting at the B Template level. If the B-1 bet loses, go to the B-2 bet and wager on the same side as B If the B-1 wins, start over with an A-1 bet. If the B-2 bet loses, go the B-3 bet and wager on the same side as B-1 and B If the B-2 bet wins, go to the B-1 level.

If the B-3 bet loses, start over with an A-1 bet. If the B-3 bet wins, drop back to a B-2 bet made on the same side as the B-3 bet. We lose an A-2 level bet. Following the loss of any A-2 wager, we move to the B Template and make a B-1 level bet. Round 7. We make a B-1 level bet, betting the opposite of the previous losing A-2 bet. We wager on B and lose. Round 8.

Following the loss on an B-1 bet, we make a B-2 bet on the same side. Here we wager on B again and lose. Round 9. With B Template bets there are a total of three bets to the series. Following the loss of a B-2 bet, we make a B-3 bet again wagering on the same side. We bet on B and win.

If we had lost this wager, our next wager would have been an A-1 level bet. Round Since we won our B-3 bet, we drop to a B-2 bet and again wager on the same side. Anytime we win two B Template bets in a row, we revert to making an A-1 bet.

We make an A-1 bet, betting on P, which is the opposite of the previous observed winner. We lose our wager. Having lost an A-1 bet, we move up to making an A-2 bet, betting on the same side. Since our A-1 bet was on P, we bet on P again and lose.

The loss of an A-2 bet moves us into the B Template. We make a B-1 bet, betting the opposite of the losing A-2 bet and bet on B and lose. Since we lost our B-1 bet, we make a B-2 bet on the same side of B and win. Having won a B-2 bet, we make an B-1 bet on the same side and win. Since we won two B Template bets in a row, we start over with an A-1 bet. We wager the opposite of the previous observed winner of B and bet on P, which wins.

The philosophy underlying this style of selecting bets is called Trend Anti-Trend Betting. If we show all of our wagers made over the previous 16 rounds of play, and show them in one table you can gain a better feel for how this Trend Anti-Trend Betting System looks in practice. In the following table we summarize the rounds of play the way we played them in the first five columns.

Determining How Much to Bet In the previous chapter you learned about the TAT Betting System, which is a proven strategy for determining where to place each bet you make at baccarat. In this chapter we will discuss the most powerful betting strategy ever developed for baccarat. Most betting strategies fall into one of three categories: Flat betting is the most common type of betting where the bet size never varies or bet size is determined very arbitrarily based on feelings or intuition.

This is not a reliable strategy for winning at baccarat as there is no way to take advantage of winning streaks by raising bets when winning or reducing the risk of losses by reducing bets when losing. Betting Progressions such as a Martingale Progression raise bets after losses and operate under the premise that eventually the player is bound to win, and when this happens a profit will be generated.

The downside of using these types of progressions is that the player must risk a large amount of money in exchange for small winnings. However, when a loss does occur, it is very large and may wipe out many hours of profits in just a few minutes. Increasing bets when winning can be a sound strategy, but many players increase their bets too quickly with the result that a single losing bet can wipe out two or three winning bets at one time. These types of systems will lose more often than they win and can be very frustrating to a player who wants consistent winnings.

Needless to say, most betting systems are fixed progressions or betting schemes that are unable to adapt to changing table conditions. Unfortunately, all of these systems fail all too often. After years of using just about every betting system ever developed, I finally concluded that no fixed betting strategy will ever produce the kind of consistent and reliable winnings needed to make gambling a realistic way of making money. What is needed to win at any game offering even-money wagers, such as craps, roulette and baccarat is a way to automatically adjust and size your bets to match changing game conditions.

After many trials I was finally able to develop a flexible way of betting that automatically adapts to changing patterns of decisions. When you use this uniquely powerful approach for baccarat bet sizing you will automatically shift between three different betting modes, each geared to match the win and loss pattern presently occurring. The Attack Mode of Betting is used when you are winning bets. However, it is grounded in conservatism.

While many gamblers will double their bets following each win, our Attack Mode first calls for reducing the size of your wager following certain winning bets. I will give you complete examples of how to use this betting strategy. The Retrenchment Mode of Betting is defensive in nature and is triggered when you lose certain wagers. It is a conservative way of recouping losses. You will find that when you apply this method that some of your best wins come from gains developed while in the Retrenchment Betting mode.

A Trigger Bet is used to determine which other betting mode you should be in. A Trigger Bet is made when the decisions are neutral and you are neither winning nor losing. Each of these Betting modes has its own rules and procedures. Each betting mode uses special betting rules to take advantage of changing decisions as they affect your play. The betting strategy which you use depends on which mode the game is in. Using this three-pronged approach to bet selection, you will move into Attack Mode when you are in a winning streak.

By moving into the Attack Mode at the right time, you will be able to maximize a series of winning bets with no risk of losing previous gains. If your wagers are losing, then you will move into a Retrenchment Betting Mode which gives you the best opportunity to recover from losing wagers. You will be in the neutral betting mode and make a Trigger Bet to determine whether you should be in the Attack or Retrenchment Betting mode.

When you play, you will always be in one of these three betting modes: Attack, Retrenchment or the neutral or Trigger mode. The Trigger Bet Whenever you start playing a game of baccarat or after you have completed all of the bets in the Attack or Retrenchment betting modes, you will always make a Trigger Bet.

This wager can be thought of as a neutral bet made when you are not sure whether you should be making wagers in the Attack Mode or in the Retrenchment Mode. You will make a Trigger Bet whenever you have completed all of the bets in Attack or Retrenchment or whenever you first begin play.

Your Trigger Bet is one bet that will never change in size. Your level of betting strictly determines its size. If you prefer to play with larger chips, such as often the case with full sized baccarat, use can easily adjust the amounts in the examples by multiplying the amounts to fit your level of play. After you make your first Attack Bet, you will continue to make Attack Bets so long as you are winning. This mode of betting is designed to take advantage of a winning streak while protecting your winnings.

Instead of doubling your first bet following a win as is advocated in many strategies, your first Attack Bet will always be less than the preceding winnings Trigger Bet. So long as you continue to win your wagers, you will continue to wager in the Attack Betting Mode.

We have experienced as many as nine winning wagers in a row in this mode. Every level of betting has its own level of Trigger Bet and Attack Bets associated with it. We began this series of wagers with a winning Trigger Bet in round 1. This signals us to begin betting in Attack Betting Mode. We win again. Rounds 6, 7 and 8. We continue the pattern of betting in the Attack Betting mode and winning each bet.

However, this time our wager loses. Since we lost an Attack Bet, we will make a Trigger Bet on the next round. The outcome of the new Trigger Bet will determine whether we move back to making Attack Bets or whether we move into the Retrenchment Mode. Here are the rules for the Attack Betting Mode summarized: 1. Continue betting in the Attack Betting Mode so long as you are winning every wager. Move up the progression one level of bet following each win.

With a tie bet, repeat the same bet for the next round of betting. As soon as you lose an Attack Bet, you will revert to making a Trigger Bet. Here you will use a betting progression calling for you to increase the size of your next wager following a losing bet. You will continue in this mode of betting until you win the lowest wager in the betting series.

Every level of betting has its own level of Trigger Bet and Retrenchment Bets associated with it. These are the rules you will use for making Retrenchment Bets: 1. If you win the first retrenchment bet, you will resume making a Trigger Bet. However, if you lose the wager, your next bet will be one level higher which is 15 in this betting series. Anytime you have a losing bet, your next bet will be one level higher. If you lose 15, the next bet is If you lose 25, the next bet is Anytime you win a wager, your next wager is one level lower.

If you win 40, wager 25 next. If you win 25, then wager However, this rule is modified by Rule 4. If you win two bets in a row, reduce your next bet by two levels. For example, if you win 40 and then 25, your next bet will be reduced to just The same rule applies if you win two out of three bets.

Assume you win 40, then your next bet is If you lose this bet, you will move back up to betting 40 for the next bet. However, if you win this 40 bet, your next bet will be 10, since you won two out of three bets. Anytime you win the first bet in the Retrenchment Betting Series, you will resume making a Trigger Bet.

A series of Retrenchment bets are shown below, starting with a losing Trigger Bet. In this particular series of bets we lost five bets and won four bets. However, instead of having a loss as we would have if we had made the same size bet each time, we ended up 30 ahead. We lose a Trigger Bet. This loss tells us we will move into Retrenchment Betting Mode on the next Round.

We make our first Retrenchment bet of If we had won this wager we would have moved back to making a Trigger Bet on the next round. However, we lost the bet and will continue in the Retrenchment Betting Mode until we win the first bet. We increase our bet one level and wager We lose. Our next bet will be one level higher. We wager the next level bet of 25 and lose again. We must again increase our next wager for the next round of play. We bet 40 and lose. With this losing wager we must increase our next bet by one level.

We wager 65 and win. Following a win our next bet will be one level lower. We bet 40 and win. We have now had two wins in a row. We will drop our next bet by two levels. We wager 15 and win. With this win our next bet will be reduced one level to We wager 10 and win. Because the procedure of winning two out of three bets before dropping two levels can be a little confusing we will take a look at another series of Retrenchment Bets which illustrate how we apply this technique.

In the particular series of bets shown in the following table, we lose five bets and win four bets. However, instead of having a loss as we would have if we had made the same size bet each time, we ended up 20 ahead because of Retrenchment betting. We make the first Retrenchment bet of 10, which loses. We will move up one betting level in the next round. We make the second level Retrenchment wager of 15 which loses. Following another losing Retrenchment bet, we move up one betting level and make a 25 bet.

It also loses. The bet wins and we will drop our wager one level on the next round. Following a losing bet, we raise our wager one level and bet We win our bet. Since we won two out of the last three bets Round 5 won, Round 6 lost, and Round 7 won , we drop this wager two levels and bet 15 which wins. Following this winning Retrenchment bet, we reduce our bet one level and wager 10 this round.

Since this bet wins and it is the first bet in the Retrenchment Betting Series, we will resume making a Trigger Bet on the next round of play. Starter Bets A starter bet is a neutral bet made only to start a game. You will need to make this bet whenever the house requires a wager in order to start a game and you are the only player at the table. You will encounter this situation with online baccarat games where you are playing a computer-controlled game which will only deal a round of play if you have a bet placed.

A Starter Bet will consist of a bet equal to the minimum wager allowed by the house. I usually wager my Starter Bet on Banker, but you can wager on either Player or Banker to get the game going. After the round with the Starter Bet is complete, you will begin the next round starting a game.

Your first Game Bet will be a Trigger Bet, the outcome of which will determine subsequent bets. The following table shows the Game Bankrolls needed for different size Base Bets. Total Bankroll Your total bankroll is the amount of bankroll needed to play at a certain level of play.

It should be four to five times the size of your game buy-in. The table below shows the Total Bankroll needed for different levels of play and the Game Buy-in Amounts. A Profit Plateau is a level of winnings that acts as a target profit level. Your goal is to at least reach this amount in a game. Once you reach this level, you will bet more conservatively so that you will end a game with at least this amount of profit or even a lot more. A Profit Plateau is computed as your Base Bet x Rule 1. If you are in the Trigger Betting Mode when you reach your Profit Plateau do not stop betting until you are ready to make another Trigger Bet.

You might reach your Profit Plateau after winning a Trigger Bet. Instead of stopping play, you will move into Attack Betting Mode and continue in this betting mode until you are required to make another Trigger bet. Here is an example of your wagers under the following assumptions:. Rounds of Play: Round 1. We win a Trigger Bet. Rounds 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. We win our Attack Bets in each round. In each succeeding round we increase our Attack Bet by one level. We lose an Attack Bet. If we lose a Trigger Bet and our winnings drop below our Profit Plateau, we quit playing and call the game over.

We begin this example in the middle of a series of Retrenchment Bets. We drop our next Retrenchment bet to 25, wager and win. Since we won two out of three retrenchment bets, we drop our next bet two levels, wager 10 and lose. Following a loss, we make a 15 Retrenchment Bet and lose. Following our losing wager, we move up one level and wager 25 which wins.

Following a win, we drop our bet one level, wager 15 and lose. After losing the wager, we move back up to 25 and win the wager. Since we won two out of three bets, we drop our wager by two levels and wager 10, which wins. We make a Trigger Bet of 10 and lose. Our winnings have dropped below our Profit Plateau. We stop playing. If we lose a Trigger Bet and our winnings are less than our Profit Plateau, we continue playing.

If you follow our rules for play, in every winning game you will either win a little less than your Profit Plateau or have a win exceeding your Profit Plateau. Whenever you hit a winning streak and move into making Attack Bets, it is not unusual to have a win considerably larger than your Profit Plateau. While you can set your own Profit Plateau, it is recommended that you use the levels we suggest.

These levels can easily be achieved while keeping your games very short. With online play, your games will usually be shorter than ten minutes each to hit your Prime Profit Plateau. With mini baccarat play in a land-based casino, your average game should last no longer than 25 to 30 minutes. If you play in the big baccarat game, which is played at a slower rate, your games may take as long as 45 minutes on the average.

Retrenchment Bets 4 6 10 16 26 40 60 8 12 20 32 52 80 10 15 25 40 65 12 18 30 48 78 20 30 50 80 28 42 70 30 45 75 40 60 50 75 52 78 60 90 70 72 In addition to determining the betting mode, you must be able to track where you are in a betting series.

Trigger Bets use the same size bet for each level of bankroll so that the size of your Trigger Bet is easy to remember. Attack Bets are also fairly easy to remember. The first Attack Bet is always one-half the size of your Trigger Bet. They increase in size by about one-half the size of the first Attack Bet until you have won five Attack Bets.

Then each bet increases in size by the amount of the first Attack Bet for each wager. Base Bet The next four Attack Bets increase by one-half the size of the first Attack Bet and go from 10 to 15, then 20, then 25 and finally From here on out each Attack Bet will increase by an increment equal to the first Attack Bet. So, we have bets of 40, 50, 60, 70 and so on and long as you continue to win your wagers. Retrenchment Bets use a different Betting Series for each level of betting. If this seems like a lot to remember, you can relax.

This is similar to the form we have used in the examples of play you have seen so far. You can create your own tailor-make BAT Bet Tracker before you start play geared to your exact level of betting. Just refer to one of the tables in this book summarizing the bets for a given level of play and write the bets down on the form.

Make a few copies of the form. Now you are ready for play with your own tracking form. You should feel right at home using your tracking form at the baccarat table. And, when you play baccarat online, you can use the form as well. As soon as you complete a game, you should make sure that you have finished recording the information on your BAT Bet Tracker. Not only is the Tracker great for helping you apply the Baccarat Attack Strategy when you are playing, but it provides a nice permanent record of each game you play.

I keep copies of my games in a notebook. I also write notes in the margins of the results of each game or of any other information I want to remember. After finishing a session, which may include several games, you should bring your Baccarat Attack Strategy Summary of Play Form up to date. A filling in form showing the results of ten games of play is shown on the following page: There are blank forms in the back of this book. After downloading their software, you sign on to play in Free Mode.

To review, there are two major components of the Baccarat Attack Strategy: where you bet and the betting mode you are in. Since we never wager on Ties, you will place your bet on either Player or Banker as determined by the Bet Template. Here is a summary of how you use these Templates:. First observe one decision. If you need to make a wager in order to have a baccarat decision, make a Starter Bet.

The Starter Bet consists of one minimum sized wager made in order to have one decision which you will use as a basis of selecting your first Baccarat Attack Strategy wager. You will always start the game using the A betting pattern. For example, if Player wins the last hand your A-1 wager will be on Banker. If the bet wins, you will continue making A-1 pattern wagers, with your next bet being opposite of the one you just won.

In other words, if you win an A-1 level bet, your next bet will also be an A-1 level bet, but on the opposite of the previous winning A-1 pattern bet. In other words, if you win an A-1 bet on Banker, you next bet will be an A-1 bet on Player. If the A-1 bet loses, your next bet will be an A-2 pattern bet. Example: Your A-1 bet is on Banker and it loses.

Your next bet will be an A-2 pattern bet on Banker again. If you win an A-2 pattern wager, you will drop back to making an A-1 pattern bet. If the A-2 bet loses, you will start betting B Pattern bets. You will start the B-1 series, betting on the opposite side of your previous losing A-2 wager. For example, if you lose an A-2 pattern bet betting on Player, for your B-1 pattern bet you will wager opposite and bet on Banker. Anytime that your B-1 bet wins, you will revert to making an A-1 pattern bet, again betting opposite of the previous wager.

For example, you win your B-1 bet wagering on Banker. Your next wager will be an A-1 pattern bet on Player. If your B-1 bet loses, you will continue making B pattern bets with your next bet being a B-2 pattern bet. All B pattern bets will be on the same position. If you start. If you lose this wager also, you will move to a B-3 pattern bet, again betting on Banker. If both B-1 and B-2 bets lose, go to a B-3 bet. Summary of Placing Your Bets 1.

Anytime you win an A-1 Pattern Bet, continue betting the A-1 pattern and change sides for your next wager. For example, you win an A-1 Pattern bet on Player. Your next wager will also be an A-1 pattern bet and since A-1 bets are always the opposite of the previous decision, you will bet on Banker this round. Anytime a level one-pattern bet loses, i.

A-1 or B-1, continue betting the same side and make an A-2 or B-2 wager. If an A-2 bet loses, start the B-1 series betting on the opposite side. If a B-2 bet loses, make a B-3 bet on the same side. If this occurs, you only need to win B-3 and B-2 bets before resuming an A-1 bet on the opposite side. The second part of using the Baccarat Attack Strategy is determining the size of your wager. The size of your wager depends on which betting mode you are in. Where you place each bet is governed by using the A and B betting templates.

The amount of each wager is determined by the betting mode you are in. You will start every betting sequence by first making a neutral or Trigger Bet. The outcome of this wager determines which betting mode you will be in. Each of these betting modes has its own rules and procedures. Each betting mode uses different bets and different betting rules to take advantage of changing decisions as they affect your play. Trigger Bets are always flat bets, that is the size of this bet is constant for a level of play.

In other words, once you decide on your level of play, the size of your Trigger Bet is determined. Your Trigger Bet is always twice the size of your Base Bet. The Attack Betting Mode uses a series of bets. As you may recall, there is a particular series of Attack Bets for each level of play. When you are in the Attack Betting Mode, you will increase each bet one level following a win.

You will move up to the next wager in the Attack Betting Series following each winning Attack wager. As soon as you lose one Attack bet, you have completed wagering in this series. Following any losing Attack bet, your next bet will be a Trigger Bet. With Retrenchment Betting you will use a specific betting series for your level of play. Retrenchment Bets 6 10 16 26 40 60 8 12 20 32 52 80 10 15 25 40 65 12 18 30 48 78 20 30 50 80 28 42 70 30 45 75 40 60 50 75 52 78 60 90 70 72 With Retrenchment Betting, you will follow these rules: 1.

Your first retrenchment bet is the lowest bet in the Betting Series. Your first bet will be for 6. Anytime you win the first bet in the Retrenchment Betting Series, you have completed the series and your next bet will be a Trigger Bet. Anytime you lose a Retrenchment Bet, you will increase your next bet by one level. Anytime you win a Retrenchment Bet you will drop your next bet one level.


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The Parley System of Baccarat

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Dear Mike, in baccarat the odds for Banker, Player and Tie are %, The story is some college students try to parlay $ into $ as quickly as. Blazing 7's — Wins on a tie with the same number of cards on both sides. Heavenly 9 — Wins if at least one hand is a three-card total of 9. Here's a method that I used to make money at Baccarat, but could possibly work on E/C's for Bet Parlay on Player = $10 and TIE Wins = Push.